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Space Pizzas ate Monday

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Space Pizzas ate Monday
Creator Mr. Edo
Debut April, 2015
Genre Adventure/Comedy/Sci-Fi
Latest Issue
Rating Teen

Space Pizzas ate Monday, or SPaM for short, is a digital comic drawn by Mr. Edo. It started out as a game, but then was adapted into a comic. The comic is Mr. Edo's first step into science-fiction territory, and is equal parts homage and parody.

The story chronicles the adventures of a vampire space cop and his best friend: a dinosaur who also happens to be a chemist. En route back to their home planet, they receive a distress signal and get roped into a conflict spanning an entire solar system, with an unassuming space station caught between the fronts.


Part I: Cheesebeard Research Station

Chapter 1:
Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3, Scene 4, Scene 5

Chapter 2:
Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3, Scene 4, Scene 5, Scene 6, Scene 7

Chapter 3:
Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3, Scene 4, Scene 5, Scene 6, Scene 7, Scene 8, Scene 9


The squad

SPaM faces marowak.png Edo Marowak
Space Cop
SPaM faces ruai.png Ruai Starsploder
Rising Star-Chemist
SPaM faces none.png ???
SPaM faces none.png ???


SPaM faces anton.png Anton P. Maelstrom
Cheesebeard Director
SPaM faces blocky.png "Blocky"
Cheesebeard Flight Control
SPaM faces cs.png CyanServ
Cheesebeard Virtual Intelligence Interface
SPaM faces smasher.png Fate
Intangible Cosmic Entity
SPaM faces sifi.png Lord Sifi
Puppet King
SPaM faces neptune.png Neptune T. Posioden
Cheesebeard Canteen Chef
SPaM faces packy.png Packy
Hungry Space Assassin
SPaM faces freakworld.png W. Freak
Cheesebeard Janitor

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