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Member of: Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • MarioWiki Forums2
  • Userpedia3
Rank 3-Point List
  • User1
  • Shine Sprite2
  • User3
Species Shy Guy
Join date December 22, 2010 (MarioWiki & forums) May 13, 2011 (Userpedia)
Gender Male
Allies Everybody, pretty much
Likes Writing, video games, editing
Dislikes Things that he dislikes
Specialty/Most Active Mario RPGs
Aliases Forest Fire, babyElectric, Blue Shell, Dewott6, Vanillite, Shocking, Percy, Rarity, Waddle Dee, SnoruntPyro, [Pyro], StealthRock[Pyro], Pennington[Pyro], Pryo, Victini, Gir, StiGir Star, Peko Pekoyama (for like ten seconds), that idiot, Finland, Keyzer

Pyro can do what Valve can't

Tabuu, telling the world of Pyro's expansive abilities that surpass even whole companies. Pyro is THAT awesome.

pyro's fucking yarn 2: more mother fucking yarn

Scarecrow on George W. Bush

Pyro (formerly known as PyroGuy6) is a user on the MarioWiki and Userpedia (the former being late December 2010, and the latter being early May 2011). He is an active, almost 2-year veteran of the MarioWiki and goes pretty much every day. He is the host of the comedy show The Pyro Report and also has a brother (Skulldug13).



Pyro joined the wiki and forum on December 22, 2010 after being a guest for quite a while. He quickly was autoconfirmed. However, he wasn't very active at this time, and only went on the forums every once in a while.

Forum Activity

Pyro eventually started reading the 'Shroom and applied for a job on Fake Interview for the 'Shroom. He got the job, and started becoming more active on the forum. Around this time, he started to appear on chat a lot more and became familiar with the community. He also changed his forum nick to Forest Fire, thinking that having your actual username as your forum nick was vanilla. Also around this time, he went around the wiki requesting that the Paper Mario TTYD enemy images should have better poses. Nothing major, though.

Soon, Pyro encountered the horror known as the Homestuck fad. Being the stupid noob he was, he had no idea what Homestuck was and got his nick changed to babyElectric, in vein of Watt, the best partner in Paper Mario. He also joined his first mafia game - American Revolution Mafia, hosted by Ralphfan. In this game, he played Ethan Allen, the Minuteman Inspired. In the game, he was only lynched due to BMB, the godfather, tricking everyone into thinking he was responsible for getting Mijzelffan killed. Pyro did not know how to roleclaim, which led to his untimely demise. He was revived shortly after, and started to pick on BMB, claiming he was "his only suspect". The mafia thought he was serious, and quickly killed him.

Also around this time, he got his Userpedia account and also changed his nick to Blue Shell for reasons he does not remember. Later, the Mario Awards V festivity began, with Awards Mafia and a Brawl tournament, which both Pyro joined. In Awards Mafia, he played the mailman role and was mostly responsible for getting Superchao (the godfather) killed by using his power to see a threat message that Superchao had sent to Gigaremo and revealing it in the thread. He died on Night 12, only surviving because he thought he was converted because he was not killed the night Superchao died. He missed the Brawl tournament due to being busy.

Pyro's original S3 Favorite Sub-team presentation, from Mario Awards V.

During the awards, Pyro presented A26 Favorite PM Partner, A18 Favorite Mario RPG, F7 Worst Enemy, and S3 Favorite Sub-team (pictured right). The hosts had to present for him, as Pyro was at a baseball game. Pyro, however, was in the chat party with the nick Dewott6 due to a recent Pokemon obsession.

After the awards, Pyro was back in school. This, however, did not dumb down his activity. He started sneaking onto the forums at school, and started posting in his favorite forum board, Mindless Junk. Mindless Junk is a board where all the users go and have fun creating threads that only get two or so replies, and the threads have funny titles.

Eventually, Pyro managed to accumulate 1,000 posts. Everyone celebrated...actually, no, just Pyro himself celebrated.

Later Activity

In December 2011, Pyro was one of the many witnesses and contributors of the Baby Time incident. Baby Time was a user who constantly complained about frivolous and trivial "fails" in Nintendo games, such as Flareon unable to learn Flare Blitz legitly. Pyro was pissed at Baby Time along with many other users, angry at him creating these threads. Pyro eventually became so angry he went on a month-long hiatus from everywhere he was on except Bulbapedia, due to Baby Time, an argument with GalacticPetey, and real life issues.

A month later, he came back to find out that Baby Time and GP were banned for a month, and shortly after Baby Time created a sockpuppet and was banned forever. Pyro claimed that "hiatuses are miracles" and after stating his return a few people thought that Supremo was the one who returned because everyone confused them back then for using the same Rarity pictures. But that slid.

One of Pyro's rotating avatars during the Dangan Ronpa craze.

Soon after, the Smart Sids Society (a "group" of users who hadn't changed their forum nick for a long time) was formed, and Pyro joined it. It was nothing serious, but eventually the society disbanded with the creator, Mason, changing his nick to Rarity (the best pony) and many other members changing their name along with that due to a new Dangan Ronpa craze that swarmed the forum. Pyro changed his nick to Waddle Dee due to a recent Kirby obsession.

With the Mario Awards VI creeping, Pyro joined the Awards Committee for the first time. Pyro stayed neutral during the controversial period of users getting kicked out of the committee for various misbehavior. Pyro really never did anything major besides creating a heated discussion in chat whether to remove Goombario from Worst PM Partner or not, solely because of an opinion.

One day, Pyro's brother, Skulldug13, joined the forum. There was an accident with a few mods thinking Skulldug was a weird sock, due to Skulldug misunderstanding Mindless Junk and making multiple threads involving what was inside a Koopa Shell. It all settled down, however.

Pyro also hosted a Mario Kart 7 Tournament during the awards period, with Lakituthequick winning and YamiHoshi.nl getting 2nd place. It was quite a tournament.

Awards Mafia II Incident & the Aftermath

Pyro participated in the Awards Mafia II game, but so did Skulldug13. There was an incident that was really bad.

In the game, Pyro played Wheatley (from the Portal video games), part of the Robots faction. However, Skulldug was too lazy to read his role card and asked Pyro to read it for him. Skulldug ended up being Magolor, part of the Alien faction, which was one of the Robot's enemy factions. Skulldug misunderstood that the Aliens were bad guys and told Pyro his entire team. Pyro went completely nuts on Day 5 when Ralphfan replaced Mij, the alien leader. Pyro revealed Skulldug's info, breaking Rule 8 in the process and causing many people to think he had hacked into Skulldug's account to see his team. As in Ralphfan's words, it sounded "eerily similar to the BPK incident". A panicked Pyro tried to explain what happened, but the staff of the awards decided to strip him of his Awards Committee status and modkilled Pyro and Skulldug from the game and banning them from getting any tokens at all. Smasher also blacklisted Pyro from his mafias and wasn't allowed into any of Shoey's mafias or Dangan Ronpa mafia, hosted by Bop. Pyro was frustrated at Skulldug, but only left the forum for a few hours.

One of the panels in Pyro's F12 Worst Sidequest presentation.

During the awards ceremony, Pyro presented A23 Favorite Mini-Boss, F12 Worst Sidequest, U7 Favorite User-Created Site, S4 Favorite Main Team Writer, and A16 Favorite Mario Party Game, the latter of which was a backup presentation for TheZachTovar.


He has recently got another 'Shroom job. He now writes for Travel Guide. He has gone to Nimbus Land, Melty Molten Galaxy, and many more. Also, he writes for Find the Differences (Fun Stuff). More recently, he also has started writing his Critic Corner section, Hottest Reviews Around.

Pyro still goes to Mindless Junk commonly, and is currently waiting to host his sixth mafia game, Volcano Mafia II. His current avatar is of Canada, from Hetalia: Axis Powers. He has the rank of Power Star, which means he has accumulated over 7000+ posts. He is also currently developing the MarioWiki community fangame, Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars.

Pyro's Creations

All are listed in chronological order.

Mafia Games

  • Pokemon Black & White Mafia - This game was a mafia with the roles of Pokemon from Black & White. This game was won by the Innocents and Dr. Javelin, the independent.
  • Pokemon Platinum Mafia - This game featured fully-evolved Pokemon from Platinum. After suffering from temporary cancellation, it was won by the Mafia.
  • Cartoon Network Mafia - This game had iconic Cartoon Network characters as the roles. Sadly, this game was cancelled due to real-life problems.
  • Reverse Mafia - This game's mechanic was to reverse everything in Mafia games. It was won by the Innocents (who were the mafia in this game due to the reverse mechanics).
  • Volcano Mafia I - Pyro's latest finished game, featuring brand-new mechanics such as a shop that anyone can visit anytime, treasures, and over 72 achievements, the most in mafia history. It was won by the Innocents and BMB.
  • Volcano Mafia II - The sequel to Pyro's last game, featuring ghost hunting and mixing. It is in the mafia schedule.

Comics & Stories

An unreleased promo for one of Pyro's cancelled comics.

Note: All but the Pyro Report are cancelled for various listed reasons.

  • The Legendary Heroes - A cliche story featuring five users (including Pyro) that were the heroes of legend. Tabuu and Pyro had a long discussion in chat about how cliche it was, and it was cancelled.
  • Good Morning Userpedia - Pyro's attempt at hosting a comedy show, inspired by User Soup. It had four episodes (including a Fourth of July special) before collapsing on itself.
  • Spy - Pyro's first comic. It featured the Phantom Ember attacking the world and the spy organization of the Mario Wiki. Cancelled due to Pyro having weird lucid dreaming about Dewott and coming to hate the Pokemon.
  • Paper Pyro & The Thousand Year Door - Pyro's second attempt at a story, featuring a twist on the story of TTYD. It was cancelled due to Pyro suffering sever writer's block.
  • The Pyro Report - A reboot of GMU. Features Pyro, NSM, GP, Lololo, Lalala, LTQ, a box of Froot Loops, Walky the Cameraman, and many more doing stuff inside the studio. Currentley at four episodes, with six planned. It rivals Late Night with Tabuu and Mason...kind of.

Forum Games

Pyro has hosted a multitude of Hurt & Heals, KO a Characters, Vote to Wins, and Save a Characters. Notable ones are listed here.

  • Vote to Win: Paper Mario is his only completed V2W, with General Guy taking the crown.
  • He hosted a forum game triathlon similar to Smashers. One of those Dangan Ronpa characters won.
  • He formerly hosted the Losers games.

Other Works

  • Pyro attempted a Christmas special in 2011. To find it, you might have to go digging in Fan Creations.
  • Pyro attempted a Kirby Card Game, inspired by 2257's Mario card decks.

Pyro Productions

Pyro's game-making "company". Creations include:

  • Blooper's Revenge (mediocre Game Maker game)
  • Block 'Em (entry for a minigame competition on MFGG)
  • Swooper's Adventure (entry for a minigame competition on MFGG)
  • A Normal Day in the Mushroom Kingdom (entry for a minigame competition on MFGG)
  • WarioWare: Computed! (failed WarioWare fangame)
  • Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars

Appearances in User Fiction

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Green Hammer from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

PyroGuy6 first appears in Chapter 9, his mutant name is Green Hammer, he killed a zombie that was about to attack Zero. He decides to follow the group on what they were doing but specified that he did not join the team. It was shown that he came to the MarioWiki when New Wikisburg was under the siege of fire and he was slowly mutated and fled The Résistance because he was partially scared. His relation with Zero was rough since he was a bit rude to Zero. Later in the assault of the Zero Corps. Tower, when they were inside, he was thinking of asking for forgiveness from Zero for giving an attitude and a bad first impression, but he accidentally said that whole statement out loud and the other users actually agreed that will be the best thing to do. He was later saved by Zero from a Planks soldier by Zero throwing one of his hammer to the soldier.

Adventure of SK

Pyro is a minor character in Adventure of SK, being one of two characters from the future that wasn't a villain, along with GalacticPetey.

He appeared in Issue 2 informing GalacticPetey of Dr. Javelin's reappearance. GP then knocks Javelin back into the lava. Pyro and GP then meet Fly Guy 2, who shows them the cause of the "Javelin Trigger".

Meanwhile, in Issue 7, he makes GP feel better by saying stuff they will probably say in a sad movie.

Later, in Issue 10, they sneak into Peachycakes' base and Dr. Javelin throws a bunch of javelins at them.

In Issue 15 he wishes SK an unexpected happy birthday. In Issue 18, he appears with GP and has one line of dialogue. Again, in Issue 19, he has yet another single line of dialogue. Waaaaaah.

In Issue 25, he multiplies the number of destroying Peachycakes gets to do. In the next issue he goes on an invisible treadmill instead of fighting. Next issue: Surprise, surprise! He has no dialogue.

Next: Pyro appears in Issue 28 and does absolutely nothing of interest. Then he goes off to find a crystal at Blueline.

But then, because he's from the future, he doesn't appear in issue 34. Yet he makes a cameo in the credits.
Pyro in Adventure of SK.

Anton the 5th Mushketeer


Pyro, in Issue 24

He appeared in Issue 24, where he picked up SKMarioman's tornado that had trapped Mason. It was revealed he was part of the police and had come to arrest Mason.

Pokémon Black and White - Wiki Edition

Pyro is one of the many users set to appear in Dr. Javelin's fic.

The Pyro Report

Don't take your trope to the extreme, Lololo. At least not yet.

Pyro, in Episode 4.

Pyro appears in his own comedy show as the host. As the host, he does a lot of the shenanigans on the show, such as claiming Shadow Kirby hates Japan and replacing Waddle Dee with a box of Froot Loops on the logo after he was arrested and giving NSM a Coke "for the hell of it".

His most prominent appearance was in Episode 3, where he was captured and put in a metal box by Waddle Dee, who proceeded to toss him into the ocean. He made it back to the studio just in time for GP to call the police on Waddle Dee.

The Tonight Show

I may or may not have forgotten my script, but all you need to know is that Mario Party 9 sucks.

Pyro, in Episode 5.

Pyro appeared in Jorge's comic The Tonight Show a few times. His first appearance was in Episode 4, where he was one of the band members, along with GP and LTQ. After playing "Call Me Maybe", they were fired by Jorge and hid out behind the stage for the rest of the episode.

Pyro also had a short appearance in Episode 5, appearing in the Awards lounge and "presenting" right after Gamefreak, admitting that he forgot his script and walking off the stage.

Bouncing Through the Multiverse

Pyro is set to appear in Mason's most recent comic, BTM. His alignments are:

  • Universe 1: Neutral
  • Universe 2: Good
  • Universe 3: Good
  • Universe 4: Evil

Likes & Dislikes

Pyro likes a lot of things, but he dislikes things, too. Below is a detailed description of some of his opinions.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


It's true.

Pyro is one of many people known as "Bronies" - male fans of MLP: FiM. Pyro watches MLP along with many other MarioWikians, and his favorite pony is Rarity. Pyro is also a huge fan of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, specifically Sweetie Belle.

The Rarity "diabetes" face.

He has been in most of the MLP fads, such as the "diabetes faces", Kirby Pony pictures, and outright theme changes. In all of these cases, he had his avatar changed to the Rarity variant.


Pyro is a huge fan of the Kirby series of games, and owns every mainstream Kirby game to date. His favorites are Squeak Squad, Super Star Ultra, and Return to Dreamland. His obsession with Kirby is his most recent.

Pyro has beaten both of the True Arenas in KSSU and RtDL. He has also beaten the Boss Endurance of Squeak Squad. His favorite abilities are Stone, Hammer, Bomb, Magic, and Spark/Plasma.


Pyro is also a fan of the Pokemon series of games, and owns Blue, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black, White, Rumble Blast, and HeartGold. Skulldug13 also owns SoulSilver and Diamond.

His favorite Pokemon are Psyduck, Snorunt, and Piplup, and before then, Cubchoo. He enjoys competitive battling and posts in many of the Pokemon-related threads of the forum, and criticizes Pokemon teams along with Dr. Javelin and a few others.

Paper Mario

Pyro's favorite video game series ever is the Paper Mario series, with TTYD being his favorite game of all time. Pyro is overexcited for Sticker Star and doesn't care about the change. He has also successfully beaten all three Pit of 100 Trials and has beaten the main story of TTYD with only 10 HP and 5 FP. Sadly, he is unable to record these feats.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Pyro is one of the users who dislikes New Super Mario Bros. 2. He claims that "it sucks", and "don't waste ur money kiddies". It reused the music from Wii and its reward for completing the game's goal, in his opinion, was not worth it. Oddly, he is helping to edit many NSMB2-related pages.

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

Ed, Edd, n' Eddy is Pyro's favorite cartoon of all time. His favorite character is Ed, and his favorite episode was The Day the Ed Stood Still.

Invader Zim

Pyro has also recently watched the Invader Zim series, liking it because of its crude humor and funny characters. His favorite character is Gir. He was the turkey all along!.


there's no other place i'd beeeeee

in the super mario boards y'seeeeee

this board is very amusing and fun

there's lots of fun for everyone

there's your favorite pals like guiliant and nabberrrrr

magikrazy and pyro

there's Pyro sifi and pi as well

so why dont ya come on down and have some fun at the




Moofle, on the Super Mario Boards. Pyro is in this prophecy twice.

But it was worse, because I was doing 2-player with Skulldug.

Pyro, summing up Skulldug's shenanigans.

dont waste ur money kiddies

Pyro's opinion on New Super Mario Bros. 2.



  • Pyro is sixth place in the Top 10 Topic Posters on the Super Mario Boards.
  • Moofle once wrote a poem about the Super Mario Boards. Pyro was in it. Twice.
  • An unreasonable amount of people accidentally call him "Pryo". Pyro once posted a picture of a wrench in response to this.
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