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That is not important


TGBB Userart.PNG
Rank Global Moderator, Chatroom Operator, Patroller
Species Boo, Chao, Perchfish
Location #Mariowiki chatroom, MarioWiki forums
Gender Male
Allies Uniju, Turboo, Crocodile Dippy, Master Crash, a whole lot of other people
Likes Girls who are half tentacle, Dangan Ronpa, Touhou Project
Aliases TheGreatBlockyBoo, Shyper, Ultrachao, Perch, Silver/Bronze/Platinum Waddle Dee, Purple Ninjakoopa

Superchao (formerly TheGreatBlockyBoo) is a long-time veteran User of the MarioWiki, current Bureaucrat of UnMarioWiki (21 July, 2008 – ), Operator on the Chatroom, Global Moderator on the MarioWiki forums (8 June, 2012 – ), and Patroller on userpedia (9 June 2013). While one of the Wiki's oldest users, he was only relatively active on the Wiki in the early days and virtually non-existent past 2008. However, his return to the forums in 2011 has seen him quickly rise up in the community as one of the site's most likeable and helpful users, and he has increasingly become involved in various community projects across the site.


Superchao Era

Joining just before the MarioWiki's first anniversary on July 31st, 2006 as Superchao, he spent most of his early days on the site contributing minor edits to Paper Mario articles, although he was accidentally blocked by Son of Suns on September 7th, when the target was a troll. He was the tenth person to join the MarioWiki forums on October 20th just five days after its creation, although he didn't become particularly active until four years later, only making twenty posts between 2006 to 2009.

After the Wiki Alliance was started and the DK Wiki was made, Superchao made an account there as Dad Piranha, later playing a now-regretted prank on Paper Jorge to guess who he was; he and Wayoshi assumed he was Peachycakes and attempted to block him before Superchao confessed to his actual identity. He disappeared from both sites for a short time after this under concern that he would be banned.

TheGreatBlockyBoo Era

Months later on December 16th, a user named TheGreatBlockyBoo joined the wiki, although Knife quickly recognized him as Superchao, coaxing him to confess that he lost the password to his previous account and so made a new one. Considered an acceptable reason to sockpuppet, Blocky continued editing again just as before; Porplemontage had tried to get his Superchao account back but was never successful, which suits Blocky just fine as he prefers his new name. As well as editing the Wiki every so often, Blocky contributed sections to five 'Shroom issues between March and September of 2007 (missing out on the May Issue V), writing the Quiz part of Fun Section.

Blocky joined UnMarioWiki on July 12th, 2007, and was promoted to administrator on August 8th, later being made a bureaucrat on July 31st, 2008; he continues to be the only active admin on the site and insists that he'll "fix it up" someday. He soon became a frequent visitor to IRC, and also joined Userpedia during the ScribbleWiki era, although the exact join date was lost with the host's crash, although he suggests his join date may have been late 2007.

On September 3rd, 2009, Blocky announced his retirement from MarioWiki and Userpedia.

Return and Promotion

Blocky and Turb during one of their regular Awards Committee meetings.

It was July 11th, 2010 when Blocky made a return to the MarioWiki forums to play a game of WereWolf, later joining several different Mafia games throughout the year before leaving yet again. Stooben Rooben invited him to the third WereWolf game in May of 2011, and while intending to leave again afterwards the Awards Mafia started so he stuck around for that, and by the time that was over he had grown too attached to the community to leave. This began his current wave of activity on the forum, with over half his posts being from late 2011 and 2012 alone, and his friendly and agreeable nature found him promoted to Global Moderator alongside Mason on June 8th, 2012.

Aside from the forums, Blocky became an active member of the Awards Committee for the Mario Awards VI 2012, joining the majority of the committee in arguing and eventually demoting the then-current director Ralphfan after his attempts to eliminate all community awards. The sub-director of the committee Turboo became the director in Ralph's place and appointed Super Mario Bros. as her new sub-director, but his inactivity and Blocky's effort and dedication to maintaining the entire event had him labelled the unofficial sub-director for the Awards Committee. For the July Special Issue 64, he contributed his first 'Shroom section since September, 2007, writing a guest section explaining the Dangan Ronpa trend that had hit the forum at the time, the longest gap between sections in the history of the newsletter with fifty-six issues between.

Blocky returned to IRC as an active user not long after joining the committee, and soon became involved with the Bros. + Snack in #mariowiki, where he became best friends with fellow Touhou Project fans Turboo and Crocodile Dippy, a grouping later labelled The Three Magicians. He has since been accepted as the second honourary Bro after Dippy, and was the official Second-in-Sip for Uniju's Sippin' Time for a short while before being replaced by Turboo on crimes of never posting any sipping.


TheGreatBlockyBoo is represented as a cube-shaped Boo, the deceased remains of the user originally known as Superchao. He owns the Boo Block Fort and used to own a company with Paper Jorge but the company was canceled.

Appearances in Comics/Stories/Games

Troll Tragedies

In Troll Tragedies, TheGreatBlockyBoo appears as a Black Ninjakoopa under the name SoopaDoopaBloopaFloopa. He and Beanbean appeared to rescue Mastermind Troll, but Wendel's Mother grabs SDBF, and then chucks him while underwater. SDBF crashes in Leet Town and is captured.

Wiki's End

TheGreatBlockyBoo appears in Wiki's End where he saves Master Crash from Glitches in Chapter 7. He later joins the MarioWiki Army, with its leader being Steve.

Wiki Crisis, DarkWiki, and IAW

TheGreatBlockyBoo appears in Wiki Crisis as Silver Waddle Dee. He has betrayed the Wiki and will be a main antagonist of Issue #5. In Issue #0, it is explained that the new Mastermind Troll attempted to use sockpuppets, but he fought them off. TGBB was then shot in the back by Mastermind Troll, and was so badly injured he had to have a new body, which became that of Silver Waddle Dee. The new Mastermind Troll then visited SWD and said that he saved him. SWD then agreed to join the new Mastermind Troll.

When the time/space continuum is damaged during I AM WIKI, an alternate version of him called Superchao is created. Even though it has only existed for a few minutes, as reality changes memories are modified and everyone believes that Superchao has always existed.

Superchao will be the leader of the UnMarioWikian Resistance in DarkWiki, an I AM WIKI spin-off.

Ten Thousand Trolls

Silver Waddle Dee makes a cameo in Ten Thousand Trolls as a shopper at Best Buy who immediately hides after the cashier is killed.

Friday Night Live and The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Superchao appears in both of Paper Jorge's late night talk shows as a major recurring character. For both series, he takes the form of a Purple Ninjakoopa. In Friday Night Live, he is referred to as both "Purple Ninjakoopa" and "Blocky", but beginning with The Tonight Show, he is exclusively referred to as "Blocky". For both series, he has the same motives: to take over the show, and become the host. Despite his intentions, he is still ultimately a good character, a close friend of Jorge, and assists him often, becoming an important cast member.

He debuted as an audience member from Episode 1 of Friday Night Live, but began getting a larger role in Episode 2, eventually becoming his right-hand man. In Episode 8, Porplemontage traps Jorge inside his "Emo Box", giving Purple Ninjakoopa the chance to revamp the show as "Blocky Night Live". Episode 9 explains the aftermath of the event, where Purple Ninjakoopa took over the show for a few months, but Porplemontage eventually decided to cancel it. In the same episode, Doshi is seen telling Jorge that Blocky was ran over by a car and killed (by Super-Yoshi).

In The Tonight Show, Blocky makes his debut in Episode 2, where SonicMario asks him how he's back considering his character was killed off. Blocky explains that he was merely in a coma. In the same episode, after strange events start happening around the set, SonicMario puts the blame on Blocky and ties him up, though he turns out to be innocent. He does not return until Episode 4, when he saves the MarioWiki from attack from Wayoshi and Captain Collision. From that point on, he goes on to appear in every episode, somewhat fulfilling the role of Jorge's assistant. In Episode 5, he briefly takes over the show from Jorge and Mebule.


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