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Rank User MarioWiki
Sysop Userpedia
Chatroom Op
Species Hedgehog
Join date September 2007 (MarioWiki), November 2007 (Userpedia)
Gender Male
Allies Paper Jorge, Super-Yoshi, RedFire Mario, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Shroobario, Necromorph, Palkia47, and more
Likes Sonic games, Mario games, Smash Bros. games, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic etc.
Aliases SM
Age 25

"I'm going to guess Jorge is going to have alot of problems with relationships once High School starts for him xP. I can already see the slap marks on his face..." "...Don't encourage it happening."

SonicMario and Jorge on chat

Be a man, Jorge!

Jorge and SonicMario on chat after Bean left

SonicMario is a user of the Super Mario Wiki. His younger brother is Necromorph (Otherwise known as Crypt, previously as Minimariolover10). He tends to be on the quiet side, usually only speaking in chat when spoken to or having something to respond to or mention. This is mainly caused by his Aspergers syndrome, a type of autism shared with other users such as Ninten and others. He is most active in chat, and has been around there for more then a year. He is also one of the many chat operators of the main chat and several others such as #userpedia, #paperchat (In which he is the current owner), and #shroobs. He is described as a blue hedgehog wearing fitting Mario plumber clothes, thus his name.



Prior to being a Member, SonicMario was a member of the SmashWorld forums. A forum for the popular Smash Bros. series in which he speculated about brawl with other unknown users of the forums. He mainly backed his favorite 3rd party character Sonic the Hedgehog for the game. Which in October of 2007 was confirmed. Rumor has it that he even started and led a group to support Sonic on the forums.

Scribblewiki Era

During the time he was on the forums, SonicMario joined the MarioWiki but however was more active on Smashboards then the wiki. Later he would also join Userpedia but still wasn't too active. He progressively started to get more active (And less active on Smashboards) on the wiki, and he first came to chat in February of 2008. The release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and his surge of activeness in Userpedia further made him inactive on his former forums. He didn't do much, but he signed up for many comics that are mostly all canceled by now. His first and so far only big project was Indiana Jorge where he worked hard on until the fall of the Scribblewiki Userpedia. After the fall, he retired from everything except for Chat and went on his own to DeviantART for his own reasons.

Userpedia Returns

He came back not too long after Neurario hosted Userpedia on Adriels. Where he relatively had minor activity until he created User Soup in the first few months of Adriels

User Soup

As the Host and Creator of User Soup he was responsible for every single episode made and most images are uploaded by him. The sheer length of how long User Soup is lasted makes it one of the most successful, longest, and biggest image uploading show to Userpedia. . In the show, he is mainly on good terms with his employees. Even with Jorge who tends to get abuse from him or others. But is usually treated nicely up until he annoys SM to (most commonly) the point of shooting him with his gun. On January 1st, 2011 User Soup ended on the 64th episode so that he could focus more on his future outside of Offline.


In the months that followed SonicMario relaxed and when he wanted to make something he would upload an image or 2. He mainly now makes stuff on a "When he feels like it" basis. For about a month he went on a trial for a college, however he was not satisfied and after the 5 week trial was over he's back home doing stuff around the house while talking with his parents on what to do for the future. In August 2011, Jorge left chat and gave SonicMario full foundership of Paperchat. He also became a big fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (More below in Personality) early in the year.


SonicMario has many allies and friends. Many of them are well known users such as the former sysop Paper Jorge and the sysop Super-Yoshi. He has also made friends with Shroobario, even during the time #shroobs went inactive he was made an honorary Auto-Op though only rarely does #shroobs go back into activity. He also has a trio friendship with RedFire Mario and DarkHero Sonic the Dark, as a sort of comic username irony if DHS and RFM argue on something that is Sonic Vs. Mario SM states he's in between; via a username joke. He also has a very good relationship with his brother Crypt, who as brothers do tend to fight sometimes but the majority of the time he and Crypt are the best of friends and tend to agree on some ideas. He has no enemies as of now and is on relatively good terms with most users.


As said before, he is on the quiet side because of his Aspergers syndrome. However when he does talk on chat and such, he tends to say honest opinions, stuff he likes to talk about, or sarcastic remarks (The latter of which is used for jokes in User Soup along with humor on chat). He will almost always speak when spoken to. He shows most of his personality on his show User Soup, some things he does may or may not what be what he would actually do.

Friendship is Magic

About Late February 2011, SonicMario discovered a show that was vastly growing in popularity at the time he found out about it called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A show developed by Lauren Faust and other veteran animators and producers. He gave the Pilot a show and was hooked in by how actually good it was in characterization, writing, and overall just about everything you could want in a good cartoon. By Mid-March he caught up with all the episodes that have aired at the time and even starting seeing the episodes as they premiere. He was a bit cautious for a while though, he never told anyone about that he liked this show until April. Which unsurprisingly got a bit of a weird reaction from practically everybody. Shrooby was the only fan or Brony (What fans of the show usually call themselves) before all of this. In May he pitched the idea to Jorge to start sessions of People watching all the episodes of Season 1 at 4 episodes a week in the summertime. He agreed and the end result was many of SonicMario's friends getting hooked into the show including Jorge himself. After the sessions were over, Paperchat became a place for Pony discussion whenever it came up. On the Forums, he changed his nick to "Northern Verve" (A name he got from a MLP Name Generator) and posts actively in the FiM thread in General Entertainment.


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