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Stooben Rooben

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Stooben Rooben
Spirit Lies - Stooben Rooben Official Artwork.PNG
Member of: Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • MarioWiki Forums2
  • Userpedia3
  • Userpedia Forums4
  • The Xephyr Board5
Rank 5-Point List
  • 1: Bureaucrat
  • 2: In Charge of the Forum
  • 3: Steward
  • 4: Administrator
  • 5: Head Honcho
Species Yoshi
Join date 5-Point List
  • 1: November 14, 2007
  • 2: February 25, 2008
  • 3: March 15, 2008
  • 4: March 19, 2008
  • 5: November 25, 2008
Gender Male
Allies Pretty much anyone who isn't a troll, but most notably: My Bloody Valentine, Walkazo, Super Mario Bros., Edofenrir, Glowsquid, Volke, Tucayo, ChaosNinji, Shyguy27, 2257, Nerdy Guy, Scarecrow, Mr. SG, Tabuu, Yoshario, Cobold, Marcelagus, Ralphfan, Marioguy1, and MST3K.
Likes Music, food, editing, playing video games, and chilling with friends
Dislikes Closed-minded people, people without a sense of humor, constant bickering about petty issues, overrated and underrated things, and cold toilet seats.
Moves Guitar Swing, Smart-ass Shield, Music Blaster, Egg Roll
Theme(s) "Come As You Are" -- Nirvana
Specialty/Most Active Templates, rewrites, and redirects
Aliases Stooben, Stooby, Stoob, Ruby, Stoobario, SR
Score 5-Point List
  • 1: 18,500+ edits
  • 2: 5,500+ posts
  • 3: 1,500+ edits (had over 8,000 edits on ScribbleWiki)
  • 4: 300+ posts
  • 5: 7,000+ posts
Age 18
Personal information Real Life Info
  • Real name: Patrick
  • Date of Birth: 5/6/1992

Chocolate's not dirty; unless you're not eating it. ... ... ... O.PNG

Stooben Rooben

Stooben Rooben is a Sysop (22 September, 2008) and former Bureaucrat (1 December, 2008 - 22 July, 2011) of the Super Mario Wiki, and is the Head Moderator of its respective forum; he is also the current Director of The 'Shroom, the current Steward of Userpedia, founder of the current Userpedia Forum, and founder of The Xephyr Board. On the Super Mario Wiki, he is generally considered the "Unofficial Second-in-Command", under Porplemontage. In the community, he is a friend to many and a total badass. Stooben takes the appearance of a cerulean-blue Yoshi kid with a guitar.


Super Mario Wiki

On 14 November, 2007 Stooben Rooben joined the Super Mario Wiki under the name "Lemonface". Within minutes of joining, he was given a welcome by Mr. Guy, (whom Stooben thought was the founder of the site at that time — however, he soon found out that this was not true). Stooben made many edits to his userpage and to articles pertaining to Mario Kart: Double Dash!! while using his Lemonface account. However, after roughly a month of joining the site, he lost his password, and had become completely unable to log in. He then created a second account, called "Lemonface2", which he only used to ask Wayoshi and Porplemontage to help him retrieve his password. After realizing that they could not reset or retrieve his password, Stooben abandoned his "Lemonface2" account (as he did not want a username ending in a number, nor did he want one that was almost identical to his previous account's name) and created his third and final account — his "Stooben Rooben" account.

With his new account, Stooben immediately made his mark on the wiki after signing up for the "From the Mushroom Vaults" section of The 'Shroom, and after sending out eighteen "Merry Christmas" messages to various users, such as Master Crash, Stumpers, and ChaosNinji (who later became very close friends with him). Within a day, Master Crash had befriended Stooben; the two talked constantly about various matters, which eventually led to Master Crash creating sprites for Stooben, as well as inviting him to Userpedia (however, Stooben did not join Userpedia until roughly two months later, in February of 2008). During that winter, Stooben made numerous friends on the wiki in addition to Master Crash — 3Dejong, Bloc Partier (known as "InfectedShroom" at that time), Glitchman, Stumpers, and Xzelion, among many others. After being told by 3Dejong and Xzelion that Stooben showed the qualities of a Sysop, Stooben decided to become an active editor.

By February of 2008, Stooben was an easily-recognizable face around the wiki. He had taken over 3Dejong's position as Fake News Director, had joined Userpedia (where he befriended My Bloody Valentine, then known as "Pokemon DP"), and had roughly two-thousand edits. As the weeks passed, more and more users began to suggest Stooben for Patroller and Sysop — some of which even went as far as to ask Bureaucrats on their talk pages to promote him (something that was considered taboo back then). However, the Bureaucrats decided that he was "too new", and that there were far more qualified users that should be promoted, such as Stumpers, Booster, and Glowsquid. Stooben continued to aim for Patrollerhood.

More time passed, and by April of 2008, the Patroller ranking had abolished, causing all current Patrollers to be promoted to Sysop. Time Q also received a promotion to Sysop within that month. At this point, Stooben knew that getting a promotion was going to be very difficult. So, Stooben continued to contribute to the best of his ability. Making templates, voting on proposals, being on-time with his 'Shroom sections, helping out users (and Admins, sometimes), reverting vandalism, frequenting the chatroom — Stooben was trying to do it all, and eventually, it worked out for him. On April 28th, 2008, Glowsquid nominated Stooben for Sysop (the same day that My Bloody Valentine nominated Marcelagus for Sysop). My Bloody Valentine supported Stooben's nomination as well.

Super Mario Wiki Forum


Userpedia Forum

The Xephyr Board


Other places


Stooben Rooben started out as a shy user, but as he became more used to the wiki, he was more outgoing. He loves to talk to other users; one-third of his edits are talk page contributions. He tries to be as nice as he can, but some users still aggravate him – almost to the point of flaming. He's commonly goofy and tends to be sarcastic, but he's very serious and mature when he has to be. He also has a passion for music; he loves 90% of all music. His favorite instrument is the guitar; this is why he plays it in real life, as well as the Wiki World. Stooby claims to suffer from clinical depression, something shared with Walkazo and Pokemon DP.


It Began With a Dream

Stooben Rooben appeared as the writer of a diary in Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream. In it he created a dimension transporter to a new dimension and he used a diary to log his journey through the dimension. At the start everything was good but then users began to disappear and RAP was put in charge. A whole bunch of people disappeared and Cobold became the new leader. When Cobold was attacked by Maria Thalia, St00b and 2257 tried to stop him but St00b was blasted backwards so he just watched as Maria, 2257 and Cobold went down together. At the end St00b led the invasion force to the Trolls' base and freed all of the prisoners from the prison guarded by WarioLoaf. Then he proceeded to defeat Rudnicki and transport the wiki back out of his dimension. At the end St00b left his diary in the new dimension as a travel log and a warning for the next user to come along into the new dimension.


Stooben appears as one of the Stewards of the newly joined MarioWiki and Userpedia. He appears in his human form, and uses a black, bladed, electric guitar as his weapon. When Rudnicki invades, he fights him alongside Porple. He nearly kills Rudnicki, but is incapacitated due to hesitance. He later makes an appearance while stopping a crazed Tabuu from murdering Grapes, whom he does not recognize. His further involvement in the plot is unknown.

Spirit Lies

Stooben Rooben appears in his own game Spirit Lies as the lead hero and main playable character. He is a normal electric guitarist from Uhui Port Town, but an unfortunate chain of events leads to him and his childhood friend Beanbean heading on a long journey to find out the source of these dangerous occurrences. Stooben uses guitars, eggs or egg-based artillery as his choice of weapon, the former of which allows him to use a variety of Electric magic.

Dragon Problem

Stooben first appears in Chapter 38.1 of I heard you have a dragon problem? racing to City Hall for a gig, accompanied by MST3K, whose fault it was that they were both late for the mayor's welcome home party.

When they reach City Hall, however, it is surrounded by a forcefield created by Starlow. They run into Ghost Jam and ask him how they could break through the barrier, having witnessed the evil mayor Mario grow giant and destroy city hall and wanting to help stop him, but the cranky old admin is no help. Fortunately, Stooben himself is able to smash through when he senses Neptune and GBAToad stealing and abusing his guitars, which he had dropped off at city hall earlier. After stopping the thieves with an explosion of rage, Stooben later joins the rest of the assembled users in a desperate bid to stop Mario after he becomes invincible, however they are all defeated. Fortunately, Walkazo manages to kill the evil Mario with an axe powered by the hopes of the community members, and as the sun rises the next day, Stooben leads 3K and Dippy in a brief celebratory concert, in place of the gig he had originally been hired to perform for the vanquished mayor.


Master Crash

Master Crash is one of Stooben's best friends. Crash was the first person he ever met, and helped him a lot in his n00by days. Stooben used to talk with him almost everyday until he became inactive. Master Crash and Stooben still talk often on Userpedia and its respective forums. Master Crash has said to Stooben that he was one of his best buds.


Xzelion was the first Sysop to befriend Stooben, so they are good friends. Shortly after Stooben joined the Mario Wiki, Xzelion retired. He later discovered that Xzelion was active on Userpedia, and once again began to be friends with him. Xzelion and Stooben talk on a regular basis now, and they occasionally discuss serious issues. They also frequently PM each other on the forums about various subjects; however, their conversations eventually turn into absolute randomness.

The Dynamic Duo

IS and Glitchman are also great friends of Stooben Rooben. They talk daily on either Userpedia or the Mario Wiki. They usually discuss casual issues; they have been known to get into major discussions about gaming though. Glitchman first met Stooben by asking for advice on Mario Kart. Stooben gladly helped, and they soon became friends. IS met Stooben similarly, only they discussed who was the best racer.


Stooben Rooben met BlueYoshter around the beginning of 2008. The two almost instantly became friends. They discussed various random issues and became good friends over time. Later on, the two normally talk together on Userpedia or in chatrooms. Though the two of them don't talk as often as they used to, they're still good friends and chat occasion.

Pokemon DP

DP and Stooben first met on Userpedia. DP had read Stooben's article when it at one point said that "most sysops are assumed to be his enemies". DP was shocked by this accusation; Stooben apologized for including DP in that category, and they soon became friends. They would talk about multiple things and eventually bond. Stooben and DP now commonly talk on Stooby's forum, the Xephyr Board.

Zephyr Mage

After The Goomba had been blocked for spamming and flaming, Zephyr Mage and Stooben became friends. They showed many similarities in personality, such as taste in music, video games, and even the despising of The Goomba. Zephyr Mage would occasionally ask Stooben for help on the MarioWiki, and he would always answer. They now talk occasionally on Userpedia, and constantly PM each other on the Userpedia forums. They currently hold the record for the largest quote block on the Userpedia forums.


Stooben first introduced himself to 3Dejong at the beginning of 2008; the two instantly connected. They both found it cool that they had similar senses of humor. They would often talk everyday about various things. 3D eventually confessed to Stooben about the harsh life he led. Stooben supported him in this situation, and the two became even closer friends. When 3D retired from head of the Fake News, he was happy that Stooben took over his position. Now that 3D is on hiatus, the two don't talk, but when he comes back, more conversations lie ahead.


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