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Fire won't be enough... Fire doesn't kill evil!

Snack, on the subject of Hinimizawa.
Paper Mario style SnackServ .
Member of: Userpedia, Super Mario Wiki, MarioWiki Forums, The Encyclopedia of Uniju, The Xephyr Board, among others
Rank User
Species Ninji
Join date July 7th 2007 (Userpedia), July 15th (Super Mario Wiki)
Gender Male
Allies Uniju, Master Lucario, Pokemon DP, Toadbert101, Plumber, Beanbean, Guiliant
Enemies RudnickiMarioX06, KP Shadow, Elvira, Clear Discoherency (Previously)
Relatives stadro (father), Uniju (brother)
Likes Anime, Mecha anime, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Music, Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Linguistics
Dislikes 90% of moemoe, Emoism, Noobism, "Shipping"
Aliases Snack, Breadstick, ?!, Snack?!, Clow_Reed, Snackserv Wing, various other chat aliases
Age 16

SnackServ or just Snack is a user on the MarioWiki. Notably, he joined Userpedia before he joined the MarioWiki, because he arrived in a time known as the Wiki Drought when the MarioWiki was offline due to server troubles. He joined July 7th, 2007 on Userpedia and July 15th on MarioWiki. He was persuaded to join the Wiki because of Uniju, who told him much about the community there before Snack joined. His most notable alias is "Snack" which for a long period he used as his main username, although he currently goes by SnackServ.

SnackServ does not consider himself to have a personality.


Wiki World

SnackServ at first was a down on his luck Ninji fry cook, and somehow the brother of Uniju, a robot. In a mad attempt to take over the world, he tried serving poisoned food, but was foiled by several users who tried to eat both of him. SnackServ made a getaway by stealing Uniju's car. SnackServ meanwhile stayed on Cookie Island in self reflection.

Later, SnackServ returned to the MarioWiki, where he was cleared of all criminal charges possibly because no one remembered who he was, and somehow managed to come to own a top floor residence in Diamond Tower in New Wikisburg, where he lived during the events of his awards presentation in 2008 and those of Kakumei. By 2009 he had moved to a house in the suburbs where he most notably hosted a barbecue on the fourth of July that Pokemon DP, Grapes, and likely some others attended.

Real Life

First Half Year

SnackServ was introduced to the MarioWiki in 2007 by his younger brother Uniju, who spoke often of the MarioWiki community. He first arrived on the MarioWiki chatroom, planning to annoy Uniju in retribution for an argument they had that day. He then made up the original version of SnackServ and his origin story, and played it out on the chatroom, afterward joining Userpedia, then hosted on Editthis, just to write it down. He decided his appearance arbitrarily soon after; When having Uniju make him sprites, he decided to be a winged Ninji.

SnackServ and Uniju quickly became well known members of the community, although Uniju was largely the better known and more active one, such as creating The Lost Adventures, the prototypical Wiki sprite comic. Not long after The Lost Adventures, SnackServ made his own comic patterned on it, Legends of the Fallenstar, which, during it's heyday in late 2007, was possibly the most popular and well liked sprite comic on the Wiki, notably being the favorite comic of the well respected Glowsquid (At the time known as Blitzwing). It was at this time that SnackServ's activity and popularity peaked. After this, both became to go downhill at a steady rate.

Chat Operator

On May 16th, 2008, Glowsquid, after saying he would do something shocking, opped Snack in the MarioWiki Chatroom. He stated that Snack was being considered as an operator to replace Toadbert101, Girrrtacos, and Shroobario. However, Snack did not really consider himself an operator as Glowsquid was the only person who ever opped him and he rarely used his powers. He was later said to have been demoted by Porplemontage.

2008 and 2009

SnackServ retained a medium profile throughout 2008, producing several Fallenstar chapters and frequenting the chatroom and both the MarioWiki and Userpedia forums. During this time he successfully hosted two awards presentation in August, as well as a third on short notice after RedFire Mario failed to arrive. After leaving the MarioWiki forum and beginning to exclusively frequent the Userpedia forum, which subsequently began to die off, SnackServ became less and less active, probably reaching his lowest rate of activity some time in late 2008 or early 2009.

In mid 2009, SnackServ has become more active and involved in the Wiki community again, especially after beginning to frequent The Xephyr Board, something of a hideout for those such as Uniju and Pokemon DP who had left the MarioWiki and Userpedia or were banned from them. He successfully hosted two awards at the second Userpedia Awards and one at the third Mario Awards, as well as composing an unofficial ending piece to the ceremony after A30 was presented. He is currently a semi regular user on the MarioWiki Chatroom and on The Xephyr Board, and returned to the MarioWiki Forum for the third Mario Awards.



While SnackServ and Uniju are brothers and share many interests in common, they often do not get along well. Particularly, they have disputes arising when the other gets banned or takes actions which the other feels may get the, banned, as they live in the same house and thus share the same IP address, so if one of them is banned the other frequently will be as well. Other disputes between them often involve differing tastes in anime, and their debates over communism and lolicon. SnackServ often thinks of his opinions as being similar to Uniju's but in a more mild form.

Crocodile Dippy

As Crocodile Dippy has for years been Uniju's closest friend and ally on the MarioWiki, SnackServ has often associated with Dippy. Unlike Uniju, SnackServ has not had any open rivalries with Dippy of the kind Uniju and Dippy had in 2007, but has been known to disagree with Dippy on matters such as taste in music. SnackServ considers Dippy a friend, but also considers him to often be something of Uniju's sidekick and less likely to look at a situation with the absolute neutrality that SnackServ often strives for. Unlike Dippy, SnackServ is not a Unijuist.


SnackServ's signature close range weapon, and one of the few pieces of equipment he always has on hand. In appearance just an everyday spatula for cooking, but it is actually somewhat different in design. For starters, it is thicker and made from titanium instead of plastic or lightweight metal, and has a sharp edge for cutting. It also has a clearly defined separation between the hilt and blade that gives the bottom half of the weapon a sword-like appearance.

Whereas the Ironhammer Spatula has a set of subtle modifications from an everyday spatula, the Fangtooth's main design change is major and completely alters the appearance. The basic design and material of construction is very similar to the Ironhammer, but it is shorter and painted darker. The main change is the addition of two sharp points on the head of the spatula for stabbing.

SnackServ's signature ranged weapon, the Cookie Shuriken is made out of a sharpened (???) cookie made to look like a shuriken, or ninja star.

SnackServ also owns two short swords, one of which is straight, and the other of which is curved, resembling a small katana, kunai knives, and a very large sword taller than an average human.

In Media

As he is a very well known user, SnackServ has made numerous appearances in media on the Wiki, a selection of the most major is listed here. SnackServ doesn't pay much attention to most media on the Wiki however, so many appearances have likely slipped his mind. If you know something he doesn't you are highly encouraged to add as much info as you feel required here.

SnackServ in Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, SnackServ's first appearance in a comic, he joins Porplemontage's search party and later forms his own after Porplemontage is killed. His own search party had Gir Killer2, Kelt, A Link to the Past and Bobbyyobby on it.

SnackServ in The Lost Adventures

In The Lost Adventures, SnackServ was a member of the GreenMoon, and a former student of Ryuukage. He first appeared with a non speaking role in issue #9, and has a major role in issue #10, were he is revealed to be working with Haunt. He then convinced his old teacher to open the gate into Quantum Space for him, and Snack enters Quantum Space with Haunt. He continued to work alongside Haunt in his later appearances.

SnackServ in The Shadow Chronicles

In The Shadow Chronicles, SnackServ appeared as an infected User in Leet Town. He attacked Xzelion and Agent DP by tossing some Bob-ombs that were stolen from Master Crash, their hostage. Later on, he appeared during DP's battle with YellowYoshi, doing the same thing he did before; tossing Bob-ombs down from above. He was defeated when DP used Thunder Bolt on him and YellowYoshi. He was later seen infiltrating the Dark Team's headquarters and attempting to steal one of the Fantasy Gems, but failed and the Dark Team recovered the gem. His motives for the betrayal are unknown.

SnackServ in Legends of the Fallenstar

In SnackServ's own comic series, Legends of the Fallenstar, SnackServ himself was one of the main hero characters, traveling with Master Crash, 3Dejong, and Max2. He first appears after taking a wrong turn trying to get to Uniju's Realm for Uniju's birthday party, but wound up in Leet Town, were he overheard Son of Suns mention the meteor, and told the other main characters, who then decided to view the meteor strike from the Leet Hills. SnackServ was later seen at Uniju's party, were he confronted two Toads who attempted to kill him, and was the first one to discover the shape shifting aliens after the Toad that attacked him failed to hit him. However, Uniju only saw the end of the fight, and thought that SnackServ was a terrorist, and locked him up with Max2 and 3Dejong. SnackServ was then seen being set free along with the other two captives by Xzelion.

SnackServ continued to fight alongside 3D, Crash, and Max2 throughout the Battle of Uniju's Realm, but did not play a major role in the fighting. Upon returning to New Wikisburg with his friends, he was named part of the official Team Fallenstar by Phoenix Rider as their mechanic. Along with Burt, he was responsible for getting the Fallenstar ship airworthy and was in the engine compartment throughout the ship's first sortie, presumably keeping the engine in order during combat.

SnackServ in Master Wikians

In Master Wikians, SnackServ appeared as a villain character. He made his debut in the second Chapter, Still of the Night, attempting to hack into the Bureaucrat files from a military base. Upon learning that, even in this base, the password remains hidden, he attempted to "beat" the password out of the only two Users, besides Porplemontage, who know the password; Xzelion and MarioBros777. He was planned to make an appearance in the Chapter, Back in Black, again in a villainous role. SnackServ in Master Wikians had the ability to merge with the shadows; something that helps him sneak into the aforementioned base.

SnackServ in Kakumei

In Uniju's comic Kakumei, SnackServ was a major character on the Mariopedia side. He was a member of a clan of Ninji mercenaries and a mech pilot for Mariopedia. He piloted a specially modified Iron Reaper mech named the Vulture, which he customized further over the course of his usage of it. He first appeared in issue 2, living in New Wikisburg, when Mariopedia attempts to kidnap him to become part of the army. SnackServ escapes by jumping from his house on the top floor of Diamond Tower at the end of the comic.

He later ended up joining Mariopedia, and after only minimal training his synchronization ration was a perfect 50%. After an unfortunate incident involving kicking Beanbean in the end after a training mission, he was assigned to the "Starcross" team led by Son of Suns.

SnackServ in Uniju Holiday Theater

In Uniju's most recent comic, the episodic Uniju Holiday Theater, SnackServ is the third most major character behind Uniju himself and DarkHero Sonic the Dark, and appears in every story. In the Halloween story, he was the Ghost of Halloweens Past, using a TARDIS to take Uniju back to Halloween 1997, blowing up his house in the process. In the Christmas story, he was the narrator, and in the comic itself was attacked by DHS for trying to ruin Christmas, before stopping Super-Yoshi from killing Santa when it turned out that Super-Yoshi and DHS were in the employ of an organization named "ITSAIU" intending to kill Santa to stop him from interfering with their galactic domination plans. In the end, SnackServ delivered presents while Uniju defeated ITSAIU.

In the fourth of July / American Independence Day story, SnackServ hosted a barbecue at his new suburban house, throwing out Uniju, DHS, and King Boo (Master Lucario) for arriving uninvited and planning to annoy him about how he cooked the burgers. He later appeared in Uniju's living room, admitting to spoiling Uniju's comic on Twitter and pleading Uniju not to kill the policeman who killed the Shift who apparently killed DHS, believing the Shift to be a terrorist. When the revived DHS tries to kill Uniju however, SnackServ attacks DHS, but fails, hitting his head and apparently being contacted by God in Arabic. At the end of the story, he watches (stolen) fireworks from his porch with Uniju and DHS.

In the Unijü Hølidäy Thëatre - One Year Anniversary Hällóween MMIX episode, SnackServ woke Uniju up "A couple days" before "Hälloween" while "Takin' it easy". He was later accused of being part of a conspiracy to kill Uniju by DHS, and fights DHS in Super Smash Brothers' Final Destination while Uniju eats his Halloween candy at home. He reappears in the Magical Greenery Day Adventure, in which he is visiting New Jersey when Massachusetts is flooded by Groden. He is interviewed on the TV news by RedFire Mario and criticizes a supposed plan by Senator Scott Brown to use "Big sponges" to soak up the water, for which he is thrown off the air. He briefly reappears, watching RFM's news show when Uniju's arrest is announced, telling Owlgirl8 (Who was stuck in a well) to watch the TV. In the Terrible Tome of Halloween 2010, he appears with Uniju. DHS, and Toadbert on his porch, where he mentions he refuses to wear a costume because it was hard enough to breathe in his ninja suit. In the The Argentinean Beef Ribs Day Disaster, SnackServ hides from Uniju in his barbecue, who had been prank calling everyone to wish them a happy "Holiday" and yell "RIBS RIBS RIBS RIBS RIBS". He later appears at Uniju's "Funeral", and when Uniju appears, he offers to use his TARDIS to take Uniju back a week to finish the comic, which Uniju declines.

In Cruddily Crafted Christmas Chronicle SnackServ again appears in a major role after making several minor appearances. DHS goes to Snack's house to find someone to celebrate Christmas with, but Snack rebukes him, saying he "Already has a dumb hedgehog to spend holidays with"; his alternate universe self who implored him to save his dimension. After Uniju, DHS, Groden, and Super-Yoshi are transported to the alternate universe, Uniju meets Snack at his alternate self's house, finding it is Halloween instead of Christmas; Snack is attempting to defeat an evil lord who hates Halloween. After Groden floods the dimension, Snack suggest they sail to the final boss before returning home, but realizes they would be unable to get experience and level up because the flood would've killed the mid-boss. When he texts the final boss and finds out that he couldn't get his car out of the garage in the flood, so Snack, Uniju, and Groden just pick up lunch at Subway and go back home, leaving DHS and Super-Yoshi behind.


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