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The Shadow Siege

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The Shadow siege is a comic made by Sailor Productions. This is the companies first comic and as such many do not expect great things from it.


In the Plot, their are two different sets of adventures.

Link the Sailor and Master Gallade

This adventure starts out when you see a Sneasel try to sneak off Dream Island and Master Gallade tries to stop him. Sneasel beats him and escapes off the Island. You see him boast to his "Master" about how he "Got it". Later the Island is attacked by a airship, and LTS and MG climb up a rope to attempt to stop it.

Ultima Bahumat and KingAbra

This story kicks off by telling how Haxor Yoshi attacks Ultima at his HQ. Ultima quickly stops him but haxor plants a bomb on his back. KingAbra then shows up to tell Ultima that "Something Terrible has happened".


Heavy Mole Editions

The Heavy Mole Editions of TSS is a parody made by LTS's brother, Peachycakes 3.14. It depicts the normal comic except for in every panel a heavy mole has been added to make the comic more funny. It also has some other slight changes.


  • In Issue 2 of the Heavy Mole Edition, PB is supposed to stand for Paint Blob