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Time Q

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Time Q about to ban a troll.

Time Q is a former Sysop (12 April, 2008 - 2 October, 2010) and former Bureaucrat (1 December, 2008 - 2 October, 2010) on the MarioWiki, known for his maintenance and Proposal work. His sprites resemble a green Magikoopa with a clock on his head. He was always acknowledged as great editor, especially by Glowsquid, who constantly stated he should be promoted. Time Q was eventually promoted by RAP to replace the inactive Sysop, Phoenix Rider. He is one of the Wiki's oldest Users, being 19 years of age, and is also a fan of the band Muse. Time Q is one of the few Users to read and make articles on Club Nintendo, and does excessive work on Featured Articles, something most other Users, and even Sysops, ignore. He was demoted due to not being active over four months.

According to legend, Time Q left the MarioWiki to places uncharted. It is uncertain that he will return.


Wiki's End

Time Q makes a cameo appearance in Wiki's End, Chapter 7, Part 2 and Chapter 8, Part 1.

Master Wikians

He is supposed to appear in Master Wikians as a minor character.

1 Wiki Millenia

He appeared in 1 Wiki Millenia with Kingbowser99 and Scarecrow von Steuben as a main Character. Throughout this comic, he is thought to be the main character, however, it is revealed that he is tutoring the new troll king, Bern Wigoks. He is murdered by Bern near the end.

It Began With a Dream

Time Q appeared as a minor character in Marioguy1's story It Began With a Dream where he was one of the many users lost in battle. He got lost along with SolarBlaze and Phoenix Rider. Apparently, Time Q was the tech support of the new MarioWiki. At the end the new MarioWiki users freed him from the prison in the troll base before joining forces to attack Rudnicki.

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