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Member of: Chronologically
Rank Chronologically
Species Human
Join date Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki - 11/13/2008
  • Super Mario Wiki Forums - 3/10/2009
Gender Male
Allies Brock, Dom, Edofenrir Gamefreak75, Hypnotoad, Marioguy1, Mijzelffan, Paper Jorge, RAP, SonicMario, Stooben Rooben, Super Luigi! Number one!, Super Mario Bros., Tehchomps, Tucayo, Smasher
Likes Sports, San Jose Sharks, Oakland A's, Baltimore Ravens, University of California Golden Bears, University of Maryland Terrapins
Dislikes Anaheim Ducks, Anaheim Angels, Boston Red Sox, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, Stanford University, Duke University
Aliases Sharks Territory, Lithium, A Festivus Miracle, Myrrh, Oaktown Mojo, Vuvuzela, Kyrgyzstan, Ralph the Wonder Llama, Asylum, Brick Tamland, centaursTesticle, Steelers Suck, Rat
Age 14* 23 **
He earned an award!

Ralphfan, known as Rat on the MarioWiki forums and Asylum on the Userpedia forums, is the current Statistics Manager of The 'Shroom, director of the Mario Awards, and a former Monitor of Userpedia (17 August 2010 - 11 October 2010). He joined the Wiki on November 3, 2008, and began chatting in February. He was an Operator on the Userpedia chatroom during part of Fall and Winter of 2009 and is well-known for being a sports nut and a Ralph Wiggum fan. In October 2010, he became the first user to reach 10,000 posts on the MarioWiki Forums.


Before the Wiki

Ralph was an avid gamer, and Mario games were among his favorites, along with sports games.

A Columbian Discovery

In October of 2008, Ralphfan was searching for images of characters from the Mario series one day because he was bored. Google Images directed him to the Wiki, and, following in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, he discovered something millions of people knew about before him. He constantly found sections that had improper grammar or spelling, but he couldn't edit them. On November 13, 2008, at 5:01 pm, he joined the Wiki as a member. An hour and nineteen minutes later, he made ?title=MarioWiki:Proposals&diff=prev&oldid=478386 his first edit on a proposal by Dom. Ironically, he formatted his comment incorrectly. It took him four tries to write it correctly.

Help from Dom

Ralphfan found Dom's userpage after seeing his comments on proposals. Eventually, after seeing many interesting sections, such as his game ratings table, he asked how to make one. Eventually, with lots of help, he learned how to correctly make this table.

A User and His Page

Over the next few months, Ralph focused entirely on improving his userpage. Eventually, he created The "Real" Fake News, a fake news that lasted from January to February. The RFN tried to make a comeback in August, but it failed, and, in September 2009, it was deleted with the inception of new userspace rules.

The 'Shroom

Fake News

On April 22, 2009, Ralphfan became the co-director of The 'Shroom's Fake News alongside Xpike. Initially, Ralph filled in for multiple users who didn't send in their sections, but he eventually was able to get better users on the team. On August 13, 2009, Ralph became the Fake News' only director.

Monthly Mulligan

On August 23, 2009, Ralph created a new 'Shroom section, the "Monthly Mulligan". In the section, he reviews a game and discusses what can be done to improve it. However, the section was deleted after a ruling by The 'Shroom Core Staff to cut down on Entertainment and Review sections on November 25, 2009.

2010 and Trolling

In early 2010, while de-affiliation of #mariowiki and the actual Wiki was being debated, the de-affiliation was determined in part to the way Ralph had been treated in the past. Ralph, a strong advocate to keep the Wiki and Chat affiliated, feared corruption in the now Uniju-led chat. Eventually, Groden banned Ralph for no reason, and the prediction was verified.

He did it.

Ralph also became a minor troll in #userpedia due to his resentment towards a certain user whose name shall not be mentioned on Userpedia and overuse of fads, such as "23". Eventually, due to a minor argument with Mr. SG, he was banned for 10 days, which was later reduced to a week. Two days later, after referencing 23, he was banned again for 30 days. Then, due to "targeting #userpedia ops", SMB and one other op convinced their colleagues to make the ban infinite. Some ops, such as Stooby and MG1, would have preferred to keep the ban at 30 days. Stooben Rooben was not even online at the time the ban was changed, and he became especially ticked off.

Ralph was also suspended from the forums for 30 days due to, "Going off-topic, making pointless short posts close to spam, flaming, sex jokes, etc. The list goes on..." Most of this was done by saying how he read something someone posted and thought it was a dirty word or by mentioning his post count. He was able to return to the forums on May 5, 2010, to Ugozima's dismay. Ugo began to make anti-Semitic posts, which Ralph subsequently reported. Eventually, Ugo was given a 3-week ban and Ralph finally made enough posts to get into the top 10. Ugozima was then banned again, this time forever.


After graduating from his hellish middle school, Ralph went on to direct the 2010 Mario Awards alongside Stooben, and Wayoshi. Ralph created polls, managed scripts, and helped create the results tables. Thanks to their combined efforts, the show was the second to finish on time. None of the scripts were more than two minutes late.

In mid-July, Ralph submitted a campaign to become the new director of The Disconnected after hearing SMB wouldn't run. His campaign was unopposed. He got all six votes.

Following the Awards show, Uniju was banned from the forums. While the moderators were banning him, he insulted Stooben in #mwikiawards for making people download software (under 70 MB of software, to be exact), to play his game for the A30 presentation. The presentation included the top three vote-getters and one fight, against Bowser. Necromorph also insulted Uniju, and, the next day, Wayoshi, who had not been present during or before the awards, also declared Stooben's format a poor one. Wayoshi was unable to attend the show due to a cross-country plane flight, but, more notably, he gave minimal help during the meetings and planning.

On August 17, 2010, Ralph was promoted to Monitor on Userpedia with the comment "Generally makes good edits." This, combined with success in the Fake News, Awards, and Disconnected election, has topped off his return from trolling. In October, the Monitor rank was removed.

Ralphfan is now the current top poster on the MarioWiki Forums. He has made over 13,000 posts.

In September 2010, he hosted his first Mafia game, Werewolf '73. In December, he hosted a Thousand-Year Door-themed game. The game began on December 15, but the first attempt at playing the game was ruined by BPK, who cheated by finding FBL's role and using it to access the X-Naut QuickTopic, where the X-Nauts made their plans. He then revealed who the X-Nauts were in the game thread, and was subsequently banned from all Mafia games, then infinitely from the forums themselves.


Ralphfan was initially a clueless loser, which can be seen in the second and third sections here. However, with help from Dom and a few other users, he became less annoying over time. Experience, combined with puberty, made Ralphfan more mature over time.


It Began With a Dream

In It Began With a Dream, Ralph is part of the movement to save the wiki from the Trolls, but he is captured, despite SMB and MG1's attempts to save him. However, he was recovered by SMB and MG1 a few days later, and they discovered Rudnicki's master plan and disabled his machine.

The Great Userpedia Story

In Ugozima's satirical The Great Userpedia Story, Ralph pisses himself when a meteor strikes the forums in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, Ralph dies and comes back from the dead when he hears Stooben is giving people tacos. He doesn't get any tacos because he says Stooben has fat legs.

The Secret CSS

In FireBabyLuigi11's The Secret CSS, Ralph appears in chapters five and six. Ralph enters the Marioverse in Chapter Five and joins the heroes on a mission to defeat Hooktail, and Ralph successfully decapitates the dragon. In Chapter Six, Ralph is attacked by Murzon, and he eventually is forced to return to the Real World rather than dying.

User Soup

In Episode 19, SM reviews Ralph's Monthly Mulligan of Super Paper Mario and discusses how Turboo would react to it. However, Ralph doesn't make an actual appearance in the episode. He appeared in the holiday party, only to receive the Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup Championship DVD. In Episode 29, SonicMario explained Ralph's turmoil that took place on January 9th. In Episode 30, SM does a lengthy review of Chapter I of Ralph's Odyssey and mentions Ralph nominating his own article for FA. Ralph was the guest star in Episode 35 as the broadcaster for the User Soup Office Chair Race. In many of the episodes of April and May 2010, Ralph is included in the AC meeting recaps. In Episode 44, SM talks about Ralph's then-upcoming, now-canceled fic, The Precedings. He was also mentioned in Episode 52's recap of the Awards. Ralph was also often included in the span of episodes where SonicMario recapped the chat statistics.


Ralph made a drunken cameo in Chapter 8 of the original 132 REDUX.

I shuffled through a few random users, coming to Ralph. I sighed. I had a very low opinion of his behavior when he was sober, and now he was drunk as hell, doing stuff I would rather not describe. "Dude, chill." He nodded, and stumbled off.

Ralph's REDUX appearance, as told by Tabuu

Trolls' Island

Ralphfan appeared in Mr bones' comic Trolls' Island. In issue 50, he is a shopkeeper who sells oil to Mr bones. He will make other appearances later in the comic.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

In The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, Ralph makes small cameos in Episode 4 and Episode 8.



Ralphfan had known of Dom's existence since he joined the Wiki; they both voted on proposals. On January 14, 2009, when Ralph was designing his userpage, he asked Dom how to make a table for game ratings. Dom helped him, and, although it took Ralph a while to figure out what Dom meant for him to do, they soon became good friends. Dom has since retired, but he still checks every now and then, and, sometimes, he'll respond to a message Ralph has left on his talk.

Stooben Rooben

Ralphfan has looked up to Stooben as a mentor since he first met him. Stooben is Ralph's go-to guy when it comes to something that requires a sysop. The two took over the Mario Awards in 2010 following Wayoshi's retirment, and directed the awards with minimal guidance from their predecessor.


Ralphfan also met Tucayo through the Proposals page. After seeing his userpage, Ralph wanted to know how to show who's online on his userpage. He found out, and the two quickly became good friends. They now constantly chat, mainly about sports.

Super Mario Bros.

Ralphfan met SMB through the Fake News, and the two have become good friends. They mainly discuss sports, but they recently have worked together to protect the wiki from spammers. SMB is one of the main contributors to the Ultimate Character Tournament.


Ralphfan also met MG1 through chat, and they hit it off quite well. They discuss all sorts of topics, and MG1 is one of the main contributors to the Ultimate Character Tournament.

Super Luigi! Number one

Ralph and SLNO met through chat, and he now helps her fight off Maria, who has tried to hack and spam her on numerous occasions. He used to have a crush on her.


Ralph met Tehchomps through chat, and they quickly became good friends. Ralph has gotten Chompy involved in both the Ultimate Character Tournament and the Mario Awards.


Ralph and SonicMario met in the chatroom, and since then, they have started a strong friendship, partially because they are (along with Brock) two of the biggest hockey fans on the wiki. They talk in #ralphchat, usually about hockey. Though SM is a Red Wings fan and Ralph is a Sharks fan, they generally get along well.


Ralph met Gamefreak via the Fake News when Gamefreak began writing the Fake Ads in late 2009. In summer of 2010, the two met on the forums and in the chatroom, and Ralph invited GF into #ralphchat, where Gamefreak quickly ascended to the rank of operator. The two now converse on both chat and the forums.



Ralphfan has strong endurance, attack, and defense; he greatly lacks speed.


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