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Member of: Chronologically
  • Super Mario Wiki1
  • Super Mario Wiki Forums2
  • Userpedia3
  • Userpedia Forums4
Rank 3-Point List
  • 1: Autoconfirmed user
  • 2: Star Spirit
  • 3: Autoconfirmed user
  • 4: Newbie
Species Piranha Plant
Join date 3-Point List
  • 1: December 3, 2010
  • 2: December 5, 2010
  • 3: July 13, 2011
  • 4: August 15, 2011
Gender Male
Allies Mariomario64, UltraMario3000, MrConcreteDonkey, Ultramariologan, VideoBoo, Fawfulfury65, Gamefreak75, Master Koopakid, Tucayo, Yoshiwaker, YoshiGo99, Yoshidude99, MCSoulja, Zero777, Goomba's Shoe15, New Super Mario, SLNO, BaseballYoshi24, and a lot others.
Likes Super Mario, Petey Piranha, Video Games, Math, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ganondorf, Homestuck, Pokemon
Dislikes Vandals, Trolls
Aliases S78, UP, Supremo, Austin Powers, Crunchwrap, Hypnopetey, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, grimAuxiliatrix, That Cool Guy S78, Reggie Fils-Aime, Aegislash, Son of Supremus and Anita
Score 3-Point List
  • 1: 3,500+ edits
  • 2: 6,500+ posts
  • 3: 250+ edits
  • 4: 5+ posts
Age 12 (Real Life), 2 years (Wiki World)


Mariomario64 on the Mario Wiki Forums

Supremo78, formerly known as UltimatePetey (December 3, 2010 - January 27, 2011), to Supremo78 (January 27, 2011 - August 27, 2011) to S78 (August 27, 2011 - November 24, 2013) and now Supremo (November 24, 2013 - ) on the Super Mario Wiki, is a user of the Super Mario Wiki, its forums, Userpedia, and its forums. Supremo retired on December 26, 2011, but popped in on the wiki and forums sometimes. On October 30, 2013, he announced he was going staying again, ending his long retirement period (December 26, 2011 - October 30, 2013).

He currently has over 3,500 constructive edits on the MarioWiki Special:Editcount page.


MarioWiki gets a new user

Supremo78 had been obsessed with the Mario series since his childhood. That's because when he was young, he played Super Mario Sunshine. Eventually, Supremo78 was looking for pictures of Goombas, and his favorite character, Petey Piranha. After looking for pictures, he clicked on one, and it took him to the MarioWiki. After reading many articles, he occasionally went as a guest, and eventually decided to join as a user on December 3, 2010 as UltimatePetey.

The Noobish Days

After he joined as a user he immediately went to the chatroom there. He selected his nickname as UltimatePetey. When he went into the chat, he was insulted by users because they thought he was a copy of GalacticPetey. He just ignored that, and went to edit the wiki.

However, when he made his userpage, he put the construction template on it, which is not allowed, and got into an edit war with Edofenrir and MrConcreteDonkey. At the time, he didn't know it wasn't allowed and didn't like people editing his userpage. So, he kept adding it after Edofenrir and MrConcreteDonkey kept removing it. Shortly after, MrConcreteDonkey gave Supremo78 a warning. Supremo78 apologized to MrConcreteDonkey. He accepted it, and changed the warning to a reminder.

Joining of the Forum

Supremo78 in My Little Pony form as Kanaya Maryam (grimAuxiliatrix) on the forum.

After becoming more and more popular on the wiki, he asked Ralphfan to write for the Fake News section of The 'Shroom. He told Supremo78 that he needed to make a forum account and submit a demo for his section, and eventually, got tired of making demos and didn't want to write for The 'Shroom. So, he just replied on different threads. His current name there is Supremo.

I'm up for a name change!

Eventually, Supremo78 noticed that many people were using "ultimate" and "Petey" in their names, so he decided to change his name to Supremo78 on January 27, 2011.

Growing in popularity

After a while, he became very popular after helping Fawfulfury65 on Donkey Kong Country Returns and doing other major and even minor edits. He made about 20 friends in that time period, and he currently tends to make friends usually.

A "Retirement"

A few days after Tucayo retired, Supremo78 decided to too, and retired on March 1, 2011, and decided to come back 3 months and 10 days later, which was June 11, 2011. After his retirement, he felt stupid for calling it a retirement, since he was only gone for a short amount of time compared to real retirements.

Change the user count Userpedia!

Supremo78 longed to join Userpedia for some time. However, he didn't have enough time, and forgot about it. But, on July 12, 2011, he really wanted to make a Userpedia account, because many people told him in chat he should make one. So, after seeing YoshiGo99 and Goomba's Shoe15 asking Xzelion to make accounts for them, he asked Xzelion too, and joined on July 13, 2011.

Userpedia Forum time!

About a month after he joined Userpedia, he decided to join the Userpedia forums. He's not very active there, as many other people aren't. He joined on August 15, 2011, and his current name there is Supremo78.

An Official The 'Shroom Writer!

Supremo eventually wanted to write for The 'Shroom. He looked on the sign up page for it, and saw that the Guess Who! position was open. He wanted to do that, so he immediately contacted Gamefreak75 on the MarioWiki forums to apply, on August 10, 2011. He also applied for Boxart Of the Month, but Baby Mario Bloops got the job instead of Supremo.

10 days later, on August 20, 2011, Gamefreak told Supremo on the forums he got the job. Supremo was really excited, he even made a thread about him getting the job. In the awards later that year, Supremo won the Golden Bowser Award.

Conveniently, the next issue of The 'Shroom was on August 20th, so his first release was published.

The 2nd Name Change

On the Super Mario Wiki, Supremo78 decided he wanted another name change. He wanted to be renamed S78 because he liked that nickname for him that some people use including him (he started the phrase "That Cool Guy S78"). So, on August 27, 2011, he requested the name change, and Walkazo did it for him.


Supremo retired on December 26, 2011, twenty three days after his one year anniversary. He popped in and out on the forums many times, and talking to some of his old friends when he decided to check and see how things were going. Right before Halloween, he announced he was going to be back, ending his 1 year, 10 months, and 4 day retirement period.



Userpedia Party

Supremo78 has a role in Userpedia Party as a playable character. He has many forms that he can turn to, but they have to be unlocked in order to play as Supremo78's other forms. However, Supremo78 in his regular form does not need to be unlocked.

Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!

Supremo is a playable character in the game, Wiki Kart: Double Dash!!. He is a large character, and he rides in karts alone.

Wiki vs. Zombies

Supremo was going to appear in Wiki vs. Zombies, but the idea was soon deleted when he retired.


The Real Life Wiki

Supremo78 appears in The Real Life Wiki as the main character. He was also the writer of the fanfiction until it was discontinued on December 26, 2011 starting his first retirement period.


The Four Kingdoms

Supremo as he appears in The Four Kingdoms.

In The Four Kingdoms, Supremo appears as a main character. Supremo is noted to be the strongest out of the four kings.


Supremo78's personality consists of many things. One of which being nice to people. He has been nice to just about everyone since his joining of the wiki on December 3, 2010, and continues to do so in the present day.

If you get on his nerves, however, he can get quite mean.

Relationships with Other Users


Ultramariologan was the first person he talked to on the wiki. Ultramariologan helped Supremo78 with wiki syntax and other wiki-related things. They became very good friends quickly, and are still friends to date.


MrConcreteDonkey was also one of the first people he talked to, and MrConcreteDonkey helped him with how to create userboxes. Although they do not communicate often today, he still appreciates his help in Supremo78's early days.


At first, Supremo viewed DKPetey99 as annoying, but they soon turned out to be great friends.


BaseballYoshi24 is one of Supremo's more recent friends. They became friends when Supremo made a thread on the MarioWiki Forums called "NBA Lockout". Supremo and Ralphfan were the only users who posted for a few posts, until BaseballYoshi24 joined in. After talking for awhile, BaseballYoshi and Supremo talked a lot via PM, sometimes even maxing out their PM limit.


Neptune and Supremo became very good friends right before Supremo retired. They often helped each other and exchanged ideas, and mostly joked around. They are still friends to date.



Supremo78 - Luigi Form

Supremo78 - Ganondorf Form

Supremo78 - Dr. Mario Form

Physical Appearance

Supremo in all his glory.

Supremo78 is (mostly) an inverse-color Petey Piranha. His head is cyan with dark red spots, and his mouth and body is purple. Four of his petals are green, and the rest are blue. His diaper is also cyan with black spots. Supremo78 recolored a Petey Piranha sprite in order to get the final product. However, he only used Photobucket, which he was surprised with how good it was when it came out.

He colored it with green, cyan, blue, and red because those are some of his favorite colors. If you're asking why he added some purple/pink, we wanted the Petey Piranha sprite to look "cosmicy".

Yes, he's that crazy. (Super Mario Galaxy is awesome)


<UltraMario> Toad85 thought I was female
<UltraMario> xD
<S78> LOl
<S78> XD

Supremo and UltraMario in #ultramariochat

[18:06] <Pinkie_Pie> :eekdance:
[18:06] <S78> eekdance post is eekdance
[18:06] <Pinkie_Pie> :mario:
[18:06] <S78> mario post is mario

Supremo78 and UltraMario3000 fooling around in #ultramariochat

<Eltario> owdkwcf£~VL3ewesdcvnme-w]d
<Eltario> what language is that?
<Eltario> anyone figure it out?
<Supremo{Hypnopetey}> Crapese?
<Eltario>LOL YEAH :D
<Eltario> LOL

Supremo78 and Eltario in #ultramariochat



  • Supremo78 is one of the few users on the MarioWiki to have only one reminder, and no warnings.
  • In real life, he has a Boston Terrier.
  • His birthday is the same as Abraham Lincoln's, February 12.
  • Supremo lives in Texas, just like Smasher.

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