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ParaBob-omb is a retired user, who joined the MarioWiki in 2008. He was active in chat, the wiki and Userpedia for most of 2009. His last edits on both wikis were in December 2009. In wiki canon, he has a pet named Kirbs. ParaBob-omb's appearance is that of a Bob-omb with wings; the origins being explained that originally he was a regular Bob-omb. But one day, he blew up on a Paratroopa, stripping him of his wings, and then taking them for himself. His only appearance in Userpedia works was in Friday Night Live, working for Paper Jorge's show. His role was the coffee delivery man, providing Jorge with coffee, but he only physically appeared in Episodes 1 and 2. His role was replaced in The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo by Tucayo, but instead of providing coffee, he provided alcohol.