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Rank Ex-Sysop, Retired User
Gender Male
Likes Star Wars, Mario, Zelda, Sly Cooper, Dr. Seuss, Kirby, Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Fox, Chibi-Robo, Prince of Tennis, chocolate, cheese, bacon, paper, skateboarding, tennis, pirates, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Aliases HK-47, Hk, Saudy, Mr. Dane, Sly, Big Cheese, Kat Ham, Kh, Catman

You knew it was coming. Like a ball with topspin, it's headed right for you. People don't trust you anymore. You had admitted on AIM to Spike about being Willy, too. After you went through all that trouble to pretend he had hacked you. I knew your defense was full of lies. Your duty is to prevent flaming, not burst into a raging ball of fury and lies. The Willy defense had holes in it from the start. Mada mada dane. Not a lot of users are going to trust you now. Steve may be your final friend on the site. You're lucky he's given you a second chance, because he's about the only one. Many users have completely lost respect for you. It was your fault though, and you shouldn't be blaming me or anyone else. You treat many users in a way less than deserving of them, and I'm disappointed. I 'spose you should Ramble On, but start treating the younger users better, because the Children are the Future, and we should let them lead. Let them lead on. Mr. Bureaucrat, leave them kids alone. To some people religion is sacred, and you should always respect that. I respect that you don't have any spiritual beliefs, don't I? Have I ever accosted you for believing that we came from monkeys? No. Be careful in the future, for it is clouded and hard to see. I think that's all I have to say to you.

Sadaharu to Wayoshi, after the Willy Event

Sadaharu, formerly and usually known as HK-47, is a former sysop (3 October, 2006–19 June, 2007) and retired user. He is one of the oldest users, joining shortly after Wayoshi. He has been known to carry a scythe and be very good with animals. He has many pets, and some speculate that his favorite is a lion affectionately named Ryoma. Saudy also has the unusual ability to create popular fads, such as the Cheese Craze.


Many are unsure how this man rose to power, and it is possible he himself still doesn't know. He has a mysterious past and has been spotted adventuring with many different people. He also was rumored to once have an alliance with Wayoshi, though it seems that bad blood later went between them.


Sadaharu joined the wiki in May 2006, shortly after Wayoshi. The two became good friends very quickly, and helped collaborate on articles, Pipe Projects, The 'Shroom, and the PipePlaza. Sadaharu was also friends with Son of Suns, and together the three formed the First Tenacious Three.

Willy on Wheels

Sadaharu is said to once have had a legendary duel with Willy on Wheels on a Father's Day long ago. Willy had moved and vandalized many pages (example: Mario on WHEELS!), and Sadaharu reverted every single one of them, all the while sipping his orange juice and consuming his pancakes. However, he could not block Willy as he was not a sysop yet. Eventually, after having severe edit wars with the troll, Willy was blocked by a sysop. This was probably one of the factors that led to his promotion to sysophood.

Friendships Fail

However, Saudy could not stay on the wiki once the summer ended. He had to leave for a long period, due to boarding school. When he returned, he found that Wayoshi had changed immeasurably. No longer the friendly easy-going user he once was, Wayoshi was now strict as stone. This led to an argument between them, and their friendship was quickly lost to none other than time itself.

Cheese Craze

One day, on YellowYoshi398's talk page, Saudy told YellowYoshi398 that he liked cheese. This seemed to be a mistake, as YY was not very familiar with Saudy, and the message seemed to have been put on the wrong talk page. However, YellowYoshi said that cheese was tasty, and Plumber then joined in, saying he liked cheese as well. Eventually, users such as Great Gonzo also joined in the conversation. This led to a new category, called Category:Cheese Lovers on user pages. Not wanting Wayoshi to intervene, Saudy didn't create the category page, but merely the category talk page. On the talk page, cheese was talked about, and many pictures involving cheese was made, ranging from classical paintings talking about cheese to cheese being a hidden character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Eventually the page was deleted, but Plumber managed to salvage it, and it can still be viewed today.

Making Wayoshi Upset

One day, Wayoshi had decided to change the rules for signatures. He immediately changed them without approval by anyone, and enforced the rules on the wiki. Sadaharu said that it was not fair that Wayoshi could hold absolute power, and was demoted by Porplemontage for his protest. Sadaharu then joined rebelling against the new rules with Plumber in the chatroom. This was the start of their friendship. Later, Wayoshi came on the chatroom and told them to stop rebelling, but they continued. Wayoshi then stated that though they started out the same, their differences eventually led them down different paths, with Wayoshi becoming a bureaucrat, and Sadaharu becoming a rebel. Sadaharu then remarked that the reason he was not in Wayoshi's position was because he had a life, and was more occupied with that than the wiki. This made Wayoshi very upset, and he spammed the phrase "THAT MAKES ME UPSET" and "I WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE HK" many times. Pokemon DP, a new user at the time, told Wayoshi to stop flaming Sadaharu. Wayoshi then turned to flaming DP as well, but Sadaharu stood up for him. While this was going on, Xzelion secretly copied the chat conversation and saved it on his computer. After this was over, Saudy threatened Wayoshi to behave or he would email the conversation to Steve.

Founding Userpedia

Sadaharu co-founded Userpedia with Xzelion. However, they discovered that Master Crash and The Missing Link had founded their own Users Wiki first. In an attempt to convince the two wikis to merge, Sadaharu, under the name of Can Sorcerer (which was inspired by Bottle Wizzerd's name) spammed with Xzelion (disguised as "Thomas Logan") and Max2 (under the alias of Chicken with No Head) against Master Crash. Can Sorcerer only spammed the sandbox and Crash's talk page, and personally attacked Crash and The Missing Link. Sadaharu later confessed that it was a successful conspiracy to an astonished Crash.

Wayoshi the Willy

Sadaharu was one of the few users who had known Wayoshi well enough to know his perverse side, and thus knew that Willy in the chatroom was actually Wayoshi. However, Saudy kept this to himself, knowing that Wayoshi would crack eventually. Wayoshi did crack, and admitted it in the chatroom. Sadaharu then put a warning on Wayoshi's talk page, which Wayoshi then removed, fearing what would happen if the wiki knew the truth. Max2, who had witnessed Wayoshi admitting he was Willy, posted another warning, which was also removed. Sadaharu had forced Wayoshi into a difficult position, and was threatening to tell Porplemontage. With a permanent ban being the likely outcome of this affair, Wayoshi demoted himself, hoping that Steve would dismiss that as punishment enough. Sadaharu and Max2 wanted Steve to permanently ban Wayoshi, though he was ultimately pardoned.

Summer '07

After Wayoshi's demotion, Sadaharu and Wayoshi became friends again, though they were not as close as they once were. Sadaharu now was more acquainted with Plumber. After Plumber had been server killed by komies, Sadaharu spent long hours talking to Plumber on another chat server. These three users then formed the second Tenacious Three. However, he and Wayoshi were ultimately doomed to remain enemies, as arguments between them split them apart once more. Sadaharu then guided Paper Luigi DS and left him to start a new Tenacious Three. However, PLDS did not add a third user (the group composed of PLDS and Plumber), so Plumber took charge and added Xzelion to the mix.


Sadharu later got Fg, known for his flaming, banned permanently. However, Porplemontage later un-banned him, which enraged Sadaharu. Sadaharu got into several arguments with users about the subject of Fg and other subjects. This led to Sadaharu's Tezuka Zone, where he told Max2 and Fg to leave the wiki forever. This sparked a huge outrage among the users, who regarded that as massive flame. Sadaharu then got into several arguments with users, and eventually decided to leave the Mario Wiki forever.

Though he is now retired, probably forever, Sadaharu's words live on:

So, please, cite your sources. Because that's life. And life goes on. And even after I've left, I expect cited sources.


On June 04 2008, Sadaharu appeared on Whosonline and later edited his talk page, acting as if he was another user questioning Sadaharu's return by saying "What gives? Is he back?"; the intention of this was to indicate a planned return. He decided to come back "not so much" (implying either continued retirement or scarce appearances) after discovering that most of his friends had left the wiki, however. Later he wished he could say hi to some people in chat, but couldn't because his computer won't let him open up the MarioWiki Chat. He did eventually come on chat, though, but did not change his name from "WikiGuest"; however, this guest was probably him, basing on his speech patterns, perspectives, and the fact that he exited the Chatroom with "Saudy forever!".

Next, Sadaharu posted on Phoenix Rider's talk page, saying he "wish[ed] to apologize ahead of time to you for what [he was] about to do". He then started giving users warnings that an age of spam would soon begin, followed by messages such as "You have until midnight" and "Change your passwords, or I'll change it for you". At first he threatened Xzelion to retire but after Mr.Vruet told him he already did, Paper Jorge gave him the idea of taking him hostage, so Saudy started threatening Jorge. He also hacked into the accounts of Kris (his girlfriend) and I Am Manga (a friend of his). Wayoshi then blocked Saudy for disrupting the peace of the wiki. He would later return to Chat one more time to catch up with friends, but appears to have faded back into inactivity after this "sweaty reunion." Someone has recently been seen visiting the chatroom under the moniker of Hk, most likely Sadaharu, spending a lot of his/her time Trolling, often by cursing or spamming; Crypt Raider suspects that it is not Sadaharu. It is unknown who this mysterious imposter is, but he was later confirmed not to be Sadaharu by Sadaharu himself.

Artwork and Sprites


Master Wikians

He was mentioned in Master Wikians' Prologue, in which Sir Grodus commented that Sadaharu had everything under control in the Saudy Desert area.


(By Xzelion)

X: How did you find Mariowiki?
Sadaharu: i was at Retronintendo.com and they mentioned it, and they mentioned Steve, and I ended up clicking a link one day on that site, and it brought me here and I made an account just kind of randomly and yeah

X: I understand you are the creator of the 'Shroom, how did you come up with this idea?
Sadaharu: Well, I got approval from Steve to make a Community Portal, which eventually became PipePlaza. The 'Shroom was under this, PipelPlaza was an umbrella project that contained the portal and this thing i totally ripped from Wikipedia called the signpost. So I really didn't come up with the idea. I stole it and then introduced it.

X: When you came here, who welcomed you?
Sadaharu: That's an interesting story. No one welcomed me. I ended up welcoming myself. Salty later apologized for it.

X: Who was the first person that befriended you?
Sadaharu: Son of Suns. He acted as a mentor of sorts. I really miss him. He defended me during the "Sandbox Incident," too.

X: What was your first edit?
Sadaharu: This can't be right; it says my first edit was too Goombaria. I apparently tagged it with an image template BEFORE I INVENTED IT

X: So, You were one of the few that fought off Willy on Wheel's First attempts at the wiki. How was it reverting his spam?

Sadaharu: It was fun. I guess. There was no one on the site at the time. I just moved pages back to their names. The one thing about this atrocious occurrence is that everyone thinks Wayoshi did it. He wasn't even an active user yet.

X: What's your Favorite Article?
Sadaharu: Well, I like the article on Lakitus. Its for the win. Totally. I just fixed up the Luigi article, so its pretty nice. Although, I'd have to say, I have a special connection to the Shigeru Miyamoto article.

X: You were the one that started the "Cheese Craze of 07" can you explain how that happened?
Sadaharu: I uh. Well.... I went to yellowdinodude's talk page and uh.... I said I liked Cheese. It really took off from there.

X: When you join what was your first impression of the wiki?
Sadaharu: This place sucked. Yeah. I hated it. It was rundown and abandoned. I said I was gonna bring it life, and so I stayed.

X: Alright, do you think this is the last question?

Sadaharu: Is that your final answer?

X: You can't turn a question on me O_o

Sadaharu: 42 Uh.

X: Yes or no?

Sadaharu: I thought this was the fun question. lol yeah i guess it could be, although,,,,,,it might not be Ya..i Guess

X: Are you mad you got the question wrong? :P

Sadaharu: i did?

X: Yes :P

Sadaharu: Are you sure?

X: Erm..Yes....

Sadaharu: Is that your final answer?

X: Yes

X: Thanks for letting me interview you....

Sadaharu: Thank you for not giving up.

X: lol

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