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Species Sock
Location Puddin's House
Gender Female
Allies Puddin
Relatives Sockops
Likes Puddin
Dislikes Drying Machines
Aliases Soxandra (full name)
Age 18 (sock years)
7 (earth years)

Soxanne is Puddin's girlfriend.


One day, Puddin decided to take a swim in an active volcano. Luckily, his sister Quickie-la happened to be walking by, and grabbed him just as he was dipping his right foot in. His right shoe was lost, and his sock was almost completely destroyed. After a little love, stitching, and Magikoopa magic, Soxanne was born, and it was love at first sight.


The original idea was thought up shortly after Puddin joined MFGG's message boards. Puddin would frequently make posts complaining about his love life, so a user posted a doodle of Puddin's Magikoopa persona, with a sock puppet saying "I'M LEAVING YOU!" Rather than being offended, Puddin embraced the idea and decided his character's "girlfriend" would be this sock. On AOL Instant Messenger, a friend of Puddin's jokingly suggested the name "Soxanne," and the rest is history.