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Super Princess Daisy is REAL! Why don't you guys believe me?


This article is about the troll. For information about the User with a similar name, go here.

Artwork of Peachycakes from Wiki Kart Wii.

Peachycakes (a.k.a. Leila, Taylor) was a famous troll of the Mario Wiki, who was a common spammer but did not stop spamming until sometime in 2007 and she hasn't been heard from ever since. Peachycakes was rather an unusual spammer as instead of filling pages with nonsense, she made articles about non-existent video games such as Super Princess Daisy and Donkey Kong Country 4. She also made several helpful minor edits such as fixing grammar on pages. Despite this she was blocked every time and returned several weeks later to troll more. It is also known she trolled several times in Wikipedia.


In Wiki Fanon, Peachycakes resembles Dark Peach from the second Paper Mario.

Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, Peachycakes appears as a very dark and evil character. She plans on killing all users with her sockpuppet and was actually able to kill one. She makes her first appearance in Chapter 1, where she tries to kill Parayoshi (who Woodylogan is eventually able to destroy), 3dejong and Dry Bones but ends up killing another user (it is unknown who this user is-only a few people know). She doesn't make another appearance until Chapter 3 where she yells at her sockpuppets to kill Pokemon DP, WarioLoaf and Knife. The three however are able to defeat her sockpuppets and she then banishes away. Later in Chapter 4, she talks to Willy on Wheels about her plan to get Wayoshi to join the dark side. Although this seems like a hard task for Willy, he accepts the challenge.

Another Peachycakes artwork.

She is then seen is Rogueport where she captured Zach121. She confirms another one of her plans: a search for Dark Diamonds. Zach however doesn't know what they are, so Peachycakes commands her sockpuppets to kill him. He is rescued by 1337Yoshi but Peachycakes then Spam Attacks and knocks both of them out. She then says that she will ask the sysops if they know anything about Dark Diamonds. Later, she captures Knife, Pokemon DP, WarioLoaf and Waluigi Freak 99 when they crash right in the entrance of the Troll Castle. Afterward, she also is able to capture Toadbert101, Uniju and Wayoshi and takes them to Troll Castle where she shows the three that Knife, DP, WarioLoaf and Waluigi Freak 99 are all trapped in a white box created by Dimenchio.

Dimenchio then traps Uniju and Toadbert in the box and asks Wayoshi if he would like to join the trolls. She also says that if Wayoshi doesn't join, then Dimenchio will kill all the people trapped inside the white box. Wayoshi has no choice but to agree. Later, she asks him to find him the mysterious Dark Diamonds. He has no choice but to do it and with the Dark Diamonds, the Mastermind Troll is revived. Peachycakes, Wayoshi and Mastermind attack Jorge's search party and then capture them inside Troll Castle. They then try escaping the MarioWiki but end up instead going to Userpedia where the Mastermind Troll destroys it completely, turning it into the Lost World. She interrupts Wayoshi's attempt at wedding Beanbean, allowing a chance for Bean to run. After Wayoshi is killed, Peachy admits she had a crush on him. She isn't seen again and although it was originally believed she died, Final de Wiki 3 confirms she lived.

When Sysops Attack!

Peachycakes makes a relatively small role here. She first appears in Issue#2 with Willy on Wheels and Woodylogan, who attack Toadbert101. Toadbert defeats Willy, but Logan crushes him, and Peachy orders them to leave. Toadbert later finds a castle, which seems to be 8-bit. Peachycakes appears again and tells him that's actually something called Evil-Bit, which turns someone evil over time. Toadbert escapes and she wasn't seen again, but it's possible she was captured by the Silent Strikers, as they're talking about "Trolls" they captured.

Indiana Jorge

Peachycakes' Emblem from Userpedia Party

Peachycakes plays the role of Spalko in Indiana Jorge. She is a major member. She and the trolls kidnap Indiana Jorge and MegaMario so they could show her an object that she wanted which is actually the remains of an alien that crashed years ago. Jorge is forced to go in the Bureaucrat Warehouse and find box containing the alien she is looking for. While Peachycakes examines the alien, Jorge escapes while MegaMario betrays him and stays with Peachycakes.

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