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The Golden Yoshi

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The Golden Yoshi
Rank Wiki: Autoconfirmed User
Boards: Chain Chomp (4 Stars, Yellow)
UP: User
Location Victoria, Australia
Join date SMW: 1 January 2014
SMB: 4 April 2014
UP: 6 January 2016
Gender Male
Likes Soccer, Badminton, Video Games and Drawing.
Age 13 - April 7, 2003

The Golden Yoshi is a user from the Super Mario Wiki, Userpedia and the Super Mario Boards. You can usually find him online regularly. The Golden Yoshi first appeared on the Super Mario Wiki on January 1 2014 the Mario boards on April 4 2014 and Userpedia on January 6 2016. The Golden Yoshi is 13 years old, he currently is in 8th grade and is known for being smart, witty and for creating terrible puns.

As of his join date on both sites, The Golden Yoshi has had mixed activity. The Golden Yoshi recently swore an oath, to have more activity than ever and to be online everyday. The Golden Yoshi stuck to his oath and he has had a crap load of activity. Because he has to fit in his school, fanfic, gaming and internet time, sometimes The Golden Yoshi goes on a short hiatus. Although he tries to balance his time.


The Golden Yoshi first started exploring the Super Mario Wiki at around July 2011. On January 1 2014, he decided that it was time for him to become a user. He made a lot of mistakes, ranging from an overly large signature, to a load of unconstructive edits. The Golden Yoshi has become better and now is an experienced user. On April 4 2014, The Golden Yoshi found out that there was a forum. There too he made a lot of mistakes, but he has overcome them. On January 6 2016, The Golden Yoshi found Userpedia, so he obviously joined instantly.


The Golden Yoshi is approximately 5 foot 6, and 61 kg. He has long black hair and olive coloured skin. He usually wears jeans or tracksuit pants, a hoodie and a T-shirt.


The Golden Yoshi has Mind Powers. He can manipulate people's minds, and make them do random things.

Appearances in Fanfics

The Haunted Hotel

Since he is the creator, The Golden Yoshi makes his debut in Chapter 1. He has an alter ego known as 'Yoshiin' (Part 1-12). He is the witty member of the group. The Golden Yoshi uses his Mind powers to defeat his enemies.


  • The Golden Yoshi is currently writing a fanfiction, The Haunted Hotel.
  • The Golden Yoshi is 13 years old but is studying in 8th grade.
  • The Golden Yoshi was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD in May 2013.
  • The Golden Yoshi was almost a miscarriage.
  • The Golden Yoshi had a sibling who was a miscarriage.
  • The Golden Yoshi actually wants to be a mathematics teacher