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The Resolutions of 132

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The Resolutions of 132 is the latest fan-fiction on Userpedia authored by Tabuuownsall132x2. It is a reboot of the popular 132 series by the same author. It has been officially released for reading as of January 1, 2011, after its announcement on the finale of User Soup.

This story has usage of strong language, violence, and vague suggestive themes. You have been warned.

Don't Read This If You Haven't Finished The Actual Story.

  • Dark Is Not Evil - However, like the light-based attacks, the strongest variations are generally used by or at least originated from the higher-ranking baddies.
  • Knight Templar - The WikiMedians, at least from what is known of them so far.
  • Light Is Not Good - Heavily emphasized- while light-related abilities generally stay within the Cynds and higher-ranking Users (High-level Sysops at the very least, Stewards at the most) the strongest light-based moves are used by the more villainous people- Ruin, Lust, and Evoltsul, to name a few.
  • Well Intentioned Extremist - Ruin.

Did you know...?

  • That this is the third reboot of 132 so far, and in all the fifth written 132 fanfiction?
  • That the Mastermind Troll goes by a different name in this universe, along with the one he is commonly known by?
  • That in his earliest planning stages, Nalia Cynd was meant to be a villain?