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The War

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The War is a story made by Sailor Productions. Sign ups are on the talk page.


I dedicate this story to Tabuuownsall132x2. I do this for one reason. You see, I was deliberating about the pros and cons of making a story. I already had my hands full, and I thought it would be the one feather that would tip me over, but then I read The Redemption of 132. I saw that a story could be fun to write, look good and not take that long. That is what inspired my to write The War. That is also why I dedicate it to him.


The basic outline of the plot is as follows; the wiki is attacked by a mysterious force that breaks open the Spam fault and releases all the trolls (how original). It also mind controls a bunch of users to do its bidding. During this, a armada attacks Dream Island and Link the Sailor is forced to fight for to survive. In preparation to this attack, he sent all his non-combatants to sysop tower, not realizing until too late that it was under the clutches of this madman. It is then up to him and a group of friends to rescue them and defeat the controller.

Point of view

It is in Link the Sailor's point of view for most of the story, but it will differ throughout.


The War: Episode One

The War: Episode Two

The War: Episode Three

The War: Episode Four

The War: Episode Five