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Member of: Chronological Order
  • Super Mario Boards
  • Super Mario Wiki
  • Userpedia
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  • User
  • Autoconfirmed User
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Species Humanoid
Location Southern Ontario
Join date By Site
  • July 31st 2013
  • May 9th 2014
  • October 3rd 2014
Likes drawing, video games
Dislikes discrimination

[10:37:33] Packy pokes Stargazing
[10:37:39] Stargazing pokes Packy

Stargazing and Packy

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Stargazing is a User of the Mario Wiki, Super Mario Boards, and Userpedia.


On July 31st, 2013, Stargazing was searching the web for a create your own Mario character game. He found a website that had this as one of their topics, and joined the Super Mario Boards. However, he soon realized that this wasn’t an actual game, but somewhere where you list ideas. This didn’t bother him that much.

In 2014, Stargazing developed a more mature attitude. He joined the wiki on May 9th, and retired from it soon after. He received a forum and wiki name change on July 21st, and decided to visit chat starting August 1st. Stargazing discovered Userpedia on September 29th, and made a Userpedia forum account. He got approved to have an account on the Userpedia Wiki on October 3rd.


Stargazing possesses the power of electrokinesis, also known as the ability to manipulate electricity. He most commonly uses this to create electric force fields to help his weak defense and lightning strikes to attack from a farther distance. However, Stargazing can’t keep up his shield forever while continuously throwing out lightning bolts, he will have to recharge at some point. He needs to recharge a little more than most.

Stargazing also has some less commonly used abilities. He can use electricity to pull objects towards him. There is a weight limit to this, he can’t pull anything heavier than 300 pounds, which makes it not as useful against threatening enemies. He can also charge objects, making them warmer. This is usually reserved for someone less threatening, as he will throw a hot object at the enemy in order for them to forfeit battle. He can heal wounds of others, but not his own. His healing powers are fairly limited though, and it is recommended they go to someone who specializes in healing instead.

Due to Stargazing’s reliance on his magic and force fields, he does not have a very high attack or defense stat. However, due to having to recharge, he has developed a very high speed stat, just in case he needs to relocate out of danger.





  • All of Stargazing’s current main interests, with the exception of astronomy and physics, can be linked back to the Super Mario Boards. If he had not found the Boards, he would probably be very different today.
  • Stargazing was part of the Poll Committee and the Awards Committee in the past.
  • Stargazing is 50% Italian and 50% Greek.
  • Stargazing tends to like mobile games, especially because he can play on the go without having to lug any extra devices around. However, he often brings his 3DS for Streetpasses.
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