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Tetrishroom Artwork.PNG
A grey mushroom shaped like a funnel Tetrimino.
First Appearance The Three Mushketeers - #71.
Latest Appearance The Three Mushketeers - #120.

Effect on the User

They are not intended to be eaten, so Tetriminos will start painfully appearing the the user's stomach for a short period of time.


A Tetrishroom is a grey Mushroom with the appearance of a Tetrimino. The Tetrishroom has two uses. Holding it in the air for a few seconds will cause Tetriminos to appear and create a pathway. Dropping a Tetrishroom on the ground will cause giant Tetriminos to fall from the sky and crush foes.

Tetrishroom Sprites.PNG
Tetrishroom sprites in three styles. No
permission required and no credit required
for Mason. Credit GoombaX for the M&L
styled one which uses his sprite as a base.

Tetrishrooms are found in factories, cities, sewers and construction sites but can also be found around other locations from time to time. They are not intended to be eaten. Anyone who does happen to eat one is prone to horrible side-effects.

Improper Usage