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Hypnotoad is a user at the Userpedia forum. So he's not a non-user, right? - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF

Pretty sure he is, though. Users have to be a member of the site, not the forums, correct? Mileycyrussoulja(T|C) 18:29, 16 March 2011 (PDT)

I'm only a member of the Mario Wiki forums and the Userpedia Forums. Does that mean I'm a non-user? O_o - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF

You're a member of here too. -_- MrConcreteDonkey(T|C) 00:36, 17 March 2011 (PDT)
Well no DERP. Of course I am. - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF
Look, he's not a a member of the wiki, per se, and should be switched back to Non-User.

Mileycyrussoulja(T|C) 16:58, 19 March 2011 (PDT)

Edofenrir said: "This is silly. He is an op of #userpedia, which is considered part of UP and the extended MaW community. Per definition, that makes him a user, even without a wiki account." Now what else needs to be discussed? - Puddin (T|C) PuddinSig 2014-12-20.GIF
I thought I had an account, but I guess I didn't, BUT NOW I DO SO YAY!  :D Hypnotoad(T|C)


Yo I would like to know if you as a steward could add a catagory:guilds to the wiki hotbar under 'users' signed BroccollyGuy(T|C) 03:06, 24 October 2017 (UTC)