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QuizmoManiac: I AM SUCH
QuizmoManiac: A
QuizmoManiac: F**KING
QuizmoManiac: AGGRESSIVE
QuizmoManiac: HOMOSEXUAL

Quizmo and Tabuu ponder physics.

Rank User
Species Wiggler
Join date November 23, 2010
Gender Male
Allies New Super Mario, Krizzy, Mason, Rocker64, Brick4848, Scorpion999, Zero777
Feel free to add yourself and unless I delete you it is okay with me!
Aliases Larry Koopa
Age 13

QuizmoManiac is a Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia user, who is active on the forum and the wiki. He is a Paper Mario quiz fan, which gave him his username. Some of his favorite characters are: Chuck Quizmo, Luigi, Fawful, Bowser, Wiggler, the Koopalings and many others. QuizmoManiac is very active on the forums especially around the Mafia board. In March 2011, he suddenly, abruptly left the forum, leaving behind a Mafia game he was about to host. He then returned a few days later.

The 'Shroom

QuizmoManiac first applied for the Fake Shop section of The 'Shroom about 2 weeks after coming to the Wiki. He was beaten by Super Mario Bros. but he didn't give up. In early January 2011 he applied again, this time for Review Corner. He waited for the results for a while, then in early February 2257 told him he had been accepted! QuizmoManiac will first write for The 'Shroom in the March 2011 issue


QuizmoManiac appears in a few comics and stories, including:

The Three Mushketeers

QuizmoManiac appears in The Three Mushketeers as the guardian of the 5th Shine Sprite during issues 52 to 57. He also makes a small appearance in Issue 71 as prisoner.

The Paper Mario.com-ic

QuizmoManiac appears in this comic as a spectator in the baseball game, with New Super Mario, BaseballYoshi24, and Krizzy. He is also a witness of the kidnapping of Krizzy.

Struck by Evil

QuizmoManiac is the 3rd main hero in New Super Mario's comic, Struck by Evil.

New Sherlock Mario

He is also a character in New Super Mario's story, New Sherlock Mario. He appears in both books

Hacked Again

Quizmo appears on Hacked Again as a main villain. His first appearance was on Issue #0 named Five Little Trolls. He along with other 3 potential villains/trolls were summoned by Peachycakes, although he was late, but not noticed as that since he reached the Lair with Hyper Speed. He was so quizzy-angry for being banned from the Wiki, that he helped all of them to work on a plan to destroy the Wiki. They all teleported to the SMW Building, joined powers and nearly destroyed it. He along with Mason set free all of the Spammers and Guests.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Bronto Scorpio from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Quizmo appears in Chapter 4, his mutant name is Bronto Scorpio, apprehending Zero, who he doesn't know yet. Later, after thinking he accidentally killed Zero and almost mourn for it believing that was Zero, he fought Zero only to be subdued after a battle with many of the mutants fighting against Zero. His ability allows him to on certain characteristics of arachnids. He participated in both defending the Sysop Tower from the zombie horde and the assault on the Zero Corps. Tower.

Nabberture Science

QuizmoManiac is a Personality Core who has a particular taste for being annoying.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Quizmo makes a cameo in Episode 9.



QuizmoManiac (Angry Form)

QuizmoManiac can take hits, but lacks speed and attack. But like any other Wiggler, when he gets angry, really angry he charges!


  • QuizmoManiac is so far the only active user that has a username starting with Q.


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