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Solar Blaze

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Solar Blaze
Rank 2-Point List
  • 1: Autopatrolled
  • 2: Poll Committee
Join date 5-Point List
  • 1: July 4, 2008
Gender Male
Likes Video games, computers, cartoons, anime, etc.
Specialty/Most Active Writing and expanding articles.
Aliases SolarBlaze, Solar Man, Bass (pronounced "base" like the music term), Ballade, Krazy Monkey, Enker, Doom Phantom, Zoycite, Blaze the Cat, Mystical Ninja, Mephiles (pronounced "Meh-fill-iss") the Dark, Nitro Man, Forte, RKN-003, Doctor Nega, Classic Sonic, Nack the Weasel, RKN-001, Mighty the Armadillo, Burning Blaze, Knuckles the Echidna, Bat King Antasma, Berkana, Sigma
Age Youngest to Oldest
  • Real World: 28
  • Wiki World: N/A
Personal information Real Life Info
  • Real name: Donte'
  • Date of Birth: 11/27/1987

Solar Blaze (alternatively spelt as SolarBlaze), also known as Mystical Ninja and Krazy Monkey at other places, is a former Sysop (19 April, 2009 - 28 April, 2011) and former Patroller (4 February, 2009 - 19 April, 2009) on MarioWiki. He is relatively quiet, and a hard worker. He does a lot of work on the Paper Mario articles. So far, he has not created a user page.


SolarBlaze first registered at the Super Mario Wiki in July 4, 2008. He was quite active, making many edits a day, since he had a lot of free time on his hands. Several months later, all of his hard work earned him a promotion. Stooben Rooben promoted him to a Patroller (19:31, 4 February 2009), After that, he was invited to the forums, and gained special access to a secret forum, which only Patrollers, Sysops, and Bureaucrats can see. From that day on, SolarBlaze became a regular poster on the forums. Two months later, SolarBlaze was once again promoted by Stooben Rooben, and became a Sysop (23:40, 19 April 2009). Up to this day, SolarBlaze continues expanding articles (mostly the Paper Mario-related ones, as stated above), and usually tries his best for them to earn Featured Article status. On July 7, 2010, SolarBlaze was given an invitation by Super Mario Bros. and Stooben Rooben to become a member of the Poll Committee, and he accepted it. He was recently demoted to Autopatrolled by request.


It Began With a Dream

SolarBlaze's very first appearance in user fan-fiction was in Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream. In the story SolarBlaze is mentioned as being one of the most heroic and protective sysops along with Phoenix Rider but eventually, those two both disappeared together. The rest of the sysops then had to mourn their losses.

The Puppetmaster

SolarBlaze made his first physical appearance in Hemu's story The Puppetmaster where he, along with Tucayo, is guarding the entrance to the MarioWiki when he sees a cloaked figure. He uses Checkuser on the figure but it does not have an IP. Then the figure sends out its puppets and SolarBlaze tries to defeat them by using his sword but there are too many and he retreats along with Tucayo.

The Three Mushketeers

SolarBlaze starred in the sprite comic, The Three Mushketeers, alongside Gamefreak75, Gupdoo (Jesus Freak), Mason, and Neptune99. In this story, Princess Peach was kidnapped by Bowser once again, but Mario and Luigi weren't available to rescue her that time around, since they were busy saving Princess Daisy in Sarasaland. Instead, Mason, SolarBlaze, and Gupdoo, were sent in their place.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Solar Blaze makes a short cameo in Episode 9 of The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, watching the building of Jorge's show get dropped from the sky and land.


  • SolarBlaze has been playing Mario games (and video games in general) since he was two years old, starting with Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Although he shares the same name as a weapon from the Mega Man series, it's merely a coincidence. SolarBlaze's username was based off of the Sonic the Hedgehog character, Blaze the Cat.
    • Similarly, his username, "Krazy Monkey" came from a fighting technique used in the anime series, Dragon Ball. The word "crazy" was spelt with a "K" to make a reference to the Donkey Kong Country series.
  • SolarBlaze is an African American.


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