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Shy Guy Forever

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"What is Love Lick?" - Shy Guy Forever asking NEXandGBX a question

Shy Guy Forever, also known as Shy Guy and SGF, is a Mario Boards user. He joined on March 24, 2014 at exactly 05:05:04 PM. He has since then become an extremely active user on Mario Boards. He spends most of his time at Mario Boards in Mindless Junk. His favorite Mario character is Shy Guy, while his least favorite is Rosalina.

Appearances in Fan-Fictions

NEXandGBX Adventures

Shy Guy Forever is a major reccuring character in NEXandGBX's comic, NEXandGBX Adventures. He is in a majority of episodes, often being caught-up into NEX's Misadventures.

Almond Factory

Shy Guy was an Ally in Mason's comic Almond Factory before Mason decided to cancel it. He is the one who overhears Fawfulthegreat64's plans to kill Anton. He then warns Anton, only to get reminded about his restraining order.

Nysic's Mail Tales

Shy Guy appears in Episode 3 of Nysic's comic, Nysic's Mail Tales. He is shown living with NEXandGBX after being kicked out of Rustbro City. In said episode he also orders the Shitposter 3000.

Mario Boards: The Awakening

Shy Guy is one of the main characters in his fanfiction Mario Boards: The Awakening. He appears in Issue 1 alongside NEXandGBX and Smasher.

How the Grinch was too lazy to steal Christmas

Shy Guy makes a very brief appearance in Panel 2 of the first part.

Impenting Destruction

Shy Guy makes a brief appearance in Episode 1, telling Nysic and NEXandGBX that they should stop shitposting so much.

Dragon Problem

Timetoduel3 708.gif

Timetoduel3 775.gif

Shy Guy briefly appears in issues 47 and 49 of DragonFreak's comic Dragon Problem. He appears once in an alley with NEXandGBX, and again in a shot with many other users, both of which can be seen above.


  • Shy Guy Forever's favorite Video Game at this time is Super Smash Bros. Wii U
  • He is one of the biggest Mindless Junk contributers.
  • Anton filed a Restraining Order against him in Almond factory.
  • His favorite Mario character is Shy Guy.
  • His current rank is Power Star.
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