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Son of Suns

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Son of Suns
Sun of Suns

Son of Suns (or SoS), is a former Sysop, (30 May, 2006-27 June, 2007, 24 August, 2007-27 March, 2008, and 19 November,2008-), and former Bureaucrat, (January 11, 2009-7 April 2009), of the Super Mario Wiki, until his resignation and one of the most contributing users, along with Sir Grodus. Due to him and Sir Grodus, the wiki has many excellent articles. He is also a Communist, and his views have been lampooned by Plumber as a double criticism of both Stalinism and McCarthyism. He is idolized by many users, including Master Crash, which led him to win the Favorite Retired User Award in Awards Show II.


Regardless of what happens, I win. Simply because my proposal is getting Son of Sons all worked up."
"Just wait until I start moving all articles here to a new wiki. ;)

Ghost Jam and Son of Suns

When A Link to the Past returned, he complained and asked Wayoshi to delete the Featured Article pages, which Wayoshi did. Son of Suns was shocked by this and announced his retirement. He later came back for the Anniversary. After Knife contacted Son of Suns and asked him to return, Son of Suns did. After his un-retirement he edited quite a bit and jump started the Featured Articles. However when he saw Ghost Jam's infamous "Pie Proposal", he said something about "moving articles to another wiki". He occasionally visits, and has since been demoted from Sysop-hood because of his inactivity. On June 16, he made a quick edit to the "Master (Title)" and then left once again. On November 19th, he came back again, and became a Bureaucrat. He later retired again.



Son of Suns was originally a Vice Chief of the MarioWiki State Police, but Xzelion was replaced after a disastrous war against Trollsboro, and SoS became the new chief. Son of Suns radically enlarged the State Police, hoping to win glory by using it to successfully invade Trollsboro. But Porplemontage forbade him from doing so, which greatly depressed Son of Suns. He eventually became a radical communist and used the MWSP to suppress the populace, until it became feared and nicknamed the MarioWiki Secret Police.


Master Wikians

Son of Suns appeared in a short spin-off comic from Master Wikians in which he retires from the Wiki to start life anew in Frozen Farc with his wife. However, his powers begin to develop just as they transfer and it slowly poison his wife, although neither realize until she reaches the point where she cannot be cured. This realization made SoS lose control of his powers and destroy the hospital, whereupon he acknowledges how dangerous he is and decides to take residence in his cousin's cabin where he'll be completely secluded, save for his cousin's pet Yoshi, Josef.

While searching for resources, he gets caught in a vicious blizzard where, by chance, he finds Grandy02 and drags him to a nearby cave. He uses his powers to heat up the cave, but loses control and almost explodes until Grandy wakes up and shoots him. He wakes up in a prison where he's greeted by Storm Yoshi, who explains that he's being held in a containment center of The Alliance to gain control of his powers; in return, he has to work with the group to find and contain more dangerous super-powered users. He agrees to the arrangement and is sent on his first mission the following week; he, Phoenix Rider and Peachycakes 3.14 set out to capture Fly Guy 2, which turned out to be a particularly easy job.

He was meant to become a major character in the main series, but the comic was canceled not long after his spin-off chapter.

Awards Show

Son of Suns appeared as the announcer for A30: Favorite Game in Mario Awards Show I, but never got to present the role due to the Award being hijacked by Peachycakes, and Willy on Wheels. During the Awards Show II, he won U10: Favorite Retired User. When Flutter attempted to interview him, he remembered why he left MarioWiki the second time: Porplemontage had placed The Communist Manifesto in the Fantasy section of the Wikisburg bookstore. Enraged, Son of Suns destroyed the show with a huge bob-omb, Tsar Bomba, after rambling about capitalist imperialism. In Awards Show III, he was introduced as the head of the MarioWiki State Police (MWSP), the secret police force of MarioWiki. He was shown to be planning The Revolution in MWSP HQ, hidden behind a Wal Marx store in New Wikisburg near Trollsboro.


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