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RAP being joyful.

<RAP> I once told myself to "STFU", it made me quiet and shy when I was very young."
"<KPH2293> ...."
"<Xzelion> Um, ok. Cool.."
"<RAP> Isn't that a coincidence? Or a state or matter? You call."
"<Xpike> you're weird rap"
"<Xpike> ;o"
"<RAP> How exciting Xpike."
"<Xpike> srsly"
"<St00bs> RAP: That was actually funny. xD

A few chatters reacting to RAP's statement in the MarioWiki Chatroom

RAP (also commonly called RAPstar or RAPster) is a former Super Mario Wiki Sysop (8 April, 2007-23 July 2010) and former Bureaucrat (26 January, 2008-1 December, 2008). He was made the sixth Bureaucrat after Xzelion retired. Although he was promoted alongside Cobold, Cobold was promoted first. He is known for managing many images in the MarioWiki, and compressing images in Userpedia (where he was formerly a patroller). He manages them by uploading, fixing and organizing images; he is best for uploading images and fixing images' licenses.

He appears as Lemmy Koopa (not the new one, but the more classic one) and has Hooktail as his pet. He currently resides in his home, which he simply calls RAP's Mansion. He is also a rival of another great image uploader, Coincollector. He rather enjoys going through image and image, as marked on TehDman's talk page once: "I actually find it quite relaxing to find an image and fix it.". On July 23, 2010, he was demoted by 2257 for sexually harassing others. He has not yet released details about the event.


At January 27, 2007 Saturday morning at around between 8:30 to 9:15, he finally joined the wiki as a presumed typical regular user, to himself it felt great having quite an experience towards other inviderals that he never faced before. His first articles are actually typically short, they specifically belong to the Mario Party series as the first notable article he had wrote is the Game Guy Space.

After a while, he was first welcomed by 3Dejong with complimenting him of making mini-game articles from the Mario Party series. Shortly after that, Son of Suns just had recently talked to him in his talk page about some tiny but nearly harmless issues of using the word "you" instead of "player(s)" or "character(s)" in his recent articles he had wrote and also advised and helped Ryan with mineral effort of adding categories in articles. Knife dropped by and congratulated Ryan for working on the mini-game articles and to make up for it he made a simple signature just for him to use.

In the next day, he decided to upload some images along with SoS' advice once again. The first uploads of images were highly successful as they are praised for its high quality. RAP is also notable for giving Plumber his nickname, PLUMs.



RAP appears at the Sysop/Patroller meeting in the Comic Series Guardians. It is however unknown if he will play a larger role.

The Shadow Chronicles

In The Shadow Chronicles, RAP was one of the Users who greeted Porplemontage in the first chapter. However, afterward, he only narrowly escapes the attack on Leet Town. In the outskirts of Leet Town, RAP teased Xzelion by holding a Fruit with a fishing rod, and pulling it away whenever Xzelion jumped for it. After his trick was stopped by Xzelion, he begged to come along with Xzelion on his journey. Although he is seen as a minor hero character, he played a major role in the fight against MarioBros777 and Ice yoshi. After Xzelion was frozen, RAP used his sneaky nature to defeat the two brothers, who later became their allies. For a while, RAP become somewhat minor, with his role as Xzelion's assistant being taken by MarioBros and Ice yoshi. Despite this, he played a crucial part in, ironically, saving MarioBros and Ice yoshi from the Boo Bros. that possessed the two. He and Master Crash worked together, and fused Master Crash's large arsenal with RAP's sneaky personality, which eventually managed to save MarioBros and Ice yoshi. Apparently, after the fight, RAP left the group to go to his mansion. Shortly after that, he goes to Hooktail's lair to have a quick check. RAP finds Hooktail remained there as he talks to her, but she suddenly became a bit edgy. The entire mansion started to shake mysteriously, as RAP and Hooktail panicked.

Troll Tragedies

In TT, RAP meets up with Max2 after Max is kicked out of Leet Town. He investigates a giant explosion, to find Leet Town transformed. RAP is later separated from Max and ends up on the Tenacious Ship, where he is rescued by Stumpers. He is then hit by Dry Bones and Stumpers, and they journey throughout the Wiki screaming (for a Chomp is biting them), and picking up many other people along the way, until finally sinking into the ocean blue.

When Sysops Attack!

RAP is a main character in WSA. He was first seen in Issue 12, where he had snuck into Xzelion's house.(Who at the time was possessed) Xzelion didn't know who RAP was, so he used a Mental Flash on him, telling his to get out. Soon, RAP snapped out of it to find Arend, Iggly, Pokemon DP and Zach121 about to be attacked by Max2 and Minimariolover10. He warned them, but it was too late, as the evil duo snatched DP and Iggly and teleported somewhere else in the house. He has been seen as a cameo in Issues 2, 4 and 10. More will be revealed as the comic goes on.

Super Mario Wiki Adventures

RAP appears as a character in the Super Mario Wiki Adventures series. He doesn't get big parts but he appears in some episodes. He appears in the episode Cookie Madness as a cameo. Also he appears in the episode PokÉpet is Missing! as a major character.

King Mario's Comic

RAP appears in King Mario's Comic series. So far he has appeared in RAP's Vacation. He was at his mansion when King Mario and Prince Luigi came to give him his wand. After they left RAP was called to delete some spam. After he was done RAP said that he hopes it doesn't happen again, but unfortunately RAP was called again to delete more spam. When he barely gets there King Mario, Storm Yoshi, and Mcoolister come. King Mario told him to take a vacation while him and the others take care of the spam, while Mcoolister and Storm Yoshi stand there shocked RAP walks away and says he'll be back in a week.

Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, RAP joins Paper Jorge's search party. He barely gets any speaking roles, but gets to travel with Jorge and the others (Smiddle and Fg) to Troll Castle. It is here, that Toa Waluigi attacks Jorge and his party. However, they are saved by Porplemontage and Dry Bones, both who have lost their memory. RAP suggests they tell them who they really are.

Master Wikians

In Master Wikians, RAP appears as a member of the super hero team, Master Wikians. He is very wacky and goofy, treating the job as a game more than a serious objective. However, he is serious on occasion. RAP has the ability to turn invisible; An appropriate power for the spy of the team. RAP's power has no offensive benefit, however, but he is able to attack with his natural abilities. His team color is red, even though RAP wanted orange.

MarioWiki: Clash

In MarioWiki: Clash, RAP unties Steve and Xzelion after their encounter with Blood's Legion. Then, Steve tells RAP the story of the Super Sapphires. The three are joined by Time Q (who RAP then promotes) and Super-Yoshi, whom join them in going to an unknown place.

Friday Night Live

In Friday Night Live, RAP appears in the second episode as a doctor in a Mario Wiki hospital. After Paper Jorge eats a whole box of stress relief medicine, Jorge is taken to the doctor by Purple Ninjakoopa. According to RAP, his hospital is the best in the Mario Wiki, although he almost kills Jorge by accident and there is a cemetery right outside the hospital. He is seen snuggling with Neurario in Episode 7 in the Star Jorge skit.

Key to the Wiki

In Key to the Wiki, RAP briefly appears in the second issue, mentioning how Xzelion creeps him out. Later, Princess Alyson Koopastool uses the second Key to force Xze to kill RAP. RAP is burned by Xze's fire breath and tossed off of a cliff.
Later, Neurario receives a letter RAP sent him before his death.

It Began With a Dream

RAP appeared in Marioguy1's short story, It Began With a Dream as one of the main characters. He was put in charge of the MarioWiki user's forces after Porple got very sick and stuck in bed and then during a large battle where they tried to bargain WarioLoaf for the new dimension back, he went down fighting and was later rescued by the MarioWiki users.

1 Wiki Millenia

RAP appeared in 1 Wiki Millenia as a minor character. He is first seen in Issue 1, where he tells Neptune99 and Scarecrow to go and give a message to Blitzwing. He is later seen in Issue 7 where he is shown to be the leader of the Wiki, and in Issue 8 where he is shot and killed, and he appears as a body without a head in Issue 9.

A Spammers Revenge

In A Spammers Revenge, the last installment to the Road to Endgame Series, RAP makes a short cameo in the first Episode. He congratulates Neptune and Scarecrow's efforts to arrest many of the trolls by awarding them with their jobs at the Bowserpedia Guild (Which were taken away in Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges). He also appeared in Issue 7 in the audience of Coin Collector's show, and was not seen again.



(By Xzelion)

  • X: How did you find the wiki?
  • RAP: When I first went around the Super Mario War Forums, I was thinking of ideas, but then I starting to ran out of ideas to make the game more good. SO I thought, why type www.mariowiki.com? So I did, and there it was; it has information about the Mario series; so I decided to cut off the Super Mario War Forums and join here.
  • X: Why did you decide to licensees all the unlicensed pics here at the wiki?
  • RAP: When I'm starting to think of new ways of helping the wiki such as Mario Party mini-game articles, I decided to attempt to organize the images while learning how to put licenses.
  • X: Did you ever get welcomed to the wiki, and if so by who?
  • RAP: I got welcomed by 3D while making Mario Party series mini-game articles, he said that he actually like one of my articles.
  • X: What was your first edit?
  • RAP: I believe my first edit is Game Guy Space, again I made Mario Party series articles when coming here. BTW, it is also my first article made by me.
  • X: What’s your favorite article?
  • RAP: My favorite article would be Bowser, basically it has detailed summaries within it, I just wish it could be expanded it more...
  • X: Why do you like Lemmy?
  • RAP: Basically I like eating much ice cream like Lemmy as he liked cold stuff, also I also like the rainbow hair he had and how wacky he is, like as me... :)
  • X: Do you think this is the last question?
  • RAP: Yes, I think so.
  • X: Are you mad you got the last question wrong?
  • RAP: Wha??
  • X: Well, thats it, Thanks, ;)
  • RAP: Thank you!

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