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Princess Shokora Artwork - Wario Land 4.png
Rank Bureaucrat
Location Australia
Join date September 29, 2011
Specialty/Most Active Uploading artwork, policy drafting
Aliases YK
NewName1 (after accidentally sockpuppeting)
Score 28,000+ edits

Shokora, previously known as YoshiKong and occasionally YK, is a current Bureaucrat of the Super Mario Wiki. Shokora is a Local Moderator of the "Wiki Collaborations" and "Wiki Administrative Discussion" boards on the MarioWiki Forums, and a co-manager of The 'Shroom Spotlight.



YoshiKong joined the Super Mario Wiki in the latter half of 2011, and spent most of his time spamming userpages with friend requests and using the Wario Land 4 article as a sandbox page. Wario Land 4 became a long-term project, although YoshiKong tended to often digress into other article areas. He later enjoyed several promotions, a two-year community hiatus (although he claimed to be using up all of his paid sick-leave days for the next 73 years), followed by a return to the wiki staff.


2011, September 29 – Joined the MarioWiki.
2012, March 1 – Joined the MarioWiki Forums.
2012, December 30 – Promoted to Wiki Patroller by Walkazo.
2013, April 1 – Became the 'Shroom Spotlight manager. This may have been an April Fools joke.
2013, May 4 – Promoted to Wiki Administrator by Glowsquid.
2014, February 2 – Resigned from his staff positions and semi-retired from the community.
2015 – Didn't access the wiki or forums all year: he finished school instead!
2016, July 4 – Rejoined the 'Shroom and Wiki Staff.
2016, November 2 – Had his name changed to Shokora.
2017, January 7 – Promoted to Wiki Bureaucrat, and became a Local Moderator on the forums.

Mario Awards

YoshiKong has won first place in the following awards for the annual MarioWiki Anniversary.


  • S3 – Favorite Sub-Director/Leading Staff
  • S6 – Favorite New Writer


<Shoey> now that i'm not an admin you have to take over checking over the fa's for me
<YK> I sure will.
<Shoey> you better or else i'll steal all your cookies and the kong half of you
<YK> Then I'll just be Yoshi no Cookie, get it?
<Shoey> I hate you yoshikong

YoshiKong and Shoey on the MarioWiki Forums

<YK>: I'm too shy.
<Yoshi876>: We're all shy, but sometimes we just have to dive in
<YK>: But I don't like the temperature of the water.
<Yoshi876>: Then slowly put your toe, followed by the rest of the body
<YK>: I think I'll just sunbake.

YoshiKong and Yoshi876 on the MarioWiki Forums.

<YoshiKong>: what's my favourite Billy Joel song
<YoshiKong>: hm
<SMB>: Sing us a song, you're the YoshiKong!
<SMB>: Sing us a song tonight!

YoshiKong and SMB in #mwchat.

<YoshiKong>: Sounds like a fair way to go in such situations. I support the idea.
<Crocodile Dippy>: the fuck are you doing awake past midnight go to bed
<YoshiKong>: But coffee mate, it's insane.
<Tucayo>I support the idea and YK going to bed. These kids nowadays.
<YoshiKong>: My bedtime is when your girlfriend rolls over SNAP.
<Tucayo>: BUUUUURN

YoshiKong and some other 'Shroom staff, discussing the finer points of wiki politics.


YoshiKong wrote a story at four in the morning in #mwchat, titled "YK and the Curious Catastrophes of His New School", which is based on a real-life event. On the MarioWiki Forums, YoshiKong co-wrote with GBAToad a fictional story about a luxury cruiseliner where MarioWiki Admins spend their free time. It is titled "Admin Cruise Ship: the exclusive tour of a secret luxury liner".


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