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Hullo peoplez!

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Species Magikoopa/Kirby/Scorpion/Human/Isomorphic Algorithm/Gillman
Gender Male
Allies Mario Fan 123, New Super Mario, SpinyMaster347, Krizzy, Rocker64, GalacticPetey, Soulranger, Princess R, MCSoulja, FunkyK38, Zero777, and all Monster Slayers.
Likes Certain video games(Mario, Kirby, Pokémon, Sonic, Dragon Quest, and Halo, to name a few), Mythology, Science, other Nerdy Stuff, Daft Punk, deadmau5, and any other house/electronica/dubstep people.
Dislikes Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Twilight, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber.

Scorpion999, also known as Scorpion, Advisor Ragnarok, Necromancer, Technologic Robot, und3D, and Maths is a user on the Super Mario Wiki, Bulbapedia, and Pik-Canon NOT!. He used write for The 'Shroom, posing as Police Chief Scorpion. He is a big fan of many Nintendo and non-Nintendo video game series, like Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Dragon Quest, and Halo. He is also interested in monsters like vampires(not sparkly ones), werewolves, and zombies. But what he's more into is the people who slay those monsters.

History on the Wiki


Scorpion999 first discovered the wiki when he searched the Internet desperately to find out what the Gearmos were called. He then looked at articles on the wiki. But one day he realized that some information was missing from articles. He knew what he had to do. He created his account, and edited those articles. One example would be be on Beldam's page. He stated in the article that Beldam's hat color represents her cryokinetic abilities. Before it had said ice powers, which sounds really noobish. He basically changed it to its proper, less noobish term.


Scorpion999 had been editing his userpage a lot. This was inappropriate, so Tucayo decided to put a warning on his talk page, telling him to make more mainspace edits. At the time, he didn't know it was a warning. So he continued. Eventually, YoshiDaisyfan1 put up a warning. Again, he was reckless and continued userspace edits. So Tucayo made the final warning. Scorpion999 finally got the message. He made more mainspace edits, and then he finally created his first page: Jibberjay.

MarioWiki Forums

Scorpion then joined the MarioWiki Forums. He got a job for The 'Shroom's Fake News, in the Fake Police Blotter section. He didn't become active on the forums until later, however.

When he first became active, he looked, and acted like a normal user. However, he made a thread about a group of characters called The Advisors. Many users did not react well to these 'Advisors' who were bent on destroying all humans and based on graffiti. However, Scorpion thought these Advisors were the best idea ever, and began to talk about them in other boards than Mindless Junk, making them nothing more than spam. He broke many rules, and began to act offensive in some ways, such as saying the Advisors planted the Egypt New Year bomb. He broke rules 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 of the forums all in the same two weeks, and finally was banned from the forums, subsequently losing his 'Shroom job.

Scorpion999 is sorry for all the offense and annoyance he caused. While he cannot take back all of what he said, he asks for forgiveness from many people(especially MrConcreteDonkey).

Scorpion999 as und3D.

Departure and Return

Scorpion became inactive for almost a year. People were starting to think he was gone for good. However, he decided to come back after feeling nostalgic one day. He has returned for good, though he will not be as active as before.



Scorpion is a fan of Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Earthbound, Fallout, Halo, Castlevania, Contra, Metroid, Pikmin, and Okami.


Scorpion999 listens to many genres, like alternative rock, heavy metal, metalcore, post-hardcore, pop punk, classic rock, progressive rock, nu metal, electronic, drum and bass, house, jazz, and occasionally rap. His current favorite bands are Alesana, Paramore, Pierce the Veil, I Fight Dragons, and All Time Low.


Scorpion is a fan of Marvel and DC movies, such as The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, Watchmen. He also likes Tron: Legacy and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. He watches Dragon Ball, Death Note, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Regular Show.

Scorpion Studios

Scorpion999 aspires to join Fantendo, and has made a fanfic and a game there. He wants people to join his company: Scorpion Studios!!! [1]


  • Otaku- To the point that he made a character called "Otaku Boy".
  • Geek- Studies the media he likes.
  • Face Palm- Will facepalm at random moments to annoy people.
  • Call Back- Does this every day.
  • Making A Splash- Prefers water powers over others.


  • Susano- A katana.
  • Ryujin- A dagger.
  • Gokuu- A bo staff.
  • Umibozu- Nunchakus.
  • Vulcan- A P-90.
  • Neptune- A trident(Very original. Not named after Neptune99).
  • Tyr- A battle axe.
  • Valkyrie- A sniper rifle.
  • Orpheus-A keytar/sword(similar to Cloud Strife's)



Scorpion999 was a fairly minor character in MrConcreteDonkey's story, Corruption. He first appeared in Part 2, when him and N were kicked out of a club at closing time. Then it cuts to him waving goodbye to N while walking home. Suddenly, a mysterious figure began to chase him, and tackled him to the ground. He took the weapon of the attacker and stabbed it.

A Spammers Revenge

Scorpion999 appeared in Neptune99's comic A Spammers Revenge with Mason owning their own shop on the wastelands of Userpedia. He and Mason, being ever so hospitable, allow Doomship and Jaime to stay the night.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Red Lazer and Princess R from Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

Scorpion appears at the end of Chapter 4 introducing himself to Zero, his mutant name is Red Lazer. He later appears battling Zero in Chapter 5 only to let his speed be a disadvantage and running into Zero's arm, knocking himself out. He defended the Sysop Tower from the zombie horde and he was later sent out with Molly Luna, for her to plant charges under and around the Zero Corps. Tower. After using a sniper to look around the area of the Zero Corps. Tower and sniping two zombies, he said that the perimeter is all clear, meaning the tower now belongs to The Résistance.



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