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Super Luigi! Number one!

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Super Luigi! Number one!
Member of: Deviantart
Rank User(MarioWiki) and Userpedia
Species Human
Join date April, 2008
Gender Female
Allies Red Barchetta, Volke, Dom, Master Crash, Jorge, Paper Yoshi, Shroobario, Super-Yoshi, Roberto, Super Paper Mario Bros., Tucayo, N, DHS, RFM, Gamefreak75, SMB, Brock, Hypnotoad, UltraMario3000, Smasher, MrConcreteDonkey, Count Bonsula, MCSoulja, New Super Mario, YoshiGo99, Emperor Yoshi, Neptune99 and many more.
Likes Layton Games, Chocolate, Layton songs, Potatoes, drawing, etc
Aliases Super Luigi!, SLNO, Aya, Obi Wan Kenobi, SLNORP
Age 17

Super Luigi! Number one! is a Super Mario Wiki and Userpedia user. She is considered to be great at drawing, as shown by many of her drawings (i.e. drawings of Mario, Luigi, Ness, Yoshi, and a few users as well).


Finding and Joining MarioWiki

On April, 2008, she was looking for Mario's article on Wikipedia; and on April 18th she found MarioWiki on External Links and joined in the same day. She made her first edit on Ice Climbers article.

The 'Shroom and Forums

SLNO joined The 'Shroom on July 23rd - Find the differences and later she joined the forums to send her section.


She probably started using the Chatroom on August, 2008. Many users thought that SLNO was a guy because of her name. She made many friends there and now she is very active. She also found friends that she met on MarioWiki like Zephyr Mage and Z3r0 Tw0.


On October 2008, SLNO and Zeph became really close friends on chatroom; and she was always saying "Where is Palkia? :(" when he wasn't online. Then DHS started saying "PalkiaxSLNO" and that she had a crush on him because of it. Many users also started saying "SLNOxShroobario" and "SLNOxPaper Yoshi". On April 3rd 2009 Zeph admitted on chat the he has a crush on her and two days after SLNO sent him a memo saying that she has a crush on him too and they started having a relationship. Today, she has a big wiki family with him.

Participation in the battle for Userpedia Wikia

SLNO was one of the users who tried to stop the frequent attacks of Mr. Yellow in userpedia.wikia.com. She acted during the infamous LW Attack.

Michael Jackson's death

When MJ's died, she got really angry with the users on chatroom because they couldn't stop talking about him. She started blaming them and after that they wanted the end of SLNO's relationship with Zeph. She calmed down and nothing bad happened.

Mario5x's incident

SLNO and Mario5x were really good friends. But one day Zeph showed her that he was a pervert and that he was making many inappropriate stories using her name. On July 25, at night, he harassed her and then Zeph showed it on the forums and he got banned from Chat, Userpedia and Xephyr Board


SLNO joined Scribble wiki’s Userpedia on July 2008. She was also planning to make a comic, but now it's canceled due to Scribble's crash.

Chat Overlord Elections 2009

Roberto's Campaign

SLNO was the manager of her non user friend Roberto since he announced that he was a candidate of that election on August 13th, 2009. But one day, Plumber declared him an "Axis of Evil and Incompetence" because his name was Rome-Berlin-Tokyo. After this, many withdrew their support and Super-Yoshi went as far to murder him and everything finished.

The Disconnected

The day Super Mario Bros. finally came to be director of The Disconnected he immediately hired two users for the positions of Music & Artwork director and Fun Stuff director (SLNO and Marioguy1 respectively). SLNO was promptly promoted to music & artwork director and remained there while MG1 advanced to being the director of the disconnected and kept her job.

#userpedia Op

On 15 January, 2011, SLNO was promoted to op in #userpedia.



Friday Night Live

Just as a cameo in episode 6.

The Ultimate Source of Power

As a cameo in issue 6.

Userpedia The Untold Story

As a Main Character.


A Userpedia Halloween 2009 Special

She appears on the story when she found her boyfriend, Packy/Zeph, looking at porn magazines. (Ha-ha LOL).

Relationship with other users (and with a non-user)

Zephyr Mage

Zephyr Mage is SLNO's friend and husband (Wiki World and best friend. He is her first friend on MarioWiki. He admitted that he likes SLNO on April 3rd and she sent him a memo two days after saying that she likes him too on chatroom.

Z3r0 Tw0

SLNO’s best friend. Z3r0 Tw0 likes to talk to her about drawings and geography. He is her brother.

Paper Yoshi

SLNO’s first Brazilian friend. He is her father.


Shroobario is SLNO’s Brazilian friend. They are always talking on the #quartetobrasileiro.


SLNO’s friend. Ralphfan used to have a crush on her.

Super Paper Mario Bros.

SLNO’s friend. Super Paper Mario Bros. and she started being friends on MarioWiki, when they were trying to stop a troll.


SLNO’s friend. They started being friends when Tucky became the Shroom's director.

Paper Jorge

SLNO’s friend and Father in Law. Jorge became her friend when he became Zephyr Mage’s close friend.


SLNO’s Real Life Best Friend and Grandfather on Wiki World. He is 69 years old. SLNO was also his manager on Chat Overlord Elections 2009. They are always talking on SESC Vila Mariana.


I'm an awesome drawer

Super Luigi! Number one!

<firemariobros>I want boozooka here
<SLNO> Your mama isn't here

Firemariobros and Super Luigi! Number one!

That's me! Super Luigi! Number one!

Userpedia Forums

Luigi! :clap:

The Ultimate Source of Power, Chatroom



  • Her favorite characters are Luigi, Falco, Auron and Layton.
  • She is Brazilian.
  • She is one of the only female users that has a male character representing her.


Here and here!

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