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RedFire Mario

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RedFire Mario
New RFM Design.png
Rank User and Chatroom Operator
Species Human
Join date
Gender Male
Allies DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Paper Jorge, Super-Yoshi, SonicMario, Anton(Hypnotoad), Aldo, Toadbert, Zephyr Mage
Likes Polar Bear Time
Dislikes Annoying users
Aliases RFM


RedFire Mario on chat

XD Get a mic and force Mike to say Pingas.
And RedFire, I got your Pingas right here.

RedFire Mario, then itsamike (AKA Mike Pollock), on chat

RedFire Mario is a retired User and Chatroom Operator on Userpedia and former patroller on the Super Mario Wiki. He is the brother to James Frontier (also known as DHS). Before he retired, he was a chatroom operator at #userpedia and #paperchat. He resembles a Fire Mario with a fireball on both of his gloves and also his cap.


Rush Wiki

You're not getting away! *click* Darn it, the gun's out of bullets...

Rush Hour 4 Issue Three

RedFire Mario made his first appearance in a comic series was Paper Jorge and Super-Yoshi's Rush Wiki, a comic based off the popular movie series, Rush Hour. Throughout the comic, RedFire Mario was given the role as RedFire Mi, a minor character and based off of a character named Mi, who was also a minor character, from the movie Rush Hour 3. In Rush Hour 4 Issues Two and Three, Jargie Chan and Spris-Tuckshi teams up with RedFire Mi and DarkHero Yu to save the Europe from Wayoshi and the Karate gangsters, however, some issues were missing and been canceled.

Friday Night Live

Me and Bean will celebrate the capture of UnMario trolls in the Spaghetti Restaurant. Alone.
Darn it, I love that place.

My Bloody Valentine, then RedFire Mario in Episode Three

In Friday Night Live, RedFire Mario had a major role in Episode Three when he started a secret organization, called as the Thousand Fire. During Episode Three, RedFire Mario and his members, Beanbean, My Bloody Valentine, and Totodile3456, had to stop the Thousand Tiger and the UnMario Gangsters from killing Paper Jorge.

WTF Tales

Shrooby, your dad is a moron XD

Into a Moron's Mind Issue One

RedFire Mario appeared as a minor character in one of the WTF Tales stories, Into a Moron's Mind. In Issue One, RFM was one of Shroobario's students who came to the science museum, then called Jorge a moron for jumping into Klaus Kratchet's floating fireball.

Final de Wiki 3

We could call it Thousand Fire.

Chapter One

First time appearing in the End trilogy, RedFire Mario was hired by Porplemontage to defeat trolls from retrieving the Dark Diamonds. Though the comic is canceled, Paper Jorge added some information that RedFire Mario's organization, the Thousand Fire, were originally going to appear, however, members My Bloody Valentine and Totodile3456 were retiring the team.

Race to The Start

We will set off in the morning. In the meantime, get some sleep. We're gonna need it.

Issue One

In this comic, RedFire Mario formed the group of SonicMario, Henrydamoose, Katana, Totodile3456, and ParaBob-omb to save the wiki world from the Evil Dictator Shadowblasta and her minions. Throughout the issues, RedFire Mario is a strong and serious leader who cares for his members, resembling his previous organization.

Jorge and the Family

RedFire Mario appeared in another Paper Jorge comic called as Jorge and the Family. In this comic, Jorge and Beanbean gotten married and had four children; RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Shroobario, and Zephyr Mage. Throughout the comic, RedFire Mario had a minor role than his other brothers, to the point of not even speaking in some issues.

The Three Mushketeers
RedFire Mario appeared as a villain in issues 101-107 of The Three Mushketeers. In this comic he had stolen a Shine Sprite.