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SKMM pic3.png
Rank User Super Mario Wiki
User MarioWiki Forums
User Userpedia
User Newgrounds
Location Australia
Join date August 2010 (MarioWiki), January 2011 (Userpedia)
Gender Male
Allies Mario jc, Super-Yoshi, Lilkaykaygal, UltraMario3000, Yoshidude99, YoshiGo99, DKPetey.
Goals Become a Super Mario Wiki Sysop, paricipate in the MarioWiki Awards and 'Shroom at least once, make at least one comic and game.
Likes Nintendo games, Sonic games, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, making video games etc.
Specialty/Most Active Glitches, Beta Elements and Locations.
Score Super Mario Wiki: Over 1000 edits.
Age 13

Old gamers only play COD so only young kids vote

SKmarioman - Mario Awards VI Chat Party

SKmarioman is a user of the MarioWiki. He has been a part of the wiki since the 4th of August 2010. When he first joined the wiki, he would make edits and so on a lot. But a few weeks later when he joined other places like Newgrounds and MarioWiki Forum, he used the wiki a bit less often, about once or twice a week. He is most active on the MarioWiki Forums, and of all the other places he's on he is least active on BoombotWorld!, as he joined 3 months before MarioWiki and is under the name BMC. He is rarely active on MarioWiki chat, and only actively engages in chat during the Mario Wiki Anniversary celebrations.

SKmarioman has Aspergers syndrome, a type of autism shared with other users such as Ninten and SonicMario. He is also currently attempting to collect Nintendo games and consoles, getting as far back as Nintendo 64 and Game Boy so far.

He wrote the Entertainment Section of The 'Shroom from March to November 2011. He has made tilesets for Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars. Currently he is working on his own Planet Wisp Project mod for Sonic Generations.


Mario jc

A few days after joining the MarioWiki, SKmarioman received a message from Mario jc saying that SKmarioman was making good edits, but he just needed to watch out with his spelling and grammar (which to be noted, that he is still making minor spelling mistakes now). Once SKmarioman replied, the two users chatted with each other over the next week. However, once SKmarioman became a part of other sites, such as Newgrounds, they didn't talk as often.

When Mario jc was unavailable for 3 weeks for that he was on vacation, SKmarioman didn't really use any user talk pages, and instead just edited the main Wiki pages. But when Mario jc returned, he found out that SKmarioman had added Mario jc on MSN (HotMail). Then the two users went back to talking with each other like normal, like once or twice a week.


SKmarioman and Super-Yoshi haven't exactly made a relationship, but Super-Yoshi still seems to be an ally of SKmarioman after he made a 'sick Koopa Troopa' image which somewhat looked like a cross between Koopayoshi and Super-Yoshi.


Like Super-Yoshi, SKmarioman doesn't really have a real relationship with Lilkaykaygal either. In fact, the only user talk page posts from each other are friend requests, userbox updates, and a quick question about how to get through Mt Corenet in Pokémon Diamond. SKmarioman found out how himself, so they haven't talked for a while.


SKmarioman met UltraMario3000 on the MarioWiki chatroom. Not much interaction has been between SKMM and UltraMario, but recently UltraMario3000 signed up for SKmarioman's comic, Brawl of the Wiki.


Although signing up not long ago, SKmarioman's relation with Mdunstan2 is that they are cousins in Real Life. SKmarioman is older than Mdunstan2.

Comic Appearances

Brawl of the Wiki

SKmarioman is the main character of Brawl of the Wiki. He appears in the prologue, where he is suddenly zapped into his computer into the MarioWiki. When he lands in it, he feels very sick and confused. When MCSoulja tells him that he landed in MarioWiki, he nearly has a heart attack, but recovers instantly in the next episode. He asks MCSoulja how he could have possibly got there, but he doesn't know, and he tells SKmarioman that he should go ask somebody else. Later he's walking down the street when he accidentally bumps into Scorpion999 and Tabuu, and Scorpion999 gets very angry with him. SKmarioman asks Scorpion999 if he knows how he got into MarioWiki, and he tells him that he does. So Scorpion999, Tabuu and SKmarioman go over to where SKmarioman landed and where UltraMario3000 and MCSoulja were before, and Scorpion999 tells them all how any user gets into MarioWiki in the first place, including Porplemontage, but no user has ever gotten out. He finishes by saying that the reason why many users look like Mario characters or something of the like is unknown, but that the one who looks exactly the same as before in the real world will become a great hero. This is of course referring to SKmarioman himself, as the prologue takes place in the real world, and SKmarioman looks the same in the real world as in MarioWiki.

SKmarioman and all the other main heroes made a return in Episode 10, where they find Smasher 101, New Super Mario, MapleWarrior and SLNO near New Wikisburg's edge. SKmarioman sees a note next to SLNO and reads it out-

"I've gone to 8-Bit Island. All my forces are there. You'll never find me. MUHAHAHA! -Peachycakes"

SKmarioman thinks the note is pretty dumb, since Peachycakes said he'll never find her, even though she just said where she was. All the main heroes go to 8-Bit Island, while all the minor heroes stay back and watch New Wikisburg in case Peachycakes makes another attack there (New Super Mario even says that himself). At 8-Bit Island, while everyone else has a Super Mario Bros. look, SKmarioman uses a Super Mario Bros. 3 sprite.

After getting to Peachycakes' Castle on the other side of 8-bit Island, he apparently killed Koopayoshi with an axe, and was the first person to find Peachycakes, who teleports him, UltraMario3000 and MCSoulja to her underground base and kidnaps them. Not long later, Smasher 101, New Super Mario, MapleWarrior and SLNO rush to the scene, who launches Peachycakes through the ceiling and into the sky. They rescue SK as well as the other two and get back to New Wikisburg. There they find that the whole city has been invaded by many members of the Koopa Troop, as a result of Mason releasing them from their respective articles, who plans to destroy them as a way of permanently deleting the article. He can use this power to destroy Users too, as he demonstrated on UltraWario3000. Just as Mason was about to destroy all of the users, including SK himself, he jumps and in front and trys to shield everyone. But at the exact second Mason fires his "killer magic", Sonic the Hedgehog randomly bumps into SK, so Sonic dies, leaving SK unconscious. Mason then states "I should have NEVER released Sonic from his page," and escapes, because he is out of "magic ammo".

All of the other heroes then go see Professor E. Gadd (who is another character release from his page by Mason) who explains that all users have a special power that will only work if there are at least five other users around them, not counting trolls. He also explains that SK has been given one of Sonic's abilities due to his death. So they all take SK to hospital and wait for him to wake up. Upon waking up, Neptune99, Tabuu and Mr bones tell everyone that 'trolls are sighted near King Street'. SK speeds out the door at super speed, showing that the ability he was given was the super speed. He waits for everyone else at King Street, getting rather impatient, when Mason, Peachycakes, and a revived Yoshiwaker and Master Koopakid stand before them.

Peachycakes tell them all that she is going to blast the entire wiki with the Subspace Gunship she stole so she can build her new empire, Trollsapedia. Without any hesitation, all of the trolls race to the gunship and everyone else follow closely behind. However, they are stopped by the fact that they need to fly to the gunship to get there. So they go to Smash City to get some F-Zero machines. However, since there were only four machines, only SK, UltraMario3000, MCSoulja, Scorpion999 and Tabuu could go (Scorpion999 and Tabuu shared one machine).

Upon getting to the gunship, Tabuu jumps out of his machine and falls right through the gunship, destroying it, and then lands back in his machine. Peachycakes, fuming, walks right into the ball of Subspace, as well as the other three trolls. The five heroes also fly into the Subspace ball, only for the sake of chasing Peachycakes. After getting into Subspace, they are attacked by three Shady Koopas, but SK easily takes care of them by running right through them (one Shady Koopa breaks the fourth wall by slimming into the frame, literally 'breaking the fourth wall). They reach the four trolls, and Mastermind Troll, and fight. They all easily defeat the four trolls, but Mastermind Troll reveals his hidden power, making it virtually impossible to defeat him.

However, MCSoulja remembers what E. Gadd had said, all users have a special power. He explains this to everyone else, and they all use this power to make this final boss fight the easiest in history. Mastermind Troll is defeated, Mason, Yoshiwaker and Koopayoshi are revived, and peace is returned to the wiki.

A Spammers Revenge

SKmarioman made a cameo in A Spammers Revenge, in the final frame of Episode 11. He is seen running on a table with a bag that appears to be full of money. It is also to be noted that SKmarioman updated his sprite sheet soon after the episode was released, meaning that the sprite for him is not the current one.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

SKmarioman becomes a recurring audience member in The Tonight Show, starting in Episode 5 and onward. He receives no speaking role.

Animation/Game Appearences

SKmarioman has appeared in several Newgrounds flash animations in the past

He has also appeared as the playable character in his own game, SK: Mushroom Mayhem. He has also created a mod for Sonic Generations which replaces Sonic's model with SK, which is known as SK Generations. He is also set to appear as an NPC in Super Wiki RPG: Smasher & The Colored Stars.

Physical Appearance

SKmarioman is described as Greg Heffley wearing a Mario cap, and under his cap reveals that he has black spiked hair. He is sometimes shown to have a full-color appearance along with his black and white pencil-sketch style image, complete with a blue shirt, black shorts, white socks and maroon shoes. He has also been seen viewed from front-on, forward-diagonally and back-on angles, a trait that rarely any other Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been seen as.

In the recent redesign he was given 5 fingers on each hand, his head has made slightly bigger and his nose is slightly rounder. The logo was also removed from his cap, since he couldn't decide between 'M' or 'S' and to better reflect on his sprited appearances.


SKmarioman has most of the abilities as Mario, but he can not Triple Jump (however he sometimes can without a flip, similar to Yoshis from Super Mario Sunshine), Backward Somersault or Side Somersault. He can, however, pick up common powerups, like Super Mushrooms or Fire Flowers, in his hands to save for later or give to someone else. Unlike the traditional Mario games where Mario would normally jump the height of 4 blocks, SKmarioman can only jump 3 blocks high, unless he's running. He can also ride Yoshis as, if not more, skillfully than the Mario Bros. as well. If SKmarioman is riding a Yoshi, he can hop off and get the Yoshi to help him on his adventure, and the Yoshi will act like a normal player, like in Super Mario 64 DS.

One of his more notable abilities is his hyper speed. After an accident involving Mason and Sonic the Hedgehog, SKmarioman gained one of Sonic's abilities, which was his super running speed. Oddly, when using this ability, he leaves a blue trail behind him, even though no part of him is blue. Eventually in SK Generations it got to the point that SK had eventually gotten all of Sonic's abilities, including such moves as the Homing Attack and Boost, similarly to how Sonic himself has much more abilities in recent games compared to his first game. SK has yet to master the Spin Dash however, he even has trouble performing a spin drift and instead chooses to slide around corners with his feet.





Wiki Chat Discussions

<UltraMario3000> -.-
<SKmarioman> -_- zzz
<UltraMario3000> Let's talk about random stuff
<SKmarioman> Okay
<SKmarioman> LOL, I AM WIKI.
<UltraMario3000> :D

SKmarioman and UltraMario3000 has nothing to talk about.

<SKmarioman> You know that proposal I set up about the Super Mario Advance games?
<UltraMario3000> No, I don't really check the proposals.
<SKmarioman> Anyway, it was about moving information from the original games to the articles for the remakes and instead they merged the remakes back to the originals.
<UltraMario3000> :O
<UltraMario3000> Why?
<SKmarioman> I don't know...
<UltraMario3000> :(
<SKmarioman> Yeah, :( too
Gamefreak75 has joined #mwchat.
<Gamefreak75> I just happen to be this screwed-up cheap ba****d you're talking about.
<SKmarioman> Oh, sorry.

SKmarioman and UltraMario3000 talking about proposals when Gamefreak75 shows up.

  • SKmarioman is fleeing from a goomba.
    <Canada> o_O
    *Canada jumps on goomba.
    <Canada> <3<3<3<<3<3
    <SLNOFlash> o:
    <Canada> Now I see why Mario does that so much!
    <SLNOFlash> You killed it.
    <SLNOFlash> ;~;
    <SKmarioman> O_.
    *Canada goes on a Goomba genocide
    <Canada> *A goomba touches Canada*
    <Canada> fffff
    <Smasher_101> :)
    <SKmarioman> Finally, something to talk abo- AHH! Another goomba!!!!
SKmarioman, Canada, SLNOFlash and Smasher_101 talking about goombas.

<SKmarioman>I like football
<ralphfan>What's your favourite team?
<SKmarioman>hmm, that's a toughie
<SKmarioman>Australia's NRL I like Manly Sea Eagles.
<ralphfan>Australian Rules?
<ralphfan>Isn't Manly near Sydney?
<SKmarioman>NRL aint Australian Rules.
<SKmarioman>It's rugby
<ralphfan>I sorta understand rugby.
<SKmarioman> I have two rugby video games.
<ralphfan> Cool.
<ralphfan>I have some American Football games.
<ralphfan> And hockey and baseball.
<SKmarioman>I don't see baseball games a lot here for some reason :(
<SKmarioman> But thank Wii Sports.

SKmarioman and Ralphfan talking about sports.



  • He is the first Userpedia user to successfully finish two comics (sure the second was rushed just like the very game it was based off).
  • In real life, when SKmarioman draws his real self, it is exactly the same as his MarioWiki hatless appearance, showing that he is skilled at drawing Diary of a Wimpy Kid characters, as well as Mario characters and other video game characters.
    • In addition, SKmarioman keeps a daily journal, in exact same style to Greg Heffley.
      • On a side note, SKmarioman's username is derived from the title of this journal (A Smart Kid's journal, formerly Diary of a Smart Kid).
  • In Wiki Kart Wii, SK wears pants instead of shorts.
  • In real life, he wears glasses, although he does not need them all the time.
  • His 1000th edit on the Super Mario Wiki was only a minor edit in the Trivia section of the Mewtwo page.

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