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Rank User (Power Star)
Gender Female
Allies Kyouko Kirigiri, Len Kagamine, Villager, Nene Amano, Leafeon, Umi Sonoda, Lily, Smasher, Lakituthequick, Baby Mario Bloops, Neptune99, FireEevee, DragonFreak, Rin Kagamine, RandomYoshi, Stargazing, Bowser45, Cirdec
Likes Super Mario Boards, My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Super High School Level Dangan Ronpa, Vocaloid, Mafia Games, Yuri On Ice, Super Mario Paper and Galaxy series
Age 20


Smg2daisy is currently a user in Super Mario Boards, Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia. She is always active in the forums, and try her best to contribute for the community. She is an artist of sketch drawings, and always post her drawings at the forums. She created her first comic The Adventure For Us. The name "Smg2daisy" comes from "Super Mario Galaxy 2" and one of her favourite character, Daisy. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of her earliest games when she started playing Mario games. But she didn't play Mario games because her parents said that video games are a waste of time and ask her to use the time to study and house chores.

However, after she left her home and stay alone due to college, she has a new New Nintendo 3DS XL and she plays her games whenever she wants. But unfortunately, she doesn't have a television for a WiiU, and she can't afford a WiiU. Her current life is full of assignments, which she will do it before the lecturer says about it, and she always manage to finish all her stuff early so she can use the remaining time to have fun with the community. Now she studies contemporary music, this makes her college subjects fun because all she wants are about music, and get rid of those calculation-related subjects. She can make lead sheets, compose songs, and use music notation softwares to sequence music tracks. Her list of work might be shown in the future.

Before The Internet Life

Too many bastards in real life.

Len Kagamine, in the forums

In real life, Smg2daisy lives in Malaysia and she is a Chinese girl. Unlike the others, she didn't play Mario games since she was small. In her childhood, she manage to get good results but her actions in the school made no one wanted to be friends with her. One of her bad memories were her class monitor told her to win in the Sports Day to earn a friendship with her class monitor. And yet, she failed. As a result, she likes to talk with her teachers more than her classmates. But this life changed when her brother got a Wii, and she started her life with Mario games. Due to the difficult Mario game levels, the beginning of her internet life started.

Super Mario Wiki

Everything started at 12 June, 2012. When she was trying to get some information about Super Mario Galaxy 2 due to the difficult levels, she clicked the "create account" button just for fun. She just got her phone about a month and was completely a rookie of internet stuff. Besides that, due to her bad English, she accidentally created an account for herself with Smg2daisy as her username. She doesn't know what a user should do so she just leave it. She doesn't did many edits because her knowledge about Mario are less. Sometimes she even think why she created an account for herself.

Super Mario Boards

She saw this place from the Google, there was a topic called "Make Your Own Mario Character!", which is from Fan Creations. She was so naive and believed that the character will be used in the future Mario games because she don't know that Super Mario Boards is a place for users in Super Mario Wiki. At 24 June of 2012, she was sitting on a chair of the shopping mall, using her phone to create an account for herself. After she made her first post at the topic, she was once leave her account, but after a couple weeks she started to post at there and after a few months, she started playing mafias and meet with her friends. For her, the time she used for the forums are the greatest because she started to know what she really likes. Later, she started to draw what she likes and post at her gallery. Her drawings can be seen at Smg2daisy's Gallery. Until the March of 2013, she was offered a job for The 'Shroom, Sketch Related With Mario. Now she is currently hyperactive at the forums, join mafias, User Big Brother, User Total Drama Action, User Total World Tour and User Survivor. She knew about My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, Super High School Level Dangan Ronpa and Vocaloid from there, and become a huge fan of them.

But sadly, her job in The 'Shroom didn't last long because the little section no longer exists. She still have other stuff to do though. This place gives her a lot of new, cool stuff, which she would never get it in real life. When the annually MarioWiki Awards come, she always try her best to participate into tournaments and contribute in Presentations. Although her writing sucks, she uses her art skills to impress people in the Presentations.


Mafia games. She loves it and hates it at the same time. When she plays them, she enjoyed it so much and those memories keep in her heart like treasures. But when it comes to hosting mafias... The first game was My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic ... Again? Mafia. It was totally a failure because the roles were unbalanced, and the size of the game was too big for a newbie like her. People dropped out from the game, she had no idea how to finish it and she still finished it like trash. The past was awful and the second mafia was not good either, Mafia Of Me. This was created when an idiot confessed to her, and she was naive enough to use a mafia game to decide the fate of this relationship. Finally, the power of love was too much for her to continue the game and she canceled it. As for the third mafia, Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mafia, the roles were okay but the outcome was not what as expected from her. When people don't saw any problems from that, she realized that as a host, she made a terrible mistake: She thought she as a host can help a faction to determine who will win for her desire. Thus, she used some time to control herself, stopped herself from being a dumbass and finally, she started another mafia, The World Of Magic Mafia.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

My Little Pony is not for girls only

Len Kagamine

This is one of the faces she saw when she arrived here.

When she came to the forums, she saw a ton of pony faces from others avatars. She couldn't believe that boys like ponies and she decided to find out the reason. She viewed the topic about My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, and watched the episodes of the show.

When she watched the first episode of the first season, Friendship Is Magic Part 1, she was attracted by the artwork of the ponies. The plot of the story, personality of the characters and the consept had made her addicted of the shows and become a brony. Now, she had watched all the episodes and waiting until Season 5 comes.

She loves the characters including the mane six, Spike, all the pets (Although Angel is a derp, but it is cute), Derpy Hooves, all the princesses and Shining Armor. Even the villains are not annoyed by her. The only character that she doesn't like is Diamond Tiara because she is a bitch.

She was once installed My Little Pony Game by Gameloft and played the game. The gimmicks of the game are interesting but sometimes she have to ask for Social Hearts and Treasure Chests. Usually she will ask from one of the users who loves the show, Smashgoom202. But now she could not open the game after she updated the game, so she ragequit and uninstalled it. Luckily, the major bugs has been fixed so she had to start over again, with more game gimmicks along it.

And she doesn't hate Equestria Girls because Twilight Sparkle is still beautiful in human form. Sunset Shimmer became her recent favorite because of the plot that Hasbro made. Seriously, they want to make Flash Sentry as a shit.

Super High School Level Dangan Ronpa Series

How about Chiaki Nanami eaten by Kirby?

Len Kagamine, in Super Mario Boards Dangan Ronpa Discussion thread
Her avatar when she changed her username to Kyouko Kirigiri.

Besides all pony faces everywhere, she remember there was a user called "Yasuhiro Hagakure" (currently MrConcreteDonkey) and she thought this is what he called and thought he has a good name. But when the second series had started, everyone in the forums started a Dangan Ronpa craze again. Then she knew that it is a PSP game and watched the first series in a month. She was amused by the story plot which the students being locked in a school and a mutual killing life happened among the students because a robot bear who is called Monobear. Her favourite characters are Kyouko Kirigiri, Junko Enoshima, Chihiro Fujisaki (First series) and Chiaki Nanami (Second series).

Below is a list of Users involved in the Dangan Ronpa craze:

User Character Talent
Smasher Peko Pekoyama Swordsman
Lily Nagito Komaeda Luck
Nabber Gundam Tanaka Breeder
Rocker64 Sonia Nevermind Princess
Yoshi K Nekomaru Nidai Coach
Master Crash Akane Owari Gymnast
NSY, Superchao Hajime Hinata Unknown
Epic Nitwit Hiyoko Saiyonji Classical Dancer
Mariomaster15 Ibuki Mioda Rock Musician
RandomYoshi, Fantanoice Chiaki Nanami Gamer
MrConcreteDonkey Yasuhiro Hagakure Fortune Teller
Smg2daisy, Mr. Edo Kyouko Kirigiri Detective
2257 Makoto Naegi Good Luck
Hypnotoad Mahiru Koizumi Photographer


Her avatar when she changed her name to Len.

Vocaloid is a computer program and is currently popular because of Hatsune Miku. Actually it is not popular in the forums, but she started to listen the songs because there was a user called Rin Kagamine who is a huge fan of Vocaloid. So Smg2daisy started to listen some popular songs such as World Is Mine, Daughter Of Evil, Meltdown and more. Len Kagamine is her personal favorite Vocaloid singer, and she uses Len Kagamine as her avatar, Username and signature. She likes his song "Servant Of Evil " more than other songs. Sometimes, you can see her discussing Vocaloid songs with Lakituthequick in the "What are you listening now?" thread. Besides, she drew some drawings about them too. She wishes that she have their box art but it is quite hard to owe one.


In her childhood, Pokémon is just having Pikachu as a mascot with Ash and his friends. But when Pokémon X and Y was announced, she started to be curious as a lot of users decided to buy it. So, so decided to give it a try and get Pokémon X as her first Pokémon game. She didn't choose Pokémon Y because she preferred Xerneas more than Yveltal. Then, she started her journey into the Pokémon world and learning them... After the game, she liked trades more than battles. She also have her own goal to make her Pokémons reached Level 100. And she made it. Besides that, she collected all legendaries through GTS and trading, including shiny legendaries. However, there are legendaries that can't be shiny, so she is happy with the legendaries she have now. Sometimes she even have too much extra legendaries to deal with...

Love Live! School Idol Project

This is the only big deal that she's up with, but she didn't had this theme as her avatar in Mario Boards. Back when people started this meme, she started to watch this anime series, Love Live! School Idol Project. At first she just treated this anime like other animes, like nothing happened after finishing it. But since October of 2015, Lily made a thread of sharing this game user's ID, which was Love Live! School Idol Project. She was aware of a rhythm tapping game with Love Live! themed, but she thought it was always a fan-made video. She realised that this thing is canon. Since then, she install the English version, and 3 weeks later the Japanese version came to her phone too. Now she's extremely obsessive with this game with it's gimmicks, events and the competition. Gonna to have a full collection of your imaginary all full set of your waifus? Then get the heck out your phone, tablet and install this game already! Also Maki is best girl, Nico, Hanayo and Nozomi are in Tier 2, others remain Tier 3 and HONKERS is nerfed.


In the wonderful land of Super Mario Boards, she meet a bunch of users who are friends to her.

Due to a large amount of people that are deserved to be mentioned, she becomes lazy to elaborate about all of them.





Mr. Edo



Baby Mario Bloops









Chibiki Daisy



Current Work In Userpedia

The Adventure For Us

Five Red Stars



This is a quite interesting part for her life. She hates them and loves them. So, her life conflicts... this is a joke. Why she studies music if she hates it anyway? Basically these type of songs are her favorite. For Vocaloid songs, see above. For others, view below.

Mario Galaxy Orchestra, The Legend Of Zelda: Symphony Of The Goddesses

They are from the Nintendo gaming series and yet wonderful orchestra music. The Mario Galaxy Orchestra takes her attention when she plays Super Mario Galaxy 2. She learns music for years, and wish to join orchestra groups. So everytime she listens to those epic musics, she is amused and dips herself into the world of music, with her ears covered by earphones. The Zelda Symphony was knewn by her recently, when Baby Mario Bloops made a thread in the boards about the concert. Things are being epic all the time and she drown herself into the sea of music again. Attend the concert has become one of her things need to do in her life. Zelda Symphony seems to be more interesting for her because there are vocals in it. Being a soprano is her dream in her life.

FanMade Pony Songs

These are being interesting because of the funny lyrics and great melody. Sometimes she can just sing it when walking around in the school since nobody cares about her. Sources included from Friendship Is Witchcraft, ponyphonic.


  1. Her favorite color is purple.
  2. She hates anything related with calculations.
  3. She got her New Nintendo 3DS XL form her boyfriend.
  4. In real life, she had no idea why she gave her first hug to a boy who has quite fellings to her. She regrets.
  5. She takes the responsibility to take care all canon ships in the community so they won't sink.
  6. She freaking makes songs and plans to make an album with herself and others being the singers.
  7. She loves music, drawing and playing.
  8. She always dreamed to ask her user buddies to Malaysia and she will be the travel guide.
  9. She always wear jeans and barely wear skirts (Except school uniforms). She only wear it when she had to take her piano practical exam.
  10. She has a bar called Mindless Junk Bar.

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