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A classic version of the 'Shroom logo.

The 'Shroom is the newspaper for the Super Mario Wiki. It was created in 2006, and was relatively small at the time, but has since grown immensely, covering a variety of topics and the amount of writers increasing. Its current director is Meta Knight and the Sub-director is Superchao.


HK-47 and Wayoshi

The 'Shroom was originally created by HK-47, who also became the first director de facto, but after a few issues Wayoshi took over, much to the distaste of HK, who was made Editor-in-Chief, grammar corrector of all articles.

After Wayoshi resigned from his duties as an Administrator, he also resigned as the Director of The 'Shroom, and HK then took over for the next issue as the third director, and first director to have the position non consecutively.


However, HK quickly left after only doing one issue, and HK's Editor-in-Chief and friend, Plumber was de facto in charge and appointed himself the fourth Director. As Director, Plumber changed much of the sign-up status and also changed the image of The 'Shroom slightly, using the classic 'Shroom logo that HK-47 had originally proposed. His Editor-in-Chiefs were Xzelion, and later Beanbean, but Plumber then abolished the post, stating that anyone could correct for grammar. Plumber planned to retire soon, but delayed until he could think of a reasonable way to improve how Directors were selected, as he didn't like being forced to take the role after HK had left. After much thought, Plumber devised Director's Elections to make The 'Shroom more democratic, and retired shortly after.


Many candidates ran during the first Director's Election, the candidates being Fly Guy 2, Luigibros2, MasterAsh1, Bloc Partier, Glowsquid, and the former director Wayoshi. Glowsquid won the first Director Election by a huge majority (18 votes); most other candidates only got one vote (except for Wayoshi, who received 5 votes). During Glowsquid's term, many writers retired, got fired, or turned in their sections late; even causing an issue to actually come out extremely late.

Also, Glowsquid created the Sub-Director position for the 19th (August 2008) issue to manage the Single Page and archive, and appointed Garlic Man to the position. After his term, a few people ran for the position in the following Director Election, the candidates being Stooben Rooben, Tucayo, Lucas64bat, and Garlic Man (the sub-director at the time).

Stooben Rooben and Tucayo

First Term

Stooben Rooben won the election by a landslide, with him receiving 47 votes, Garlic Man taking 3 votes, Lucas64bat not getting any votes, and Tucayo getting 5 votes. Stooben became the sixth Director, but held the position for 3 issues until he resigned due to personal reasons, and gave the position to his Sub-Director, Tucayo, and was appointed as the third Sub-Director.

It was only a few issues later, though, when Tucayo announced that he and Stooben were switching positions again, making Stooben Rooben the eighth director and second user to hold the position non consecutively; and making Tucayo the fourth sub-director, and the first user to hold the position non consecutively.

They then switched again, which added a bit of confusion to whom to send the sections to. As months went by, Tucayo and Stooben Rooben approved new teams such as the Fun Stuff Team (Stooben Rooben approved), Music & Artwork Team (both Tucayo and Stooben approved), and the Pipe Plaza team (which was approved by all of the Core Staff members).

The Editor-In-Chief position was reinstated to fix coding and grammar problems in the paper. The system at the time was a person who was interested in becoming Editor-In-Chief would themselves, and the Core Staff (Director, Sub-director, and Sub-team directors) voted on the nominated candidates, with the user with the most support being appointed to the position. Yoshario was elected as Editor-in-Chief in late 2009, although he was extremely inactive.

Second Term

The next Director's Election rolled around, with the candidates being Stooben Rooben (sub-director at the time), Tucayo (Director at the time), and Super Mario Bros. (former Music & Artwork Director and current Pipe Plaza director). After the election, Stooben was declared the winner for the second election in a row, and officially became Director on January 7th, 2010. Stooben received 21 votes, with SMB receiving 14 and Tucayo getting 10. Stooben appointed Tucayo as Sub-director and replaced Yoshario with Ralphfan to fill in as Editor-In-Chief until a replacement was found. The old system of users nominating themselves was abolished, and 2257 was selected as the Editor-in-Chief in February 2010.

During this era, the application policy (which requires Core Staff members to interview a user that is applying to their team) is strictly enforced. Many users were also caught and warned for plagiarism in their sections. The background of The 'Shroom changes every 3 months to Mushrooms colored to match the season it is released in (Winter is light blue, Spring is light green, Summer is light red, and the Fall background is not public yet). Special guests are often invited to write sections for the paper. Although there was a "drought of writers" in the beginning of this era, the paper has picked up more activity in recent times.

A notable inclusion is the first Poll Committee Chairperson Election in Issue XXIX (June 2010). The results of this election determine who takes charge of the Poll Committee that was created to create polls to put up on the Main Page, a job that previously had belonged to Stooben Rooben and Porplemontage. SMB ran against Marioguy1, and had received all of the votes and went on to become Poll Committee Chairman; with Stooben being appointed as the Vice-Chairman.

Halfway through his term a 'Shroom Director, Stooben Rooben went into periods of activity, which mainly put the paper into Tucayo's hands (although SMB had directed one issue when both Tucayo and Stooben weren't able to). The Core Staff's power also grew, and SMB, Marioguy1, and Ralphfan became prominent and influential in the staff. This would set the stage for the Director Election 2010, in which Stooben and Tucayo both decided not to run.

In 2010, Tucayo hosted the first 'Shroom Mafia (Lounge).

Super Mario Bros.

First Term

Super Mario Bros. won the Director Election in 2010, with 2257 as his Sub-Director (and the position of Editor-in-Chief being merged with Sub-Director). Among other things, SMB sought to increase The 'Shroom's representation

Soon after, a separate namespace on the Wiki for The 'Shroom was created. Additionally, a new Core Staff position, Statistics Manager, was created - the first to take on the role was Ralphfan. Additionally, in this year, The 'Shroom began using seasonal backgrounds.

During 2011, The 'Shroom celebrated its 50th issue, Issue L. In this issue, Section of the Month was reintroduced - one section from the issue would be selected by the Core Staff. The first SOTM winner was Gamefreak75, with Fake Ads. A feedback survey was also included in the issue, and there was a chat party in #mwshroom to coincide with the release. Additionally, The 'Shroom Werewolf (Lounge) was hosted by Tucayo.

Also in Issue L, The 'Shroom Spotlight was introduced. Founded by Xzelion and coordinated by Marioguy1, the aim of the project was to focus on one game every month and expand or create articles about it - the monthly section in The 'Shroom being used to review the progress and announce the next game. However, due to lack of participation, the project was abandoned after just a few issues. Another new Core Staff position was established, Affiliates Manager - who would represent The 'Shroom to potential affiliates and also run The 'Shroom's social media, with Stooben taking on the role.

In September 2011, Issue LIV, a special issue centered around the Mario Awards, was released. In this issue, 2257 resigned as Sub-Director, and in the next issue then-Fake News director Mr. Edo was announced as his replacement. As of 2017, a special issue based on the Awards has been released every year since.

The final issue of the year, Issue LVII, saw the first End-of-the-Year Awards.

Second Term

In 2011's Director Election, Super Mario Bros. ran against Marioguy1 and Tucayo, eventually winning by three votes. During this election, three debates were held in #mwshroom.

For his second term, SMB sought to, among other things, increase The 'Shroom's social media presence, revamp the About and Archives page, host regular staff meetings and attract new writers by simplifying the policies on the Sign Up page and creating new positions for writers to sign up for. Mr. Edo and Ralphfan kept their roles, and Crocodile Dippy became Affiliates Manager. Tucayo was given the new role of Social Networking Manager.

In Issue LX, Ralphfan left his position, leading Tucayo to become Statistics Manager and the position of Social Networking Manager to be merged with Affiliates Manager. In he same issue, then-Pipe Plaza director Marioguy1 was appointed in the new role of Activities Manager. Additionally, in this issue, Section of the Month began to be determined by the readers rather than the Core Staff.

During the year, Marioguy1 hosted 'Shroom Mafia II (Lounge).

In July 2012, the special issue Issue 64 was released. The issue was centered around the Nintendo 64, with each sub-team themed around a different Nintendo 64 game. In this issue, a new sub-team, Critic Corner was introduced. Critic Corner contained all of the review and opinion sections, many of which having been moved from the Main Team. Crocodile Dippy was its first director, and her previous position of Affiliates Manager was abolished.

Alongside thirteen special sections (including one collaborative section by the Core Staff), there was another feedback survey and the front page, calendar and About page were revamped. Additionally, as of Issue 64, each sub-team had its own Section of the Month, voted for by the readers, in addition to an overall Section of the Month decided by the Core Staff.

The final issue of the year included events such as a chat party, a Scavenger Hunt and a Team Fortress 2 tournament, as well as an early version of 'Shroom Achievements, which wouldn't be fully implemented until later.

Super Mario Bros. and Tucayo

The 2012 election was close, with both Super Mario Bros. and Tucayo switching between first and second place. By the end, SMB won with 16 votes to Tucayo's 14. However, after the election SMB named Tucayo as his co-director, taking on duties formerly taken on by the Sub-Director as well as working together with SMB to make decisions for the paper.

RandomYoshi was appointed Statistics Manager, and Smasher was appointed Activities Manager. While the two initially had no Sub-Director, it was decided the position was needed and in Issue LXXIII Mr. Edo took on the role again. In the same issue, the 'Shroom Spotlight was reintroduced, and Shokora was appointed 'Shroom Spotlight Manager. Additionally, RandomYoshi resigned and Mario4Ever became the new Statistics Manager. In the same month, a Manual of Style for The 'Shroom was created, giving tips and guidelines on areas such as section size and formatting. The Archives and Sign-Up pages were also revamped.

Issue LXXV was released in June 2013, and was a special issue based around games Gamefreak75 liked, with each sub-team taking a different game. In the next issue, Music & Artwork was renamed Palette Swap, and given a revamp.

In the next issue, Mr. Edo resigned as Sub-Director and 2257 took on the role. Soon after, 2257 resigned and was replaced by Turboo. Additionally, Smasher and then-Fun Stuff director Superchao switched positions, making Smasher Fun Stuff director and Perch Activities Manager.


In the 2013 Director Election, Superchao won uncontested. Turboo and Mario4Ever stayed on as Sub-Director and Statistics Manager. Yoshi876 and GBAToad became co-directors of the 'Shroom Spotlight. However, both Activities Manager and Fun Stuff Director remained unfilled until the next issue, when Marshal Dan Troop and New Super Mario were respectively appointed to these positions.

One of Superchao's new policies was allowing applications for vacant staff positions. He also sought to continue with the archival project started by his predecessors and crack down on deadlines.

In July 2014, a special issue, Issue LXXVIII, was released, themed around Mario Kart 8. In September 2014, GBAToad stepped down as co-director of the 'Shroom Spotlight.

Super Mario Bros.

Fourth Term

Super Mario Bros. won 2014's Director Election uncontested, with Mr. Edo as his running mate. Mario4Ever, Marshal Dan Troop and Yoshi876 carried on in their positions. SMB's plans for the year included increasing outreach and planning for the hundredth issue. This included using Facebook, Twitter and email to connect to readers, and setting up a suggestions box for Issue 100. In Issue XCIX, Turboo became co-Statistics Manager alongside Mario4Ever.

Issue 100, The 'Shroom's biggest issue to date, was released in July 2015. It was dedicated to Satoru Iwata, the recently deceased President of Nintendo. In the issue, a new sub-team, Strategy Wing, was introduced, offering tips, tricks and other information about games. Stooben Rooben returned as its director. As with Critic Corner's introduction, many existing sections were incorporated into it, and all of the remaining Main Team sections were sorted into other sub-teams. The paper also underwent a graphical overhaul, courtesy of Mr. Edo, Crocodile Dippy and 2257. Additionally, Fake News, Fun Stuff and Palette Swap held contests, and a second Ultimate Character Tournament began.

To coincide with the 100th issue, 'Shroom Mafia III (Lounge) was hosted by Stooben Rooben. The game began in October 2015, and, for certain reasons, finished in June 2016.

In December 2015, Mario4Ever resigned as co-Statistics Manager and was replaced by RandomYoshi.

Fifth Term

SMB ran again in the 2015 election and won uncontested. RandomYoshi became Sub-Director, with Tucayo taking over as Statistics Manager and Superchao as Activities Manager. 2257 and Mr. Edo were also given the roles of Programming Manager and Graphic Design Manager, respectively.

Issue 107 was released in February 2016, and was the year's first special issue, had a special Zelda and Pokémon theme, including a guest section from a ZeldaWiki administrator.

In June 2016, Issue 111 was released, and dedicated to the late Walkazo. It included many tributes and memories, alongside special sections.

In Issue 111, SMB resigned from his position as Director.

RandomYoshi and Superchao

After SMB resigned, RandomYoshi became Director in Issue 112, with Superchao becoming his Sub-Director whilst still Activites Manager. In August 2016, Shokora returned as co-director of the 'Shroom Spotlight.

Starting in Issue 112, each sub-team began running a mini-survey about that particular team's content, one team per issue. In Issue 114, the Ultimate Music Battle, a collaborative project with Mario's Castle, an Italian Mario fansite.

In Issue 116, Superchao took over from RandomYoshi as acting Director, with Meta Knight becoming Sub-Director.

Meta Knight

In the 2016 election, Meta Knight won uncontested with Superchao as his running mate. All other Core Staff were unchanged.

Issue 123, released in June 2017, was a special issue celebrating 25 years of Wario.

In September 2017, the Activites Manager position was retired.

The first 'Shroom Killing Game (Lounge) began in December 2017, and, as of December 31st, is still ongoing.

Sub-Teams and Other Projects

Fake News

The Fake News section was created by WarioLoaf, but he became inactive and Confused was appointed as the new director of the Fake News. During his term, the Fake News made several upgrades, such as getting more users involved by adding sections written by them. After Confused left, he appointed Xzelion to the position, and he added a few more sections. However, Xzelion retired shortly after, and 3Dejong was left in charge, but due to him being inactive, Stooben Rooben took over, who also retired shortly after due to becoming the director of the 'Shroom itself. Glitchman than took over but he retired before directing a single issue and was replaced by Xpike, with Ralphfan later becoming co-director with him. It was later on when Xpike was fired, leaving Ralphfan as the director. In April 2010, due to Ralph's forum account being suspended (mainly for going off-topic), SMB assisted in directing the issue.

In February 2011, Ralph was appointed as Statistics Manager, so Mr. Edo became the director of Fake News. Under Edo, the Fake News underwent a design overhaul, with many sections being renamed. In October 2011, when Edo was appointed as Sub-Director to replace 2257, MrConcreteDonkey became Fake News director. As of December 31st 2017, MCD is still director of Fake News, having been in the position for over six years.

Fun Stuff

The Fun Stuff section of The 'Shroom was originally just a cluster of sections that individual writers made without a leader in 2007 (although Plumber mostly started the section), and it consisted of many of the sections that make up the team today. When Stooben Rooben took control of The 'Shroom in 2009, he developed the Fun Stuff section into an official team and appointed Volke as the team director. Volke would hold the position for more than a year, when he retired from the wiki and The 'Shroom; Tucayo took control of the section as he was the team's biggest contributor and (as Volke would even say in an interview) unofficially second-in-charge of the section.

During Super Mario Bros.'s first and second terms as 'Shroom Director, Gamefreak75 directed Fun Stuff, retiring at the end of the second. Marshal Dan Troop took over in Issue LXXI, before retiring in Issue LXXVI and being replaced by Superchao. Superchao himself only directed three issues before switching positions with Smasher, who directed Fun Stuff until Issue LXXXI.

After Smasher, New Super Mario took over but retired shortly after, only directing two issues. Super Mario Bros. took over Fun Stuff after that. From Issues XCV to 106, Palkia47 (having previously directed Critic Corner) directed the Fun Stuff, co-directing his last two issues with Superchao. After Palkia47, Andymii took over until Issue 124, after which Lord Bowser was appointed as director. As of December 31st 2017, he still holds this position.

Palette Swap

Initially a concept thought up by SMB to expand The 'Shroom, Palette Swap (previously known as Music & Artwork) is a team that was created around mid-2009. After getting it approved by the leading staff, SMB directed the team for one issue, after which he appointed YellowYoshi127 as his co-director, and Paper Pikachu became the Suggestions Receptionist (which can be considered the sub-director of the team). SMB and YellowYoshi127 continued co-directing until SMB left to pursue the creation of the Pipe Plaza team of The 'Shroom.

Upon leaving, SMB abolished the Suggestions Receptionist position and moved Paper Pikachu up to co-director. After another few issues, YellowYoshi127 resigned; leaving the section in the hands of Paper Pikachu. Only after directing two issues, the sole director's computer seemingly got a virus, and left The 'Shroom without any Music & Artwork sections for two months. Displeased to see the state of the team, SMB came back and announced himself as the team's co-director.

From Issue XLVII to Issue LXI, Fawfulfury65 directed Music & Artwork. Partway into Super Mario Bros. second term as 'Shroom Director, Smasher took over as Music & Artwork director until Issue LXX. In Issue LXXI, FunkyK38 became director of Music & Artwork. The section was renamed Palette Swap in Issue LXXV, and the section began to focus towards including more creative content. As of December 31st, 2017, FunkyK38 still directs Palette Swap, having been in the position for nearly five years.

Pipe Plaza

Pipe Plaza, named after a now-defunct project on the Wiki that largely served the same purpose, contains sections relating to the Wiki and extended community. The section was introduced in Issue XXXIII with Super Mario Bros. as its director, though two issues later he was joined by a co-director, Marioguy1. From Issue XLVII to LX, MG1 was the team's sole director. From Issue LXI to XC, Paper Yoshi directed the Pipe Plaza. From Issue LXXXVI he was joined by Yoshi876 as a co-director. Yoshi876 became the sole director from Issue XCI until Issue 129.

As of December 31st, 2017, Yoshi876 has just retired as Pipe Plaza director, having spent over three years in the position. The next director has yet to be appointed.

Critic Corner

Critic Corner was introduced in Issue 64 to contain all the review and opinion sections of The 'Shroom. Crocodile Dippy was its first director, holding the position until Issue LXXIX. After Dippy, Palkia47 directed the team until Issue XCIV. Dippy returned as director in the next term, resigning in Issue 111. Since then, Hypnotoad has directed Critic Corner - and still holds this position, as of December 31st, 2017.

Strategy Wing

Strategy Wing was introduced in Issue 100, containing tips, tricks and other information about games, many of its sections having been moved from the Main Team. Stooben Rooben directed it from Issues 100 to 111. In Issue 112, Meta Knight became the team's director, a role he has continued in ever since, even despite becoming director of The 'Shroom. As of December 31st, 2017, he still holds this position.

The 'Shroom Spotlight

The 'Shroom Spotlight began as an idea from Xzelion in 2011, to focus on improving articles related to one game per month. It was suggested that integrating the idea with The 'Shroom would increase community engagement.

The section debuted in Issue L, but - despite a regular mention in the Director's Notes for the following months - the project was soon abandoned. About two years later, in Issue LXXIII, the project was relaunched, managed by Shokora. From Issue LXXVII onwards, the 'Shroom Spotlight began to focus on specific improvements to specific articles, rather than just a single game.

In Issue LXXXII, GBAToad and Yoshi876 took over as co-'Shroom Spotlight Managers, though GBA resigned after Issue XC. In Issue 113, Shokora returned and become co-'Shroom Spotlight Manager with Yoshi876 until Issue 129.

Ultimate Character Tournament

The Ultimate Character Tournament was an event, originally led by Ralphfan, to determine the best character from many video game series series. Users choose the characters that will participate in the tournament and rank them according to their projected finish. The characters are then put in 1-on-1 polls in a knockout bracket.


234 characters were entered in the first Tournament. Ralphfan was helped mainly by Super Mario Bros., Marioguy1, and Super Luigi! Number one!, but he has also received a lot of help from Tehchomps and Tucayo. Palkia47, 2257, DarkHero Sonic the Dark, Master Lucario, Alex25, and Noahp89 also pitched in.


A second Ultimate Character Tournament was held in The 'Shroom's hundredth issue, with the bracket creaed by Super Mario Bros. with input from the Core Staff. The number of participants was lowered to 72, and included main characters from 30 different franchises. The tournament ended in Issue 107, with Yoshi crowned as the Ultimate Character.


While not another Ultimate Character Tournament, a similar tournament began in Issue 114 called the Ultimate Music Battle. This tournament was a collaboration with the Italian fansite Mario's Castle, and its aim was to determine the best song in the Mario series. The tournament was won by "In the Final" from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

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