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  1. User
  2. Pineapple seller
Species Burning Leo
Likes Video Games, Pineapples, Dog, Puppies, Animals, Eevee, Kirby, Mass Effect, Fallout, etc.
Dislikes Life, crowds, coconut
Age 14

Rocker64 is a member of Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. Rocker's name is a result of his younger self's unoriginal mind. Younger Rocker had an interest in playing the guitar and Rocker's favorite number is 64.


Rocker has been using the internet since childhood, and has been to quite a lot of forums, websites, and whatever else. Rocker's first major experience was at a site called "Boo Mansion". Rocker joined and found the members quite enjoyable to talk with and the forum itself very nice. The site was unfortunately closed down. Eventually Rocker came across another forum, big surprise this forum was the Mario Boards. On a lovely November 9th, in 2010, Rocker joined this forum and instantly joined a mafia game. Although originally only there to play mafia, Rocker grew fond of the community and the site. Since that day, Rocker has become a part of the community, and though Rocker did eventually move past the mafia board and contributed a lot in other boards like Mindless Junk and Off-Subject Discussion; a large majority of Rocker's posts lay in the mafia board still. Rocker was accepted into the "Mafia Hosts Guild", contributed to the destruction of the mafia schedule, started a new forum game called Resistance, and married another forum member, Baby Mario Bloops


Rocker is a jerk, who finds great enjoyment in other people's confusion. As a result Rocker quite enjoys screwing with people, some people who even go as far to call Rocker a troll. Rocker cares nothing for authority; tends to start arguments and/or debates quite often and has anger issues. Rocker, although has learned to not care what others think, does actually take offense of things quick easily and is extremely defensive of friends. Rocker's personality also got someone banned! On the brighter side Rocker is also a very silly person who quite enjoys just being stupid sometimes.

Stories and Comics

Rocker64 currently has not made any stories or comics, but has appeared in a few:

The Three Mushketeers

Rocker64 appeared in Issues 73, 74, 76 and 78 of The Three Mushketeers. Rocker is seen with a Koopatrol and a Bandit. Rocker and his partners were seen knocked unconscious in Issue 78.


Name Change Chain on the Super Mario Boards

  • Rocker64 -> Hawkeye
  • Hawkeye -> Admin
  • Admin -> Lonely Student
  • Lonely Student-> Antarctica
  • Antarctica-> Blitty
  • Blitty -> Clover
  • Clover -> Simon Belmont
  • Simon Belmont-> Gordon Freeman
  • Gordon Freeman -> ChaoticLeo
  • ChaoticLeo -> Beauty Queen Etna
  • Beauty Queen Etna -> Sonia Nevermind
  • Sonia Nevermind -> Ino Yamanaka
  • Ino Yamanaka -> Garrus Vakarian
  • Garrus Vakarian -> Gimli
  • Gimli -> Rocker64
  • Rocker64 -> Tentomon
  • Tentomon -> Kimberly Hart

This is highly inaccurate and unfinished because Rocker's memory is akin to a peanut's.


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