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The Pyro Guy

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The Pyro Guy
Member of: Wiki

Super Mario Boards


Rank Autoconfirmed user (Mario Wiki)

• Awards Committee (MB)

• Poll Committee (MB)

Species Shy Guy
Location Land of Seeds and Motors (LOSAM)
Join date • February 27th 2015 (Mario Wiki)

• May 31st 2015 (Mario Boards)

• January 1st 2016 (Userpedia)

Gender Male
Likes Most things
Dislikes Whatever isn't in the above line.
Theme(s) Theif Shy Guy
Age 14

hey ho hey ho back into relevancy here we go

The Pyro Guy

The Pyro Guy (usually TPG or just Pyro Guy) is a male user on Mario Boards, Userpedia, and the Super Mario Wiki.


As a User

TPG joined the wiki on February 27th 2015, known as Shy Guy in a Bush, although it was changed to Pyro Guy shortly. In May 2015 he applied and was accepted to the 'Shroom, writing for "Upcoming Games". But only two issues in, he was blocked for two weeks and fired from the 'Shroom and the wiki for self-flaming with the aid of a friend, and for questioning the last warning given. Three weeks later, he returned and started to contribute mainly with images and sprites for galleries. In September, he rejoined the 'Shroom in "Picross" and later for "What's on the box?" and "Cooking Guide". In December, he became much more active on the forums and joined the Awards and Poll committees.

As a character

TPG works as a chef in New Wikisburg, running a restaurant named "The Perfect Grill". He first came to New Wikisburg to branch out his boss's food franchise, and is mildly successful- enough, at least, to buy a house. He uses his flamethrower for cooking, as he has an intense fear of ovens after being trapped inside one and accidentally creating an explosion inside of it.


The Pyro Guy is a Shy Guy with a long, pointed golden hood and light yellow cloak. The hood extends below the dark brown mask strap and forms below the mask. He does not wear a belt, and wears dark green shoes. The cloak has two cuts on both sides with stitch marks.


  • Flamethrower: TPG uses his primary weapon to cause widespread areas of fire. It has high range and spreads easily, and has a decent amount of fuel storage. The gas canister can be detached and thrown, and the nozzle can be swung in a club-like fashion, although this is not practical in any way.
  • Pyrokinesis: Used to create, manipulate, and destroy specific areas of heat and fire. It is ranged, and creating fire relies on his physical mass as a source of energy. This is why he has a flamethrower; it can provide lots of fire without using energy.


TPG relies on his power when fighting, and has high HP to make up for his low defense. He also uses his pyrokinesis regularly, as it is his strongest attack.

The Pyro Guy

Relationships with other users

Lord Bowser

Despite his multiple attempts at killing The Pyro Guy (including lynching, permabanning, forking, uninstalling and probably more), they consider each other to be good friends. They usually play the role of each other's servant, and create pictures for each other, fill up their personal messages box, bump each other's ask threads, etc. TPG even agreed to include him as a character in MarioWiki Saga half a year after he closed sign ups.

Roy Koopa

These two are good friends and usually do favors for each other.


<gallery> File:TPGSprites.png|Sprite sheet File:ThePyroGuyHoH.png|Old artwork File:ThePyroGuyArtwork.png File:MWS-talk-tpg1.gif|Talk sprite from MarioWiki Saga File:TPG-fireball_throw.gif|Animation of The Pyro Guy throwing a fireball (click to view).