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Tabuu, in his usual appearance.
Member of: Super Mario Wiki (mostly inactive)
Mario Wiki Forums (active)
Userpedia (active)
Userpedia Forums
The Xephyr Boards (active)
Rank Former Userpedian Bureaucrat, temporarily Steward
Current Userpedian Sysop
Global Moderator on Userpedia Forums
User on MarioWiki Forums and Xephyr
Gender Male
Allies Anybody that wants to be friends. In particular, Scarecrow's my inspiration, Walkazo's my critic, Alex25's my best friend, and finally, Anton, and Javelin have been invaluable friends- maybe even brothers- to me.
Likes Video games, Good anime and manga, pornography, and punk rock. Also, Team Fortress 2. And good fiction. And other stuff.
Dislikes Depression, lack of motivation, cheating girlfriends, and bad fanfics.
Theme(s) Normal: Lights Out, by Mindless Self Indulgence.

Depression: Blue, by Serj Tankian.

Particularly Motivated: We Are Finally Cowboys, by Masafumi Takada.

Aliases Paint It Black, Tabuu, Don't Fear, Blue
Age 16

some users are vulgar and offensive

Pikfan, perfectly summarizing the subject of this article.

Tabuu, currently known as Gray Mann on the MarioWiki and Travis Touchdown on theUserpedia forums, is a former Userpedian Bureaucrat, current Userpedian Sysop, and the author of many stories of varying quality, the likes of which include Typical Tragedy, Aviate, Safety, The Resolutions of 132, and a bunch of other bullshit he's ashamed that he ever wrote. Despite his hatred of anything he's ever written, however, his stories are usually noteworthy insights into his life and his state of mind at the time of writing them.

He's also infamous for writing reboots, the latest of which include Project Aviate, a reboot of Safety, Aviate and other abandoned story concepts, as well as P-132, a reboot of The Resolutions of 132 (which, in itself, was a reboot of a reboot of a trilogy) and Typical Tragedy.

Humble Beginnings

What You Gonna Do About It Old Man!!

Megaleg132 to Xzelion, which, in hindsight, was not such a good idea.

In 2008/9 (the time isn't exactly clear), Tabuu (then known as Megaleg132) made his first appearance in the original #mariowiki (before Uniju took it over and before it was replaced with #mwchat) with an intention to spam the Wiki. However, it being the first IRC he'd ever been on, he became very interested. He quickly developed a grudge against Xzelion, who kicked him from the chatroom for continuing to use Caps Lock when directly instructed not to.


Hello everybody!My Name is Tabuuownsall132x2[a.k.a. that Tabuu guy,SUPER NAKED BUTTERFLY MAN!!!!!!!!!,and rarely Tabs. I will only be on chat RARELY but if you are one of my few freinds contact me!!

Tabuu seen posting a going-away message. On Porplemontage's talk page. For some reason.

Sometime after, Tabuu made an actual account- Tabuuownsall132, which he promptly lost the password to and then made another, which was called Tabuuownsall132x2, beginning a long-running tradition of long, frustrating usernames.

He befriended Palkia and Neurario during this time, having battles of apparently epic scale in IRC with the former and friendly conversation with the latter, who he believed to be female. Stooben Rooben provided guidance to Tabuu and became an idol in his eyes. It should be noted that the latter's dependence on the former after that became quite apparent.

Welcome to Userpedia (Adriels)

It's out now. Three Chapters So Far, Scarecrow. Please Check it Out for Me. I need criticism.

Tabuu going to Scarecrow for feedback. The beginning of a long cycle of review-whoring that continues to this day.

Tabuu's arrival to Userpedia was marked by a sudden decrease in quality text fictions- not that those had been particularly popular at the time.

Tabuu was approached by Scarecrow within his first few days as a Userpedia user for an appearance in the finale of Coded Logs, where he appeared as a scythe-wielding man who fought against the Wayoshi-possessed Porplemontage. This appearance inspired Tabuu's first stories and his appearance as a user overall- even now, nearly all depictions of Tabuu include a scythe, a trend finally broken by Tabuu's own Typical Tragedy.

Tabuu's first stories were infamous for their egocentric plot, depictions of romance with Neurario and later Grapes, and an overall sloppy writing style. They steadily improved, and even with the negative aspects, praise was given to certain parts of the stories- detailed fight scenes were practically his signature at the time.

Tabuu's relationships with other users greatly affected his behavior and actions on the Wiki- for a period of time, he was in an open relationship with Neurario and Grapes. It was at this time that he was working on the original 132 Trilogy, stories that formed the basis of 132 REDUX and The Resolutions of 132 and were his aforementioned first works. They were typed on his Wii, so there was a notable amount of effort put forth in their creation. Tabuu's "noob-phase" was nearing its end at this time, but he was notably cheerful with the presence of Neurario and Grapes in his life.

After a certain incident, however, Neurario ended up leaving the community. This temporarily degraded Tabuu's positivity, but he seemingly recovered from it without a hitch and continued on his way.

Certain incidents with Grapes led to him interacting with Stooben, which, in turn, led to a closer friendship between the two- and a stronger admiration on Tabuu's part. Stooben and Scarecrow were unknowingly idolized in Tabuu's eyes, something that drove many of his actions for the years to come and caused him to take some of their decisions rather personally.

Emotionally secure wasn't exactly a term fit for Tabuu- but he was noted for his talent and activity rate, which led to his promotion to Sysop and later Bureaucrat. After Stooben passed on the rank of Steward to Scarecrow and Tabuu was promoted to 'Crat alongside Scarecrow's brother, KingAbra, Tabuu and Scarecrow's relationship became quite strained- which led to, among other things, Tabuu revealing that Scarecrow was a reformed sockpuppet of Murzon.

Tabuu's relationship with Grapes was also becoming strained- especially after the latter started sockpuppeting as Smiley The Hun, somebody who clashed with Tabuu quite often- and after a week-long breakup, Tabuu's "noob-phase" was finally ended.

But what came next was much worse.

Paint It Black

I'm nothing.

Tabuu, at the onset of his depression.

While Tabuu's actual depression began with his troubles with an abusive stepfather at home, there wasn't much evidence of it until his rename to Paint It Black in November of 2009. The name is the title of a song by The Rolling Stones and was a reference to how Crocodile Dippy, during his own phase of depression, changed his name to Black Hole Sun, after the song by Soundgarden.

With the name change to Paint It Black- even after he and Grapes had made amends- his characteristic optimism and naivety was snuffed out, replaced by a grim outlook on life and a furious distrust of anyone that wasn't himself. Scarecrow's clashes with him made this worse- in his eyes, it justified his newfound system of beliefs, and, as one of the main active members of Userpedian administration, he began to abuse his power and torment anybody he could, including the "n00bs" who were joining Userpedia at this time, as he thought they needed a wake-up call to how the world really was.

Because of his power abuse, general negative behavior, and dramatic, impulsive actions, he was eventually stripped of his ranks and suggested a ban from Userpedia. He got what he asked for and stayed away for about a week, taking the time needed to recuperate and rethink the path he was going down.

Lights Out

Tabuu is actually quite friendly with most people, but he's notably cynical and sarcastic, which has led to him having strained relationships with certain users.

When he does focus on antagonizing somebody, he actually prefers a more subtle passive-aggressive approach- if he's openly flaming and mocking somebody, he actually lacks strong feelings on the matter. He tends to overdramatize his reactions to certain events- intentionally or not, which has led to him being called an attention whore- and he has a short temper, especially when it comes to areas involving writing and fiction.

Tabuu has been classified with emotional and social disorders, but he usually acts just as sane as everybody else. However, he's notably paranoid about the community's opinion on him- and if he's even slightly accurate, he'll assume the worst.

He's affectionate and friendly with his allies, but he's also notably clingy, which in itself has led to the end of many friendships and has actually made him a few enemies in turn.

He's prone to sudden mood swings and is almost always dealing with depression, but he tries to project a friendly, stable image to the community and his friends.

Whether or not he succeeds is a matter of opinion.

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