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Phoenix Rider

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Not to be confused with Phoenix.

Phoenix Rider
Spirit Lies - Phoenix Rider Official Artwork.png
Rank Sysop (Super Mario Wiki)
Species Human
Gender Male
Allies Xzelion (Best), Stooben Rooben, Wayoshi, Marioguy1
Likes Contributing, stopping trolls, fixing grammar
Moves Trolls, inactivity
Aliases Monty Mole

I am a member of the elite Grammar Police. "To Serve and Correct", that's our motto. I will ruthlessly and mercilessly correct any and all grammatical errors with extreme prejudice, so if you would like to make my job a little easier, please proofread your edits to check for spelling and grammatical errors. The Grammar Police thanks you.

Phoenix Rider

Phoenix Rider (formerly known as Monty Mole) is a User who has served two terms as Sysop (3 October, 2006–12 April, 2008) and (16 August 2008-17 May 2011). He has trademark blue hair and sunglasses, and wears a golden medallion necklace.


The Beginning

Phoenix Rider or then known as Monty Mole, joined to Wiki originally to ask a question about Anuboos. However after creating the talk page Phoenix Rider went on to make several minor edits, mostly fixing spelling and grammar. His early specialization was Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga articles. Phoenix Rider is one of the few users credited with reverting Willy on Wheels and Peachycakes vandalism. Phoenix Rider began to edit on a regular basis which would lead to a promotion to Sysop within two months. He is notable for being the first Wiki user to create and use a "Status" subpage.


Phoenix in addition to being one of the earliest members of the wiki would also become a member of the Forums, even giving Son of Suns advice on posting once. In November of 2006 Phoenix Rider would found the unofficial group of "Grammar Police" the only other member to date being Wayoshi as well as writing one of the Wiki's earliest fiction titled "Soshi's Story" [1]. He is notable for writing in smaller text than most users and was notable early on for being one of the Wiki's few Zelda fans, something he received criticism for early on. He eventually reached the position of Forum Moderator.


When A Link to the Past returned and began merging articles and convincing Wayoshi to shut the Featured Articles, Phoenix Rider was one of users who opposed A Link to the Past and his ways, this would lead to several Chat arguments between the two. Finally, tired of the constant arguing Phoenix Rider left on a hiatus, this hiatus would be shortlived as Phoenix Rider returned in a couple days, much to the delight of several users.


Phoenix Rider is currently inactive and was demoted to autopatrolled.


Phoenix Rider is a grammar nazi, and while he hasn't had much of the drama several other Sysops have, he has been a devoted Sysop. He is also one of the few users to openly hate cheese much to the dislike of the Cheese Lovers. He enjoys music.


Spirit Lies

Phoenix Rider appears as a supporting character in the Agonizing Masterpiece Productions role-playing game Spirit Lies. He will be a supporting playable character, using a pistol as his choice of weapon. Not much else is known about his role at this point, however.

Relations with Other Users


You, sir, are FTW

Phoenix Rider to Xzelion

Xzelion is Phoenix Rider's best friend on the wiki and they have known each other for a long time. The first met when Xzelion seeing that Phoenix Rider was sick (via status) sent him a get well soon messagem to which Phoenix Rider was thankful for. The two would go on to converse over the forums and chat, Xzelion being a big fan of Phoenix Rider's Fan Fiction "Soshi's Story". He has helped Phoenix Rider out of many tight situations and is Phoenix Rider's greatest friend. Phoenix Rider also is one of the few users to believe that Xzelion's strictness was him just doing his job, and doing his job well. Encouragement that Xzelion has always appreciated.

Stooben Rooben

Stooben Rooben is also one of the people Phoenix Rider admires, he comments that Stooben Rooben is "Just an all-around cool guy" showing the relationship between them.


Wayoshi has been an acquaintance to Phoenix Rider since he joined the MarioWiki and was the only one to join Phoenix Rider's "Grammar Police", creating and proudly displaying a badge on his userpage. Early in Phoenix Rider's career Wayoshi often gave him advice and encouragement. During the troll attack of 2007/2008 where Wayoshi posed as Willy, Phoenix Rider was one of the first to forgive him though he does not know why he did it. He suspects it was to boost his popularity when he caught this so-called "troll".


Even though Knife was new to Sysophood around the time Phoenix Rider was promoted, Knife often helped him with blocking policy and the two seem to be on good terms. Knife is the user credited with creating Phoenix Rider's sprites.


I know, I'm a grammar nut. What are you going to do about it? :|

Phoenix Rider

I think we will raise a new generation of "Mario-Wiki-ites", as you so quaintly put it.

Phoenix Rider

I'll do my best to uphold the sysop name

Phoenix Rider

Please excuse me, all I had to eat today was a sandwich and some gummi bears and like 4 cans of Mountain Dew. Yes, a fascinating glimpse into my diet.

Phoenix Rider

Go to Fail. Go directly to Fail. Do not pass the Main Page, do not collect 200 Contributions.

Phoenix Rider

Yes, I know you despise grammar, but restrain yourself.
I dont reelee dispes et, butt et geets annhoyingg shometimess.
*sigh* Well, I get tired of your spam.

3Dejong and Phoenix Rider

I hate cheese. All kinds.

Phoenix Rider

If you say cheese, I WILL kill you.

Phoenix Rider to Max2

Bacon isn't that bad, but I've established it as evil among the Cheese Lovers. Really, it sure can tear up a guy's braces...
Oh HELL YES. Double points for being evil to cheese lovers. Triple for tearing up YY's braces.

Plumber, YellowYoshi398, and Phoenix Rider

Wait. Is that Phoenix Rider? Is he still alive?
Like a phoenix itself, rising from the ashes of inactivity, I have always been and will always be alive.

Herr Shyguy and Phoenix Rider
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