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Palkia47's current form.
Member of: Chronologically
Rank 5-Point List
  • 1: User
  • 2: Core 'Shroom Staff/Mafia Hosts Guild/Awards Committee
  • 3: Autoconfirmed User
  • 4: Retired
  • 5: Retired
Species Pokémon
Gender Male
Allies Pretty much anyone and everyone!
Aliases Packy, Pacy, Palkia, MSL, SweetLord, Red, MySweetLord47 (YouTube, Deviantart, Google, and #playingwithmahwii), Sir Packyness (by Volke), Al Bundy (The Xephyr Board), Palkia Mage, Amaterasu (Userpedia Forums), Kitten, Araquanid (Marioboards), etc.
Age 19

[19:07] <Arceus{ML}> Palkia, my son...
[19:07] <Palkia> dad you suck

Master Lucario & Palkia

Palkia47 is a long-time member of the Super Mario Wiki community. Palkia, widely referred to as Packy, is a former Userpedia Bureaucrat, #userpedia Chatroom Operator, and Global Moderator of the Userpedia forums. He is a former Critic Corner director (November 2013 to January 2015) and Fun Stuff director (February 2015 to October 2015) for The 'Shroom, and temporarily served as the Chairperson for the sixth Poll Committee on the MarioWiki.

Packy is an eight-year veteran, having joined the community on February 22, 2008. He has gone through several different name changes during the seven years, going through the names MegaMario9910, Palkia47, The Blue Dragon, Zephyr Mage, MySweetLord, and Red Barchetta. He is very active on both the Super Mario Boards and chatroom, and can also often be found on Steam.



Packy first found his way onto the Mario Wiki after discovering the Super Mario Bros. Headquarters in early 2008, and began to use the wiki as a home for Super Smash Bros. Brawl information. After a few weeks of lurking on the wiki, Packy decided to join the wiki, the Mario Boards, Userpedia, and the Userpedia Forums, on February 22nd of the same year. He was welcomed graciously to the community by Groden, Glowsquid, ChaosNinji, and Paperstriker.

He received his first true "test" at the wiki on March 8, 2008, when he made his first encounter with a troll. The Goomba repeatedly created inappropriate articles revolving around an obscenity from Wario: Master of Disguise. After fending off the troll attack by The Goomba, Packy met several people who he would eventually become great friends with; he met Paper Jorge, Stooben Rooben, Smiley the Hun, and SmartyGuy11.

In the middle of 2008, Packy met both his eventual girlfriend Super Luigi! Number one! and best friend Volke. Packy and SLNO, who would become very good friends, confessed their feelings to each other in April of 2009, and kept their relationship going strong until finally breaking-up a few years later. Packy, during this time, had his name changed to Palkia47, beginning the era of “Packy”. On September 17, 2008, Packy entered the chatroom for the first time, and simply said "Ohai."

Chatroom Adventures

In late October of 2008, Packy ultimately decided to announce his retirement from the community after pressure from real life circumstances. Within a few days, however, he returned to the community, but decided to leave just the wiki after two weeks back. During his retirement from the wiki, Packy became even more active on Userpedia and its forums, along with the chatrooms. He eventually received a promotion on both Userpedia and its forums.

Packy, becoming a staple in the chatroom, began to get heavily involved in roleplaying with several people on the chatroom. As a result of the roleplaying, a famous alter ego was created by Packy, named "General Palkgius". The name, chosen because of his love for Fire Emblem’s "General Zelgius", became a common name in the chatroom after a short while, but has since disappeared.

An inside-joke created during this time period was a few different users being labeled with ridiculous types of insults. Edged on by RedFire Mario and James Frontier, Packy was titled "the idiot", while RFM was "the moron" and James was "the retard/dork". Paper Yoshi also joined in on the joke, and would become "the stupid". The joke, however, would eventually die out within a year.


After a short while, Packy ultimately decided to receive another name change, this time becoming The Blue Dragon, as another showing of affection for the Fire Emblem series. He would un-retire from the wiki, but quit yet again in mid-March and decided to retire from all signs of the community as a result of even more pressure from real life situations. However, with some edging and persuasion by other users, Packy decided to stay.

Packy also ran his own chatroom, called #packychat, before it was abandoned and died an extremely peaceful and painless death. After the abandonment, Packy founded #palkgiuschat, which has enjoyed a nice life as a safe haven for quiet times and lots of pokes. It is also the home of Tree, Packy and Brock’s dearly beloved significant other.

Packy was also the creator of the short-lived Jackie X Fad in 2009. During a long afternoon, he decided to randomly create an image making fun of Paper Jorge and Beanbean’s names. The image depicted a ship between Jackie Chan and a can of beans, and was immensely popular for hours. The fad, which continued on for the rest of the day, was edged on by several other people with the creation of almost a hundred more images by other users.


Packy was named a Bureaucrat on Userpedia and an Admin on the Userpedia forums shortly after Stooben Rooben’s promotion to Steward on the site. However, Packy retired shortly afterwards, but ultimately would return yet again. He received a promotion by Super Mario Bros. on Userpedia to regain his Bureaucrat status.

Packy would eventually cause controversy on the Marioboards, however, by allowing N to use his account to post a joke topic. The joke cost Packy his job as Bureaucrat and Global Moderator on Userpedia and its forums, along with chat operator on most of the official channels on chat. He eventually retired from Userpedia and the chatroom, effectively retiring from the majority of the community except for the Mario Boards.


Packy has effectively remained retired from Userpedia and its forums, until deciding to un-retire from Userpedia in mid-2015. He has been extremely active on the Mario Boards, however, becoming an active member of the community and has begun to become a regular on the chat yet again.

Packy, a member of the Mafia Hosts Guild, has hosted two mafia games, both have which have been acclaimed by members of the Guild and players. His first mafia, Radiant Dawn Mafia, was based off of his all-time favorite video game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and took place in August of 2012. His second mafia, Packy Mafia, was focused on the characters, musicians, and actors/actresses that Packy liked, and was played during the month of April in 2015. Packy is also a member of the Awards Committee, and has hosted at least one Awards Pokémon tournament in 2013, with another one currently in the works for 2015.

Packy was previously the head director of both the Critic Corner and Fun Stuff sections for the 'Shroom, taking over Critic Corner in November 2013 before moving over to Fun Stuff in February 2015. He has written a few sections during his tenure with the 'Shroom, ranging from Word Search for Fun Stuff, First Impressions for Critic Corner, Sport Report for Fake News, and Packy's Packtastical Musical Adventures for Palette Swap.

Packy, after kicking out a five-year long tenure of depression in late 2014, has become a staple part of the community, and can almost always be found on the Mario Boards or on chat. He has also become a regular on #playingwithmahwii, a chatroom created by a popular let's player named PlayingWithMahWii, and hosted on rizon.net. He is also profoundly in love with different emoticons, and will most certainly harass anyone and everyone with emoticons at any possible time.



Friday Night Live / The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Packy has appeared in the talk show comic, Friday Night Live in Episode 2. After Jorge gave out his e-mail address on the show, he advertised that anyone that sends him mail would receive a "free Mac". Packy storms the stage immediately after, stating the e-mail has been sent. The free "Mac" in question turns out to be a "Big Mac" from McDonald's, to which he screams out "CURSE YOU, JORGE!". The outro to Episode 4 includes a quote from Palkia stating that it was actually delicious.

Teasers for the Friday Night Live sequel titled, The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo began with a bit from Episode 32 of User Soup. In it, a giant Packy appears outside The Tonight Show studio, and reaches inside to consume Jorge. Between the three year span of Friday Night Live and The Tonight Show, Packy gets adopted as the child of Jorge and Beanbean, making him brothers with RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Mario5x and Shroobario. This is referenced in Episode 9 of The Tonight Show, when Jorge asks DarkHero Sonic of the whereabouts of his other children, and DHS mentions Packy broke the world record for most cheeseburgers eaten. Additionally, Packy cameos in Episode 4, 5 and 7 (his only speaking role being in an Iron Man parody skit in Episode 7).

A Spammers Revenge

Packy appears in A Spammers Revenge as KB's brother and a major antagonist. In this comic, Packy is corrupted by Tabuuownsall132x2 into thinking all users are wrong, causing him to go against Ultima Bahamut, all the rules, and most importantly, his own brother.

Trolls' Island

Packy has appeared in Mr bones's comic Trolls' Island, where Gamefreak75 asked him to guard the other side of Wiki Woods. In exchange, Packy will get a "reward". Yet, it is unknown what the reward is.

Packy and the Quest of MacGuffin

Packy is the star of Banjonator1’s critically acclaimed comic Packy and the Quest of MacGuffin, which stars Packy as he travels around many different worlds to convert people to follow the Packy religion. Meanwhile, Packy also has to deal with the insanity of the world, and has even ultimately battled incarnations of Ronald Reagan during his mission.



Packy appears as "Ephidel" in this story by Tabuuownsall132x2.

Relationship with other Users

Add a section for your relationship with me here, cause I'm awfully too lazy to do it myself.


Very strangely, they had met on a talk page. Kingbowser99 doesn't have much memory about that day, but they had put each other as brothers, so they stayed as brothers. They have been best friends ever since.


Charizard and Palkia met each other in the chatroom. Charizard remembers that he was one of the first to welcome her. They started talking to each other, about random stuff and Pokémon. Later, they became friends, and Char made a joke which is calling Packy "mommy".


Palkia47 and Tabuuownsall132x2 first met on Tabuu's User Talk on the MarioWiki, where he was alerted that friend lists were not allowed. Later on, they met in chat and became, more or less, friends.


What a way to put it! Get it? PUT it?
When Palkia47 first met Boozooka, the then-troll was still looking for a name. When Boozooka reformed, they became friends. But as Boozooka's troll side returned, the relationship went sour. Eventually, they became friends again as he started to reform again, even though that process is not complete. But after he banned Boozooka from Palkgiuschat, Boozooka got really pissed, and the two have shared an uneasy friendship since then.


"O RLY?"
"O RLY X10000?"
"YA RLY X 1,000,000,000,000,000,000...!"
"Dang It i loose.

Packy and Koopa-Troopa

"O RLY?"
"O RLY?"
"O *shot* RLY? *shot*"
"Y*shot*A*shot* R*shot*L*shot*Y*shot*!*shot*"
"Get SR a doctor. :O

Packy and Stooben, then Xzelion

Im going to let God solve this problem"
"God doesnt like you, KP

KP Blue and Packy



  • Red Barchetta is the second youngest Bureaucrat ever - becoming a Bureaucrat in 2009, at the age of 12, and later in 2010, at the age of 13.

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