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This article is about the user called Super-Yoshi. For information about user previously known as Super Yoshi10, see here.
Super Yoshi.png
Species Yoshi
Join date November 21st, 2007 *, February 11th, 2008 **
Gender Male
Allies Xzelion, Stooben Rooben, YellowYoshi398, Paper Jorge, Smiddle, Palkia47, Mcoolister, Tubbz, Pokemon DP, 1337Yoshi, Moofle, Knife, Alphaclaw11, KPH2293, Master Crash, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, RedFire_Mario, Xpike, TehBooKid, Pikdude, Dom, Koopa-Troopa, King Mario, Henrydamoose Gyroid X, RAP, Wario Bros. Girrrtacos, Super Shy Guy, Brudda from anotha motha :P, Bean, Storm Yoshi, ParaBob-omb, Glowsquid, Ninja Toad5, Master Lucario, Toadbert101, Neurario, Phailure, Crypt, SonicMario, FireKirby, Mario5x, Scarecrow von Steuben, KingAbra, Totodile3456, Charizard, Super Luigi! Number one!, ShyGuy27, Brayds2006, Mr.Vruet, Yoshario, Grapes, Noah and Castle Toad
Moves Mushroom Toss, Earthquake, Egg Explosion, Shroom' Shield, Mega Yoshi(FS)
Aliases SY, Super, S-Y, ThatYoshiWhoWearsSilverShoesAllDay, Its_Super-Yoshi, Yoshi of Superness, EgaoHappehSuper-Yoshi, SUper-yoSHI, SuperYoshi, Spris-Tuckshi. Super-Sidekick-Yoshi...theres just too many to count so w.e
Age 17*, 23**

wayoshi is not gay

Wayoshi and Super-Yoshi, Chatroom

Super-Yoshi (previously known as Yoshi 7) was a sysop (23 November 2008 - 24 April 2009) on the Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia (10 February 2009 - 12 February 2009).

He is a Yoshi who apparently ate a mushroom and liked it. He likes eating Super Mushrooms. He lives in New Wikisburg at his house, which is south from RAP's mansion and to the east of Master Lucario's castle. He also has a rival in Mr. Moo, who apparently does not stop coming near his house, and wanders the street wearing weird clothes or accessories, such as a bunny hat. He is also the brother of Plumber and Beanbean. He wields the legendary Mini-14. Super-Yoshi also invented the Tomato Factory. There is only one in the whole wide world and he is the only person to own it. Also, Super-Yoshi utilizes the power of all mushrooms. TehDman has also made an alias for him, used to trick Yoshario, into thinking he has a fan, called Yoshi wing 98. Later on, The Chozo Yoshi used it to do the same thing as him.


Super-Yoshi first found out about Super Mario Wiki about two years ago when he was addicted to Yoshi Touch & Go!. He wanted to learn what you would get, and then found out a magical place, where EVERYTHING was about the Marioverse. He never knew anything about users or stuff until December 2007, even though he knew about it "back in the day". Ever since then, He started out by talking to Ghost Jam, who at that time was "Ghost Yoshi" and it was pretty much the Christmas spirit.

After a while, everything started. He found out about Userpedia, and knows he does what he does. Also, he is starting a hopefully successful comic, The Quest For The Star Rod. Super-Yoshi also has a pretty neutral attitude, while some think he pwns for just the way he is. Super-Yoshi is considered a nice friend and he also helps out people in trouble, like for instance the RAP incidence. He appears as a major character alongside Paper Jorge in Rush Wiki.


Wiki's End

Super-Yoshi makes a cameo appearance near the end of the series as a member of Porplemontage's MarioWiki Army. Other than a cameo, he does not appear again.

Rush Wiki

In Rush Wiki, Super-Yoshi takes the role of Carter. Rush Wiki was inspired by Spris-Tuckshi's and Jargie Chan's (Super-Yoshi's and Paper Jorge's) skits in chat.

Server's End

Super-Yoshi is a member of Jorge's team. As the series has just started, Super-Yoshi has only made an appearance in Issue 2.

Master Wikians

Super-Yoshi also appears in Master Wikians, originally as just a cameo character. However, in Lazy Eye, he was introduced as a major character, alongside Paper Jorge. Both are based on their Rush Wiki counterparts, and are shown as the MarioWiki's worst police officers. S-Y is depicted as extremely arrogant and verbally aggressive, but also very cowardly and lazy, which leads to his reluctance to take part in any dangerous missions. He and Jorge are given the occupation of assisting the Master Wikians (team), but in reality, they are simply distractions to cover up for two more competant police detectives to gain information on the Wikians. He has a sibling-like relationship with Jorge, and occasionally labels Jorge as his 'brother', as shown in Sibling Rivalry.

It Began With a Dream

Super-Yoshi also appears in Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream as a member of the Mariowiki Resistance who fought against the Trolls. He is one of the few users left when Stooben Rooben takes over the command of the resistance and is one of the three who infiltrate the troll's main base and free the prisoners (Stooben Rooben, him and Wayoshi). After freeing the prisoners he advanced to Rudnicki's chamber where they had a final battle with him and the Mastermind Troll and freed the New Mariowiki.



<s-Y>: yea nyway
<s-Y>: i have a new mom


Some b****** outside keeps saying MOOOO... I wanna just chuck a rock at him, he's p***** me off so much ... He's Mooing like a Cow does... Srsly who in the right mind would do that... How would you feel if some random guy starts Mooing outside of your house PJ? It hurts so much.


that's rite you better recognize


how about no?



Super-Yoshi (Being random)


Pokemon DP and Super-Yoshi



*_1337Yoshi haides*
*Super-Yoshi haides*

1337Yoshi and Super-Yoshi

"I" before "E" except after "C". But when you use the word weird, its pretty weird. Well, weird is a weird word because somehow weird does not follow the rules.


That's b******t man. Don't set -m just because you can catch me spamming. I'm not falling for it.




im not food at grammar


[21:41] <JoeSchmoe{CM}> /j #supahcoolpeopleonly
[21:42] <JoeSchmoe{CM}> wtf? how come I cant get in?
[21:42]<s-Y|editing> cause your not cool CM

Clay Mario and Super-Yoshi


  • Super-Yoshi was the first user to ever receive a promotion on the Adriels domain Userpedia.

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