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Princess Alyson Koopastool

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Princess Alyson Koopastool
Rank User
Species Half human genetically mutated with cat, half robot
Gender Female
Allies , Pokemon DP, Master Crash, Gissy, The Missing Link, ChaosNinji, Stooben Rooben, 1337Yoshi, Xpike, Uniju, KingAbra, Scarecrow von Steuben, SonicMario, Super-Yoshi, Reinard T., Tails Doll, Werehog, Paper Jorge, Nando
Aliases Aly, MADson, kitten, Ms. Omega (Secret heroine identity), Kitty, RoboCat, Nekobot, Cyberneko, CyberD.C., half robot freak, Alice (By Uniju)
Age 7 (Wiki World)
Personal information Date of Birth: 7/1/xxxx???

I HAZ RETURNED!! But... not in the way you used to know me...

—''"Princess Alyson Koopastool" AKA D.C..

"Princess Alyson Koopastool" is a female user on the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. She's the princess of the extinct Braz'tchê Kingdom, on the Bras Notchete country, which has no localization, but the native language there is Portuguese (BR). BUT... This is all a fake identity, even her name seems to not be Alyson Koopastool at all. After a long time missing from the Wiki, she returned, and looks like with her true identity this time. No one knows the reasons that led she to lie about herself for so long.

It turns out her name is awfully short: D.C.. She is a human with cat ears and tail, and got huge, robotic, bulky arms that are out of proportion for the rest of her body, robotic legs below the knee that looks more like boots, and has the left side of her face robotic as well.

According to her, she was used as guinea-pig for genetic experiments since very small, getting her genetic code mutated with codes that fits for felines, the cat, to be specific. Since human genetics like this are illegal, not to mention cruel, the scientists responsible were arrested and put in jail.

Her half-machinery was a casualty that came from an accidental explosion in the laboratory, getting part of her body destroyed. In order for their experiment to survive and avoid them losing their work, the scientists had to rebuilt the destroyed part with machinery.

After the arrest, she stood in the secret lab for a good time by herself, afraid of scaring people with her freaky appearance, and is still a bit ashamed of her look, which explains why she lied about herself. She was afraid of not being accepted, and made fake identity as a normal human.

D.C.'s very protective of anyone she cares about and she'll do anything to keep the ones dear to her safe.

When she's in a bad mood or depressed, she prefers to stay at home to not run the risk of acting rude to her friends.

When happened a problem on Old Userpedia, "Alyson" got missing and lost contact with the other Users. When one of her friends, Stooben Rooben, found her hanging on Super Mario Wiki, he brought her back. But she had changed a lot... She seems to be physically a lot more tougher than before (Though her body seems to be unchanged), with a very small bit of impatience and stubbornness. Other that those changes, she was the same "Alyson" from before. After a while, she got mysteriously missing again, for around 1 year or so. And returned... Totally different... This time with her real face: D.C.. Due to her being a mutated half-robot, she thought it was better to hide her hideous identity, and avoid scaring the other users, or even avoid the risk of getting harmed due to possible nonacceptance. Since the disguise had a time limit, she got herself missing to avoid getting discovered. But in this time she had made real friendship, and solved that as friend she had to go back and tell the truth. Though she's still in joy that Richard T. didn't recognize her, she couldn't stand that fanboy.


  • It turned out that the "Alyson" name, identity, story, biography, etc, is all fake, a fake identity. But if her name isn't "Princess Alyson Koopastool" neither is who she said to be... Who is she...? The name D.C. could be a short of something like "dear child" or "dreamy cat", either what it is, it was the short of the name of the genetic project she was in.
  • She's bilingual, speaking both English and Portuguese (BR). She also uses Brazilian slang when she talks.
  • She used to not have a very good memory, just like . However, she seems to be able to record things better... Or she was just faking bad memory...?
  • Sometimes (Especially when she's angry), she allows her wild animal extinct to take over her, making her act and rationalize more like an animal than a human.
  • She has feline senses.
  • She has a bone-cracking hug. So, letting her hug you might not be a very good idea, seeing that she has huge strength on her arms...
  • She has arachnophobia.
  • She seems to be a modest person, since when the other Users said she was one of the best spriters, she always disagreed.
  • She loves humor and to make people laugh, which explains why she sometimes says random crap out of nowhere, just like Sú.
  • Thanks to Richard T., who drove her "psycho", stalking her and such. However, he doesn't recognize her anymore, and thinks the "Alyson" won't return anymore, thinking that the one that returned to be another person.
  • She's VERY ticklish.
  • Even though Pokemon DP changed his name to Black Hole Sun, D.C. still calls him by his old name.
  • It's still unknown if she has any gears like weapons or jet rockets, she haven't been seen using any, or is unaware if having some if she does.
  • It's rumored that she got some sort of bipolar disorder due to her head being half-organic, half-mechanic, but it's unconfirmed or noticeable, or, if she does have, the disorder must have a very low intensity.



D.C. is the main character and narrator of the hand-drawn comic Changes, which takes place around when she returns to the wiki after one year or so missing.

Master Wikians

"Alyson" made a cameo in the prologue of Master Wikians as one of the users that were on the Train Station waiting for the train that would take them to New Wikisburg. Later, it was revealed that she will be a major character, with the ability of Accelerated Healing.

Key to the Wiki

"Alyson" appeared in the comic Key to the Wiki, created by Scarecrow von Steuben. She first appeared on chapter 3 of volume 1, hacking into Wayoshi, making him her "buddy Wayo-Wayo-Kun", confirming that there were two Keys. After hacking into Wayoshi, "Alyson" told him that she found out that Xzelion was the mysterious Hacker, so she hacked him and made him kill RAP. The reason for this murder is not really clear, but it was said that "Alyson" had told RAP "too much" about something to let him live, though. Later, it was rumored that "Alyson" was the Hangman, according to the rumor, she went into a fight with a clone of herself that was created by a mad scientist called Klaus to make her company, but both of them thought that the other was the clone. Both confused and terrified, the Alysons fought each other. After one of the Alysons fell due to a hard blow in the face, the other Alyson got a breakdown, since she was terrified and confused by not knowing if she was the real or the clone, so she turned into a perturbed individual and became the Hangman. The other "Alyson" had survived from the hard blow, but got a little insane probably due to head injures. This story was then only an unconfirmed rumor yet, until on the mini issue The Hangman's Apprentice, it was revealed that there really was a Alyson clone. The Hangman's true identity's still unknown, but knowing that he wouldn't make it out alive on a fight with a certain someone, he chose Alyson (clone) to be his "heir" and gave her his scythe. "Alyson" (real) also made a quite confusing (Aka "WTF?") appearance on issue 06 of Vol. 01, where she attacked Pokemon DP after he attacked Xzelion. It is unknown whether this was part of the dream Xzelion was trapped in, or if it was real.

KingAbra's nameless comic

"Alyson"'s going to appear in a comic that still has no name, that is being made by KingAbra. She'll appear as a police officer, along with KB99 and RedFire Mario.

Wiki's End

"Alyson" made some cameos in the comic Wiki's End, created by Paper Jorge, as one user of the army "The Mario Wiki".

The Rising Sun

"Alyson"'s rumored to appear as a minor heroine in the comic The Rising Sun, that is being made by Gyroid X. Koopa Plushie's also rumored to appear as a cameo.

Guitar Steward: Adriels Mix

"Alyson" appears as a guitarist in Guitar Steward: Adriels Mix. "Alyson"'s band's comprised of her as guitarist, Scarecrow von Steuben (singer and leader) and TheGreatBlockyBoo (drummer). Steuben's band challenges Stooben Rooben's band on the rooftop of Scarecrow Tower. After Steuben's defeated, he, "Alyson", and TGBB escape via helicopter. It wasn't mentioned if "Alyson" will be unlockable/playable.


I fawcked up Jorge's hair... Well, he can only wish having the nice Vegeta hair from his BuddyPoke! version, he can only wish. XD

—''D.C. commenting about her first hand-drawn picture of Jorge.

"Pirate of the Muffins"...? What the waffles is it!!?"
"Err... I had drank too much sake...

—'''''Yellow Piratekoopa contemplaining with Princess Alyson Koopastool about his sprite sheet title.

let's just hope she doesn't evolve into Ursaring."
"Hahahahahahah!! Lol, you're right! Considering that Lua-Chan loves to hug random Users, just imagine how strong her hugs would be as an Ursaring...! XP

—''Porygon2 and Princess Alyson Koopastool talking about Lua the Teddiursa.

Should I ask why did I turned blue?"
"No, you shouldn't."
"what a hoax"
"Curse you, PHOTOSHOP!! *head shot*

—''Xpike, 1337Yoshi, Xpike again and Princess Alyson Koopastool talking about a pic of Xpike as a werehog.

"Well... At least this one doesnt look like a girl at all... *shot* XD

—''KingAbra and Princess Alyson Koopastool talking about the BuddyPoke! version of his human form.

I had to choose or the hat or the spiky hair... I opted for the spiky hair, mwahaha! >XD

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool explaining about SonicMario's BuddyPoke!.

Xpike > Chip."
"...Whut!? O_õ XD

—''Xpike and Princess Alyson Koopastool-- BuddyPoke! Chip talk page.

Ness is sad :("
"Heheh nope... He's just bored as heck! >XD

—''Porygon2 and Princess Alyson Koopastool-- BuddyPoke! Ness talk page.

Woah.... THAT is cool."
"Whew... I actually thought it sucked... But like they say... "The customer's always right"! XD

—''KingAbra and Princess Alyson Koopastool talking about the BuddyPoke! version of his pokémon form.

this Cosmo looks like Ralts."
"Heheheheheheheh... I can't desagree... But who knows if I make an Adult Cosmo BuddyPoke? ^^

—''Porygon2, KingAbra and Princess Alyson Koopastool-- BuddyPoke! Cosmo talk page.

Holy Goomba... Talk about baldness!! Could he be the guy that Master Crash-Kun was looking for? XD

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool-- BuddyPoke! Dr. Eggman talk page.

Uh, Master Crash... I think your dog have fleas..."
"Nah. I think not..."
"Ah, no!? Then what are those lil' things jumping all over him?"
"Hmmm...... Members of his FAN-CLUB!!

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool and Master Crash-- Koopastool's Jokes.

This is SPARTA!!!"
"What's "Sparta"?

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool and Sabrina the Gatomon-- "Alyson, BabyWiki Tales" 02.

Bleh. If you mean this... No, I DON'T HAVE RABIES!!

—''Baby Alyson-- "Alyson, BabyWiki Tales" 03.

GET OUTTA HERE!!! BOTH OF YOU!!! Caraca! Can't a girl get some privacy around here?!

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool-- "Consequences of being a Fanboy" 01.

Sigh. I'm just sick of this s**t! Hiccup! Why is it that you're always in the freaking way? And you better stop going after me EVERY DAY! Your totally going to mess up yourself that way! I don't know how I didn't finish you off for good yet...! And you toooo, Bruce-Kun. Oh yes, you! Always ALWAYS showing up late, why don't you try being the one that has to wait sometimes!? You too, Sú-Chan! You being too cool annoys me!!

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool at the first time she got drunk...

looks like Vegeta lol"
"Jorge + Vegeta : The Ultimate Hobo o:"
"Oh, thanks Alysson. XD"
"What's the scouter say about its epicness level? IT'S OVER NINE-THOUSAAAANSD! Srsly, this is awesome!"
"OVER!? No way, it's not OVER nine thousand, it sure IS nine thousaaaand, ya wai!! :P *shot*

—''Porygon2, The Blue Dragon, Paper Jorge, Iceyoshi and Princess Alyson Koopastool-- BuddyPoke! Paper Jorge talk page.

Of course you don't mind, Wayo-Wayo-Kun. You're happy to help me!

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool-- Key to the Wiki.

Alice this isn't about society this is just a pretty internet :("
"I know that, Uniju-Kun... But sometimes the internet isn't really that pretty (See "Cyber-Bullying")... And "Alice" phails! XD (No offense to people named Alice)"
"No alice is a pretty name :("
"It's a pretty name indeed, Uniju-Kun! But mistake "Alyson" for "Alice" was kinda funny! XP"
"Funny that's what I always say and everyone here tells me to stfu. xD

—''Uniju and Princess Alyson Koopastool.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Anyway, can I move this to user talk pages? This shouldn't be on an image talk."
"You can if you want to."
"I agree. It's not the image's fault "amyway". XDD"

—''Scarecrow von Steuben, Uniju, Princess Alyson Koopastool, then Scarecrow again.

Oh well... I'll do something about it, never fear.

—''Princess Alyson Koopastool-- Key to the Wiki.



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