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The Missing Link

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This title is false advertizing, the best comic is Insert your favorite comic here Epic Comic(Warning: May have been edited by TML)

The Missing Link and Pantaro Paratroopa
TML Userart.PNG

The Missing Link (also known as TML, Captain Obvious, RolfWafls and formerly known as Dry Bones) is a user on MarioWiki. His best friend on the wiki is Master Crash and lives with his adopted son Dry Bones Junior and his pet Mollar. He also fights for justice under his alter-ego, Captain Obvious. He Retired on July 16th. He has made various appearances in comics, such as in Wiki's End, Master Wikians and many others.


The Missing Link is the younger brother of Dry Bones. He is about 10 years younger than his bro. He is a different species than his brother because his father died 8 years after DB was born, so his mother remarried a person of her own species, Hylian. When TML was 6, both of his parents died in a deadly fire. Then the brothers where orphans. Then there is a big gap in his history, when none knows what happened. Later, when this family hasn't gone through enough, DB dies, so TML adopted DB's son, DB Jr..


On The Day of Mourning, The Missing Link (Then known as Dry Bones) started the Crash for bureaucrat Event. Later, he talked to Master Crash about his religion, which TML think might have been the reason Crash left Userpedia. TML, sad at this, also left Userpedia and plans to never come back there. The next day he got on AOL (Which he never does) and it said he had 4 e-mails, he checked them and they ALL said MC came back, one from MC himself, and the 3 others where sent by someone else. So after he realized MC came back, he rushed to Userpedia, logged on, got tons of messages, and told his buddy he was back.


TML is know to be nice most of the time, but sometimes if he is in a bad mood he will criticize the stupid stuff on the wiki, so he might say something mean like "I'm sorry but, this is ugly", or something like that. Even when he says something mean he says "I am evil", or something like that, which lets the person realize he isn't trying to be mean.


After Paper Jorge got the nickname Indiana Jorge in Chat, TML wanted a nickname in chat that was based off of one of the characters in the Indiana Jones movie series. Most of his favorite characters where taken (Shorty, Mutt, ect.) So he decided to pick the short lived, Satipo. Thus created, The Missing Satipo! Satipo died in the first 10 minutes of the first movie, so not many people know his name. Since he died very soon in the movie, TML (as TMS) often ends each of his sentences in chat with *gets shot* or *gets stabbed* as a joke for him dieing.

Relationships with other users

Master Crash

Master Crash is TML's best friend on the wiki. When Crash first joined the wiki (as SPL) he signed up for a comic, Aipom's to be exact. It was a fighting comic where he has users fight. TML (Known as Dry Bones at the time) also signed up. After a few issues, Crash had to fight TML. This comic created the friendship of TML and Crash. After Crash read the comic, he decided to talk to the other fighter, a complete stranger at the time. After they talked a little, they became instant friends. Ever since then, they still remain friends today. Their friend ship has gone though some hard times, like The Day of Mourning (as people call it), but they still remain best friends.


TML befriended Xze when he was new. They often talk though PMs on the forums. Even though TML has been on the wiki longer, Xze has been way more successful than him.

Pokemon DP

TML's most recent friend. They often talk in Chat and now they are working on a new fan game on Fantendo called, Super Smash Bros. Prime. But it is now canceled.




The Missing Link

It'-a me, the user formily know as DB!

The Missing Link

>:D,Garr me evil!

he Missing Link

What you talkin' bout Wikiguest?

The Missing Link acting as Gary Coleman

It need's more freakin' cowbell!

The Missing Link

I is in ur chat room, spammin' it up

The Missing Link

Nice, you finnaly overcomed the monster, LAZYNESS! He comes to me alot. He knows where I live :O

The Missing Link

His Wiki Card

The Missing Link. He's an orange Toon Link. He's nice usually, but can get a little mean. His attacks with his dangerous sword and bow and arrow. The Missing Link is also jealous of how Stooben Rooben is referred to the nicest user, but he's still friends with him.


  • Like some users, he is left handed. Interestingly, Link, the Zelda Character that TML resembles, is also left handed
  • He is a little jealous about people saying Stooben Rooben is the nicest user ever, he admitted it on a User Smash Bros. Attack! update. But that doesn't mean that they aren't friends.
  • He joined the same day YellowYoshi398 did. TML is the older of the two by around four hours.

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