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Space Pizzas ate Monday/P1Ch3Sc2

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Part I, Chapter 3, Scene 2:

SPaM 1-03-02 01.gif

SPaM 1-03-02 02.png

SPaM faces anton.png
...It's coming.

Ready your weapons!

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SPaM 1-03-02 07.png

SPaM faces packy.png
Is this Cheesebeard?
SPaM faces marowak.png
Who wants to know?

SPaM 1-03-02 08.png

SPaM faces packy.png
They call me Packy, and I am a dragon killer.
SPaM faces ruai.png
A dragon killer? Like, you kill dragons?
SPaM faces packy.png
Nope. I'm like, a killer of people, especially of tasty people. And I also happen to be a dragon, so that makes me a dragon killer.

I have heard that you can eat the ultimate pizza in this place. Is that right?

SPaM 1-03-02 09.png

SPaM faces anton.png
Who told you that, and how did you get into this vault!?
SPaM faces packy.png
I've heard about it from some sort of... mechanical lizard guy.

SPaM 1-03-02 10.gif

SPaM faces packy.png
He also told me about a spot where the wall is weaker than the rest. Once I punched through that, getting in was easy.
SPaM faces marowak.png
How did he get through that force field?
SPaM faces anton.png
Those force fields are designed to keep air from escaping the facility core in case of hull breaches. They don't protect against intruders and are permeable to objects moving at a high enough velocity.
SPaM faces packy.png
Yeah, the hard part was peeling off the wall. The barrier was like butter compared to that.

But anyway, I would very much like the pizza now. Give it to me!

SPaM 1-03-02 11.png

SPaM faces anton.png
No! You will go back to your informant at once and you will tell him I will not condone the destruction of my facility!
SPaM faces packy.png
No way man! I flew all the way here and broke through all these metal walls! My head hurts! I want the pizza!
SPaM faces marowak.png
There will be no pizza for you, criminal scum!

SPaM 1-03-02 12.gif

SPaM faces packy.png

SPaM 1-03-02 13.gif

SPaM faces packy.png
I!!! WANT!!!


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