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Spirit Lies

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The title screen for Userpedia: Spirit Lies.

Userpedia: Spirit Lies (previously known as The Userpedia RPG, and Userpedia: Tale of a Dissolving Spirit) is a cancelled game that was being developed by Agonizing Masterpiece Productions, based around a stylised version of the MarioWiki and its community. Regarded as one of the very first playable Wiki-based video games, Spirit Lies was initially a one-man pet project by Stooben Rooben before he added more members to the game-making process which later became the group Agonizing Masterpiece Productions. During the year it spent in development, several demos were released and were known for their brutal difficulty and awkward level design.

Due to AMP's overall inexperience in game-making, the project slowed down at the turn of 2011 before collapsing entirely in the middle of the year following some internal conflict and disillusionment with the game. While the group is still together and is open to making games sometime in the future, they haven't announced any other works since Spirit Lies was cancelled.


While the peaceful location of Uhui Beach is at the peak of the fishing season, certain residents begin to notice some changes in the environment of the ocean. Soon enough, an earthquake strikes the heart of the Gulf of Uhui, causing a boating accident to leave Stooben Rooben stranded upon one of the many peninsulas of Uhui Beach. Unknown to most people at this point, the earthquake was caused by a dimensional rip, created by Shyguy27.

Back in Uhui Port Town, Stooben arrives safely and is told by Black Hole Sun that Beanbean wants to speak with him. As Stooben speaks with Beanbean, he finds out that Plumber has gone missing in the forest. Stooben then embarks on a short-lived trek into Arden Forest to find Plumber. Once rescued, Stooben heads back to Uhui Port Town. Halfway there, another earthquake strikes. Stooben then hurries back to Uhui Port town to find out if everyone is okay.

He soon finds that Shyguy27 is in Uhui Port Town, doing some dirty work. Beanbean then teams up with Stooben to defeat Shyguy27. They come out victorious in battle, but Shyguy27 quickly flees the scene, accidentally leaving a letter behind. Stooben and Beanbean read this letter and find out that Shyguy27 is working for someone, and has kidnapped several people, including Plumber. Shocked, Beanbean and Stooben decide to group together to find Plumber and the others. They then travel through the thick mazes of Arden Forest.

Halfway through Arden Forest, they come across an underground cave, where they run into Turboo. Because of a couple of "monsters" in the cave, Turboo has been stuck there for quite a while. When she sees Stooben and Beanbean, she immediately teams up with them to take down the two monsters. Once they are defeated, Turboo finds an escape from the cave; Stooben and Beanbean quickly follow, though they do not see Turboo again for quite some time.

As Stooben and Beanbean reach the end of Arden Forest, they find themselves on the border of Billsburgh. Black Hole Sun and RedFire Mario inform the two that they heard a ruckus coming from the border passing. Stooben and Beanbean enter the border pass and find ChaosNinji lurking about. Ninji has apparently finished some business and demands that the two get out of his way. They refuse to, and then engage in a battle with Ninji. After the battle, Ninji escapes in a fashion similar to how Shyguy27 did earlier. Stooben and Beanbean press forth, reaching their destination: Billsburgh. When in Billsburgh, Stooben and Beanbean begin to realize some of what has been causing the earthquakes, as well as Shyguy27's and Ninji's evil actions.


NOTE: To play these demos, the player will need to download RPG Maker XP. The free download can be found here. If your trial version of RPG Maker XP is almost expired, please contact Stooben via the Userpedia, MarioWiki, or Xephyr Board forum and he will tell you how to get the full (non-pirated) version of RPG Maker XP for free.

1st Demo

The first demo release can be downloaded here. It is a very small demo that contains one enemy battle. It features Black Hole Sun, who will give tips to the player.

2nd Demo

The second demo release can be downloaded here. This demo is much larger than the previous once, as it consists of roughly 60% of the prologue. Several enemy battles (including a mini-boss battle), a few items, the final character stats, and the near-finished version of the battle system are just some of what is in this demo. Credit goes to Black Hole Sun for creating the maps and most of the dialogue. A reported bug was that "Satch Boogie" plays in the background for all Goomba battles, rather than the standard battle theme.

3rd Demo

The third demo release can be downloaded here. Rumored to be the second-to-last demo to be released, this demo contains approximately ninety minutes of playtime. There are a total of four bosses that are encountered, numerous enemy encounters, a couple of puzzles, a few hidden treasures, the final character stats, and the first shop in the game. Song files have been compressed to 32kps to save on space. This release is also noted for being the first time the name of the main villain is revealed.

4th Demo

A fourth demo was created in early 2010, but only one person (Crocodile Dippy) received a copy of it for beta testing. It contained many improved features, and took place over the course of Chapter I.

5th Demo

A fifth demo was released in the third week of July. This demo spans approximately one-fourth of the game — the beginning of the game to the end of chapter two. Only a select few users have access to this demo, however, so as to not make the final release of the game seem boring to some users. A total of twenty bosses are encountered in this demo, and there are approximately 7-9 hours of gameplay available.

Note: This demo has had reports of being broken at one point, making it impossible to complete. However, other users were able to complete the demo without error.

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