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Paper Jorge

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"Jackie Chan" redirects here. You might be looking for Garlic Man who is known as Jackie Chan on the forums. For the bot, see List of Jorge's Bots.

Steve is such a slow typer he takes one hour to find one letter. He's looking for the D key right now."<br\> "Shut the f**k up Jorge.

Paper Jorge and Porplemontage, Chat

...but that's not the point.

Jorge, recurring line.
Paper Jorge
Paper Jorge 3D.png
Rank User
Allies Palkia, Bean, RFM, DHS, 2257, Castle Toad, Grapes, Brayds2006, SMB, SonicMario, Shrooby, Paper Yoshi, SLNO, S-Y, Turb, Anton, Alex25, Hemu, Garlic, Brock, She-who-cannot-be-named-in-this-wiki
Likes Too many things, more importantly Jackie Chan, The Office and Mountain Dew
Aliases Jorge, Jorge Castillo Guatemala, Superluigi821, Sarah Palin, Eddie Murphy, Muffin Man, Beanbean4evur, Jamjars, Princess Shroob, MtnDew23, Mtn Dew is Real 23, Hillary Clinton, Banjo-Kazooie Wiki, !NintendoFan!, Groj
Age 14

Paper Jorge (July 24, 1996-) is a Hispanic troll to Userpedia, and ex-sysop to MarioWiki. He became a Sysop in just three months of having joined the MarioWiki in August 2006. Two Years later, he became a Chatroom operator, and an Userpedia patroller and sysop (he was demoted for inactivity in UP and MarioWiki in April 2009), however he remained as a chatroom OP. However, on October 4th/5th, 2009, Jorge and Turboo, with moral support from Mario5x and My Sweet Lord, planned and unleashed an attack on Userpedia due to its bad state and their hatred for Tabuuownsall132x2.

Jorge hacked Tabuu in the afternoon and later used NukeDPL at night to delete a large amount of articles. However, Stooben Rooben was able to stop him by re-promoting himself by getting into the database and after finding out Jorge had done it, banned him on Userpedia and The Xephyr Board, and demoted him from chat.



Jorge found the MarioWiki and edited as an anonymous guest and created several articles, but after Porplemontage decided only registered users could edit, he left for some time. He returned later that year, in August, he finally created an account and moved up the ranks and finally became a sysop. He took the form of a papered Mario figure with geeky glasses, afro-like hair, white shirt, green plants and black shoes.


Jorge worked for The 'Shroom for some time, delivering news on upcoming video games until he got bored of it, and began updating on a fan game he was working at the time. That got boring too and Wayoshi was not happy about his constant quitting on the job. Jorge got renamed "Super Luigi 821" for some time, but that only lead him to receive a Perl glitch and he had to create a sockpuppet named Glitches to tell everyone he couldn't edit any more. In this year, Jorge also founded UnMario Wiki, which was the whole fun of the MarioWiki at that point as there wasn't an Userpedia. Userpedia was created later that year however, and after seeing others create comics, Jorge soon joined in by creating Wiki's End, a hit comic that some consider one of the best UP comics of all time, despite it being pretty sloppy. Jorge was demoted from chat at one point in 2007 because he flamed Wayoshi.


Jorge met Black Hole Sun, back then known as Pokemon DP, who convinced Porple to promote Jorge back to chat OP and they became friends. Then TehDman (or whatever he goes as nowadays) (back then Crypt Raider) made a Mii Wiki. And Jorge joined it. And they became friends. And Jorge then finished Wiki's End and then officially became the first user in Wiki history to have finished an user comic rather than cancel it (to this date, only about two other comics have been finished besides this one, not counting Friday Night Live). Then Dman's brother, SonicMario made four fan fics about the adventures of Indiana Jorge and Jorge made a fifth one too. So then everyone discovered that Jorge was a great guy to make parody comics out of and then everyone started making him the star of comics. Of course, everyone was really annoyed with it.

Jorge also became an User Movie Star and also started on Server's End, Rush Wiki and Ten Thousand Trolls. Then Jorge admitted on chat he had a crush on Beanbean. Err, no. Actually he told DP about this and then the news went over to Uniju who then told Bean. But Bean liked DP rather than Jorge. And DP liked Purple Yoshi rather than Bean. And then came this n00b girl named "DB" in chat who liked Jorge.

...No comment.

But then Bean decided she liked Jorge instead and Jorge was like yay, blah blah blah.

Jorge and Purple Ninjakoopa then teamed up and made a company. But PNK turned out to be a bad partner as he only rushed Jorge every chance he got, blah blah blah, Jorge and Super-Yoshi started their own company, Jorge revived UnMario only to kill it again, made a highly successful chat named #paperchat with a whole set of cool bots and on August 4, Saudy threatened to hack Xzelion and most everyone else if he didn't retire. However, after Mr. Vruet told him Xzelion did retire, he chose to hack Paper Jorge if Plumber didn't change his name to Daniel Webster for unknown reasons. Wayoshi simply blocked Saudy's IP at the request of Steve himself.

After the Scribblewiki server got a terrible virus, Userpedia was destroyed and Jorge lost files for nearly every issue of his comics he's done. A new Userpedia made in Wikia was made and Jorge didn't want to join the new one. However, in the end he joined the new Userpedia only to continue working on Rush Wiki.

2009 (January-August)

Jorge then decided to cancel Rush Wiki. Out of nowhere, Neurario came out and made a new, better and epic Userpedia at his friend's domain name. And Jorge went to it and decided to work on Rush Wiki again and also began two news comic but that's until later. Paper Sam and DarkBoy friends of Jorge in real life came onto chat one day and started posting personal information about him and soon posted the pic of him in a Link costume. Oh God. Jorge was extremely shocked and embarrassed but soon it turned into a "fad" and in the MarioWiki Stats became the most popular URL-the picture became boring though and people no longer laugh at it. Bean found the pic cute however. And then they officially became girlfriend and boyfriend. Awww, young love. How Kawaii.

Did we mention he had a pet named Doshi? No? Well, Jorge and Doshi moved to New Wikisburg (Jorge had been living in Paper Plains but UB kind of burned it down...) and took over Wayoshi's house and Jorge began Friday Night Live which was a huge, huge, huge hit and Wtf Tales. He also started Final de Wiki 3 which was ignored.

An avatar of Paper Jorge on drugs. In this picture he is shown looking at Mr. Pink Elephant.

He changed his name to Jackie Chan for some time. Then Bean said she preferred "Paper Jorge" as his user name rather than "Jackie Chan". Guess what happened next.

During the days of April and May, many fun things occurred. Jorge became a close friend with Palkia47 and after broadcasting Episode 7 of Friday Night Live, it was an instant success, specially because of the Star Jorge skit. One day after Episode 7, he was demoted on Userpedia from patroller by Stooben Rooben and replaced by RAP. Shortly after he was also demoted from MarioWiki by Stooben as well. Jorge bought a house in New Wikisburg where he decided to live with his wife Bean, and his three kids (RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark and Shrooby). After reeleasing Episode 8, his show was taken over by TheGreatBlockyBoo and TGBB won the rights to the show and started releasing lame webisodes on his website. Friday Night Live went into a hiatus but went back later in August.

After Bean found out Jorge had been cheating on her with several people (ok, maybe like over 300 people), the two decided to end their relationship and Jorge went emo after trying to get her back a week later but he was rejected. After the death of Michael Jackson, for two months, every night he danced in the streets in memory of him. Toadbert101, a close friend of Jorge, decided they should both Mario Kart for a living (after a failed attempt at selling expensive Toadbert101 toys). After the money he received from this, he was finally able to buy food.

Later, he married The Chozo Yoshi/Turboo and bought an apartment in New Wikisburg. He lived in the apartment for a while, and after finding out Palkia47 was his son, it was a great shock. The house that used to be Jorge and Bean's house is now an abandoned house Southeast of New Wikisburg, and it is unknown what will happen to it, although RFM, DHS and Shrooby still visit it from time to time.

On July 24, 2009, Jorge threw a huge birthday party that even Porplemontage attended. Besides that, other minor events occurred. He ran for Chat Overlord and he was serious about it, until other numbskulls made it a joke. Finally, in August, exactly four months after the last Friday Night Live was made, Porple called Jorge and announced Porple would give the rights of Friday Night Live back to Jorge. Excited, Jorge accepted.

2009 (September-November)

After doing Episode 9 of Friday Night Live, Jorge got in big trouble with Porplemontage after getting all the crowd lost in a forest. Friday Night Live, to the dismay of many people, was canceled and Jorge, with the money he received, instead of giving it to Porple, decided to start saving starving children and orphans in Guatemala. While in Guatemala, he adopted two orphan twins and named them both Mountain and Dew. He has so far been doing a terrific job in saving children.

After that, he created two sites, one which is now dead and the other, Jorge Wiki, which is running smoothly. On October 4/5th, he went "psychotic" and hacked Tabuu, and NukeDPL'd Userpedia, and was banned. (All that was mentioned in the first few paragraphs anyway.) In late October, he divorced TCY/Turboo and he tried to get back in Userpedia by creating a sock with the help of Hemu and SMB.

Jorge eventually convinced Stooben to un-ban him from Userpedia after apologizing (he had already convinced Tabuuownsall132x2 earlier in November, which had angered Stooben greatly) and continues editing and now working on his new comic Jorge and the Family which did get canceled. During this time period he worked on the Jorge Wiki, and got an allergy attack due to Mountain Dew. In the end though, it wasn't Mountain Dew, no one knows who it was, but someone probably spiked his soda. Doshi has left him and he currently has taken residence with his four children, Bean and a canine friend again.

Towards the end of the year, Turboo told him to tell Moofle to spam Userpedia, which Jorge did. Tabuu found Jorge a "troll" for this, despite the fact Jorge even reverted the vandalism later and was banned for yet another month. Just a bit after, he was banned in #mariowiki too thanks to Tristan who had spammed under his account, and he regrouped all his friends into #paperchat. MarioWiki thought Jorge was plotting against them or something of the sorts and began attacking the chat in a lame war.


As the year started, Jorge was eventually un-banned in Userpedia and in chat, and planned to start a new comic titled The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo but due to asses people not trusting him, he was banned yet again for infinite and for many months he separated from UP. In July, he started Jorge and the Family 2 after a joke started by DHS to see if SvS and BHS would get mad again, however both realized BHS and SvS were both away at the time and Jorge forgot the idea.

He "trolled" again to celebrate Porplemontage's birthday by sockpuppeting and editing HARMLESSLY around the wiki (and also uploaded a comic). He's probably blocked again forever and they're currently yelling at him in chat and wherever else, calling him some rather rude names.

Family and Personality

Hello. This is where normally a picture would go but not this time.

Current Wife Beanbean
Children RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Shroobario, Valentin, and Brock
Parents 2257 (Mom) and Castle Toad (Dad)

Personality? He's crazy and happy-go-lucky and does stupid stuff.

Family? Surprisingly he does have one. Look at the template on the right, and alternatively to see more of his extended family inspect this confusing image. It's rather outdated, but you get the overall picture.

In reality, Jorge's actual parents are Betty and Mario Castillo. It may be a coincidence, but this is true.


  • In real life, he has myopia, something he shares with YellowYoshi398, Turboo and Hemu. Go Google it.
  • Paper Jorge was the second user to ever get user sprites. First person who got user sprites was Wayoshi. Knife made both of their sprites. Jorge was the first person to get M&L:SS sprites though. The word sprites was said five times in this whole paragraph, counting this very sentence.
  • The true reason he named himself Paper Jorge was because he originally thought of just making his user name Jorge, but he combined his name with Paper Mario, as at that time, he was addicted with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (that was in 2006).
    • His other name, Superluigi821, came when Jorge started becoming a bigger Luigi fan than Mario and to join the Nsider forums he wanted to call himself Superluigi128 (a reference to the game that got turned into Pikmin, Super Mario 128) but that name was already taken in Nsider so Jorge reversed the numbers into 821.
    • His other name, Jackie Chan came from... uh... need this article say more?
    • Also the name Sarah Palin is just hilarious.
  • He is left-handed, something he shares with several users too. Full list is in Category: Left-Handed Users which can be found by scrolling down.
  • Jorge is nearly trilingual able to speak Spanish, English and little Japanese.
  • He and Toadbert claim to have crashed Scribblewiki with their 9000 sticks on dynamite and a blowtorch. This is how #toadtalk also blew up.
  • The number 23 frightens him.


<Jorge> I'm off to play Donkey and Porn.
<Jorge> *Donkey and Pong

Really ancient quote about YY's fan game called Donkey and Pong

S-Y and UB should do a movie called "Treadmill Buddies: The 600 Pounds Lost.


Because Jorge is a Jorge Jorge Jorge.

Jorge, recurring line.

Apparently, I'm literally allergic to Mountain Dew. Oh my God.

Jorge upon realizing his life was over

<SMB> MG1, if you do as I say
<SMB> we'll get done with everything fast
<SMB> No headaches
<Jorge> That's what she said.


[21:19] <Jorge> `eightball will I ever has sex!?!?!
[21:19] <GameServ> Jorge: Of course!
[21:20] <Jorge> `eightball will I ever has sex with a woman!?!?!?!
[21:20] <GameServ> Jorge: Yes, yes, yes, and yes again.
[21:20] <Jorge> `eightball will I ever has sex with a hot woman!?!?!?!
[21:20] <GameServ> Jorge: All signs point to yes.
[21:20] <Jorge> love you.
[21:20] <Henrydamoose> `eightball will jorge ever have sex with a MAN?
[21:20] <GameServ> Henrydamoose: Yes.
[21:20] <Henrydamoose> XD

Jorge and Henrydamoose in #paperchat


Link Jorge
Solid Jorge

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