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Member of: Super Mario Wiki
Rank Administrator, Bureaucrat, Interwiki
Species Koopa
Allies MarioWiki users
Goals Complete the Mariowiki
Aliases Stephen Shinn, Porple, Steve, :porple: (Chat Smiley)

Shut the f**k up Jorge, there's still one more thing I need to do.

porplemontage, Chat

Stephen Shinn, or porplemontage (Shortened as porple and mostly called Steve) (born: November 23, 1990), is the founder and a Bureaucrat (since 20 August, 2005) of the Super Mario Wiki. He is the very first official Bureaucrat of the Wiki, since he was also the founder. His appearance is that of a cyan Bowser with blue hair, cyan spikes, red face and red shell and is sometimes seen in Mario clothing. He appears to be very silent and doesn't edit much. Steve has made a lot appearances in comics and other places, considering he was the creator of the Super Mario Wiki.

He is a fan of Halo, Mario, Gears of War and Homestar Runner. Outside of the MarioWiki, he is known to have his own website. The site is dedicated to his creation named Porplemontage, who resembles a green-alien like creator with a long antenna. The site was also, for a few years, home to an amateur comic and flash cartoon community, the members of which moved on to form their own community. He has his own MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and has an account in the Halo Wiki and the Homestar Runner wiki-he once also joined Userpedia, and probably visits it sometimes. He is 24, living in Surf City, New Jersey.


Porple, mascot of Steve's other site

Porplemontage created the MarioWiki on 12 August of 2005 with the help of his friend, AgentSeethroo. However, AgentSeethroo never edited yet he was kept with the role of sysop and bureaucrat. Porplemontage later promoted Ghost Jam to sysop and later DarkInsanity, Salty, and Son of Suns. Later, many guests began to spam the wiki and so, Porplemontage decided that only registered users could edit the wiki. During summer of 2006, he promoted HK-47 and Wayoshi at the same time. And after fighting Peachycakes, he decided he needed more sysops so then he promoted Spike, Paper Jorge, Monty Mole, and Sir Grodus. However, soon after that Spike was demoted for unknown reasons.

The Official MarioWiki Forum was then started. After this, Steve started the Wiki Alliance and created the Donkey Kong Wiki and had plans for a Wario Wiki, Star Fox Wiki, Banjo Wiki, Conker Wiki and Kirby Wiki which all ended up being canceled. The DK Wiki was then canceled as well. Porplemontage then promoted Yoshi626. During June, he demoted HK-47 for being too rebellious, probably referring to the Cheese Lovers or a similar event. Wayoshi was made a bureaucrat and he and Steve were considered the big leaders of the wiki. Steve then demoted Phoenix Rider (Monty Mole), Son of Suns and Super Luigi 821 (Paper Jorge) for being inactive though Luigi 821 was promoted again after he came back and soon was renamed back into Paper Jorge. He started the Chat however during summer and then Wayoshi as Willy attacked it-however, users did not know Willy was Wayoshi.

However, it was later proven that Wayoshi was actually Willy and Porplemontage wanted to give Wayoshi another chance. Wayoshi decided to resign from sysop and bureaucrat. On August 2007, he promoted YellowYoshi398, My Bloody Valentine - then known as 'Pokemon DP' - and because of inactivity, DarkInsanity was demoted. After Son of Suns returned, SoS was promoted to sysop again. After a Proposal started by MBV, Wayoshi was promoted back to sysop and Xzelion was promoted to patroller, sysop and soon even bureaucrat. Xzelion and Steve were then the "two leaders" of the wiki. The trolls, especially Murzon, were all against Xzelion and because of this they all spammed, trying to get Xzelion to leave. Xzelion then did decided to leave , resulting in his demotion. Cobold and RAP were promoted to bureaucrat.

He is well-known for the "D" key event. In chat, MBV abused his powers and Steve took away MBV's OP powers. While this happened, Jorge then joked that the reason Porple never talks in chat is because he's an extremely slow typist that needs hours to find a key. Jorge then said Steve was probably looking for the letter "D" right now, prompting Steve to tell him to "shut the f**k up". MBV then got into a war with Steve about how not even Steve follows his own rules. In the end, MBV apologized to Steve but they continue to maintain a negative disposition towards each other. MBV then resigned from sysop in the wiki, got a rename to Black Hole Sun, and left.

On July 13/14, RAP and Steve fought a troll attack in Wiki history, as this troll had spammed the main page of the wiki despite it being locked-this is because the troll actually spammed the templates connected to the main page. Steve locked the wiki's server just to stop the troll. Some days later, Porple promoted back Phoenix Rider. In November 2008, he promoted Super-Yoshi stating he had always thought S-Y had "always needed this job". He then promoted Princess Grapes Butterfly, which stirred some controversy (she was later demoted). Later, he promoted Son of Suns back to sysop, demoted RAP and Cobold from 'crats and replaced them with Time Q, Stumpers and Stooben Rooben.

Personality and mannerisms

Many Users like him because he was the one who founded the wiki, and he seems to have a typically nice and agreeable personality. However, he can be mean at times, and some users do not like him, though most don't say it aloud. His usually silent nature on chat makes most of his actions on chat legendary, such as randomly saying "hi" to an user. He is also able to break his own rules and not be kicked or banned, and some, such as My Bloody Valentine and Plumber, dislike him for this.

Another one of his famous traits is the fact he nick abuses and usually gets away with it for a long period of time until he changes the nick back or gets kicked. Some of the nicks he's nick abused as are BeesHack, WeekendWear and mrfredman-another nick he has used that was first thought to be nick abuse was Evets until it was discovered Evets was Steve backwards. Evets seemed to act as a different person than Steve, claiming he was an undercover spy and that Porple was gone.

In Comics/Stories

The Shadow Chronicles

Porplemontage appeared in The Shadow Chronicles, however, his appearance has been quite minor. After changing Paper Luigi DS's name to Master Crash, Porplemontage was attacked by Malcuro and the Dark Team. It is later confirmed they captured Sysop Tower, and all of Leet Town, hinting that Porplemontage was infected. Strangely, Porplemontage was made more cheery and go-lucky than he really is.

The Lost Adventures

In The Lost Adventures, Porplemontage made his debut late in the Comic. He held a Sysop meeting, to start up a search team to find Xzelion, who had mysteriously disappeared. After Xzelion was rescued, although he wasn't seen, Porplemontage apparently didn't believe Xzelion's story. However, after Uniju told Porplemontage the story, he believed him, and sent Xzelion and Uniju back to the mysterious world that Xzelion was trapped in. Later on, a fake Porplemontage appeared at Sysop Tower, and got the other fake Sysops with him to attack Pokemon DP. The real Porplemontage was later seen in Wikisburg, where he read Pokemon DP a letter from Xzelion, stating that he has promoted DP to Sysop.

Legends of the Fallenstar

Porplemontage is a major character in Legends of the Fallenstar. During the events of the Comic, he sends a warning to everyone in Leet Town, warning them about a meteorite that is about to hit Leet Town. He, along with several other Users, manages to escape to wikisburg, where he meets with Phoenix Rider and Pokemon DP. Phoenix Rider tells Porplemontage that Xzelion has headed back to Leet Town to find 3dejong, Max2 and Master Crash (who were still in Leet Town), as well as telling him that Xzelion promoted DP to Sysop before he left. Steve then gave DP the job of finding the survivors a safe place to stay until real homes are found. He then, apparently, headed in to get some sleep.

Super Mario Wiki Adventures

Steve appears in the series, Super Mario Wiki Adventures. Steve appeared in the episode "Steve's Special Day". In this episode, It was Steve's special day and every user wanted to get him a good present. KPH2293 and Xzelion were the first people to bring him a present. The present was huge but it isn't revealed what it is. He also appears in other episodes such as "Wiki Fundraising", In one of the scenes, Steve was shocked that the SMW status was poor.

Troll Tragedies

In Troll Tragedies, Steve was guestified into a guest. However, his memories and guest form escaped from Bastille Prison, but they have not met up with each other yet (meaning he's a guest walking around who has no idea who he is).

Wiki's End

When the MarioWiki is coming to an end, he and all the users escape the wiki. However when he finds out that there are still users stuck in the wiki, he goes out to save them a long with many other users. He goes in the Spam Vault looking for 3dejong and Max2 but instead finds Dry Bones and 3D's Dad. Even though he doesn't find 3D or Max2, Steve quickly tells Dry Bones and 3D's Dad to flee. However Jakebastille ruins Steve's plans by sending a Bob-omb, which destroys the Spam Vault and kills Steve, Dry Bones and 3D's Dad. Later, it is shown that Steve did indeed survive the explosion but got amnesia a long with Dry Bones. Steve (now wearing a red mask over the top of his head) and Dry Bones save Paper Jorge, Smiddle, Fg and RAP from Toa Waluigi. Steve then tells Jorge that he has forgotten his memory a long with Dry Bones. RAP thinks its time to tell him who he really is and Jorge explains the story. However, soon, the Mastermind Troll, Wayoshi and Peachycakes attack, knocking Steve and everyone else out. Steve is then locked up in Troll Castle, later saved by Ice yoshi and MarioBros777. Steve later takes the whole wiki to Userpedia/The Lost World and there meets Mastermind Troll about to kill 3dejong. Steve then kills Wayoshi and Mastermind asks who killed him. Steve responds and apparently, he got his memory back. Mastermind then asks him what army will stop him from killing 3dejong, to which Steve replies "The MarioWiki". Soon, the MarioWiki Army appears. Steve is considered the main character of the series, a long with 3dejong.

Master Wikians

Porplemontage appears as a central character in Master Wikians. Even though he could be considered minor in some sense, due to his lack of appearances, he plays a major role in the background of the series. He was the one who formed the Master Wikians team, and is also the one who alerts the Wikians of any threat to the Wiki. Steve recurs a lot in the series, and his role has ranged from being an assistant radio monitor to helping create the perfect Password lock.

MarioWiki: Clash

Porplemontage appears in MarioWiki: Clash, first being tied up (along with Xzelion) by Blood's Legion. Later, when RAP] unties them, he explains the story of the Super Sapphires. The three meet up with Time Q and Super-Yoshi and go of to unknown areas.

Wiki Crisis

In the grim, nightmarish world of Wiki Crisis, Porplemontage is kidnapped by a new troller king after leaving a cryptic message to Xzelion.

Server's End

In Server's End, Steve appears as one of the Main Characters in the series. In the first issue, after Paper Jorge kicks the Narrator from Chat, Steve complains that Jorge ruined the comic as the Narrator was supposed to stay. He then cusses however Shroomish (a Pokémon) censors the cuss word and says that he's there to make sure the comic is family friendly. He then complains to Jorge that the ending of Wiki's End sucks, which Jorge then replies by saying he will go and fix the fourth wall, referring to the fact that Steve isn't supposed to know Wiki's End was a comic.

Friday Night Live

In another one of Jorge's comics, Friday Night Live, Porple makes a cameo in Episode 2, where Wayoshi hires him to officially ban Jorge's show from the Mario Wiki TV. At that moment, Jorge comes in, kicking Wayo across the room. It is shown that Steve actually liked what Jorge did, as Porple is shown laughing at Wayo's fate. In Friday the 13th Night Live, Steve mistakes Firday the 13 as Halloween and dresses up as Luigi yelling "Trick or Treat!" Doshi also interviews him in that episode. In Episode 6, at the end, he is shot by Jackie Chan (thanks to Jorge). However, he recovers.

Later, in Episode 7, Porple is seen mad because his D key was stolen. Mid-way through the episode, he captures a guest inside his "emo box" where he keeps all trolls and emos and recovers his D key that was stolen by the guest. At the end of the episode, policemen capture Super-Yoshi and then attempt to arrest Porple for banning Nerdy Guy for no reason, but Porple suddenly begins singing "Can't Touch This" and Porple Juniors act as back-up dancers. In the beginning of the episode, he can be seen with a scar, where it is supposedly where the bullet hit in the previous episode.

It Began With a Dream

Porplemontage appeared in Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream as the overlord of the new dimension who got terribly sick halfway through the battle and was captured by trolls. KPH2293 and Coincollector tried to save him but they could not and instead went to battle Rudnicki. At the end of the story, Porplemontage destroyed the Mastermind Troll when he was about to kill all of the other users from the MarioWiki by blasting him in the back while he was occupied with the other users.

Hacked Again

Porplemontage made a short first appearance in Five Little Trolls, the Issue #0 of Hacked Again. He was running to his Sysop Room after the Trolls destroyed most of the Super Mario Wiki Building, trying to start and fix it, but Peachycakes flamed in after he could do anything. Porple threatened to vanquish her for good, but she struck him with lighting, automatically hacking his account, and sent him to a far far away place through lightning portal.

Wiki User Wiki

Porplemontage appears as one of the main heroes in Mastablasta's parody comic Wiki User Wiki is which Mastablasta warns him about Bowser's evil plot. He then tries to make a speech, but then gets knocked out of the panel to which leads to a fourth-wall joke making fun of fourth-wall jokes.

Dragon Problem

Porplemontage vs. Mario

Porplemontage is depicted as the founder, former mayor and the previous librarian for the town in I heard you have a dragon problem? It is explained in flashback in Chapter 34 that the town consisted of Mario fans, who elected Mario as mayor when he came there, displacing Steve, who moved on to become the librarian until Mario's tyrannical rule forced him to rebel. Mario killed him and hung his head on the wall to ensure the rest of the community fell in line. The head was featured in the early stages of the later battle between Mario and Porple's successor at the library, Walkazo, and survives the destruction of City Hall, last seen with Ghost Jam during the celebrations over the defeat of Mario. Porplemontage's spirit is also depicted, in Chapter 49, when Walkazo dreams that she is back working for him at the library, with her doing all the work and him napping and only worrying about paying the rent. His still-napping spirit is last seen floating away with the rest of Mario's victims, as Walkazo returns to the land of the living.



Steve what's your opinion on little people
They're smaller then norm

KingAbra, Porplemontage, then KingAbra again, chat

The forum is in the middle of a vast upgrade. New mods, new rules, we're locking, moving, cleaning up, warning, banning, rearranging, everything. It will soon be more strict than Nazi Germany, no mercy, ninja, etc.


Hey you called me a girl.
I'm a boy :|

Mcoolister and Steve, chatroom

You're a smart guy, figure it out.

Steve to SmartyGuy11, his talk page

aww his little monocle just won't stay up :(

Porplemontage talking about Posh in the chatroom

Steve, do you ever talk in caps? NO

Steve, Chat

hows everybody doing tonight?

Steve, in the middle of a war between RAP and Pokemon DP, chat.

All you girls due is imply curses with your little *****'s. like there's really any difference in saying the actual word.

Steve, after dropping the F bomb in chat.

you took the little op power i gave you and went bananas

Steve to DP, chat

you're making rap look like an angel.

Steve, Chat


Steve, after dying in TWo, Chat

I am invisible.
Guys where is Steve I think he's invisible
YES! It's working!

Steve and Super-Yoshi, Chat

Moogle should be sysop. He saved your a**es. Except RAP.
Sure but can he lay down the law?

Super-Yoshi and Steve, Chat.

Can I see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crush? NO YOUR OLD

Guiliant and Steve, Chat

Steve, Jorge's a meanie.
Guiliantza: I knowwwwww

Guiliant and Steve, Chat

Man I wish more friends were on.
someone get babyprincesspeach.

babymario and Steve, Chat

DHS: Hey Porple.
Porple: Hi.
Porple: Why do you exist.
DHS: idk.
Porple: ok.

DHS and Steve, chatroom

Steve: i have a question for everyone here
Everyone: Yes?
Steve: does rap exist
Jorge: No he was a lie made up by the Userpedians. So said Wayoshi.
Steve: oh okay

Steve, Chat


Steve, Chat

Wait a minute, I didn't think porplemontage used caps...
And I didn't think you existed

Black Hole Sun and Porplemontage, Chatroom

Steve, there is a suggestion that 1337Yoshi should be made op. What are your thoughts on the matter?
I think you should be BANNED for this even being considered
And it should STAY DP's insane idea. Don't insult your brain by repeating it
Wait, I have a brain? That's new.

TGBB and Steve, Chat

pig boy!

Dannyboy and Steve, Chat

I found the D key! I'm such an idiot, it was between S and F the whole time.

Porplemontage, chat

he [Jorge] also said you were mean

TCY and Porple

(Turboo invites porplemontage into #palkgiuschat and porple auto-joins)
<porplemontage> where am i
<porplemontage> ahh-i dont remember going here
<porplemontage> WHAT DID YOU PUT IN MY DRINK

Porplemontage, #palkgiuschat

<DarkHero_Sonic_the_Dark> Porple, do you support Jorge x Porple?
<porplemontage> we're gay lovers so yeah

DHS asking a random question to Porplemontage

<Jorge> Steve, I just want you to know I am your biggest fan.
<porplemontage> stfu
<Henrydamooose> Hey Porple, I'm your biggest fan 10 times more than Jorge.
<porplemontage> Henry: thank you.

Jorge, Porple, Henrydamoose, #userpedia chat and #mariowiki chat

Did you know you have the word "Emo" in your name?
lemon is cooler than emo

SiFi and Porple, Forums.

give the site some homestyle color just like momma used to make.

Steve talking about personalmonobook.css

What does Sega have to do anything?
They wrote the Bible.

A MW user, then Steve

It's about making good decisions.

Porple on this picture.

<KP_Shadow> Porple, what is your opinion of Two Girls, one cup?
<porplemontage> a plus

KP Shadow and Porple, in query


  • The Strong Bad Email montage was sent by Steve.

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