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Rank User, Former Chat back-up Op
Species Toadbert
Location New Wikisburg
Gender Male
Allies himself
Age old man
Personal information Date of birth
Oct 27, 1995

Toadbert101 (called Xenophilius Foob to confuse his many enemies) is the 101st Whole Toadbert.

Toadbert is also a user on the MarioWiki and Userpedia. He resembles a Luigi with shades, a unbuttoned coat suit and loose tie, and was previously depicted as a green overalled Luigi with a blue shirt. He has created numerous comics and stories, the most notable including Toadbert101's Doofus Adventure, When Sysops Attack!, Elemental Heroes, Toadfeld, Wreck, Toadbert plays Oregon Trail, Toadbert's Riveting Tale of his Trip to the Grocery, Mario Kart and Kitsch. He also made many games, such as When Sysops Attack! the game, Revolution, Super Wiki Galaxy as well as other low budgeted comics and stories. Additionally, he is the founder of The Silly Hats Club.

Real History


Toadbert joined Wikipedia on October 12, 2006 to work on the Bionicle articles. He tried to make some edits, but being new to wiki-ing and editing, they were removed for not being too helpful. While brooding over the wasted work, he found another user who had had their edits reverted as well. Toadbert followed a link on his userpage to Bioniclepedia, the Wikia Bionicle Wiki. There wasn't many serious editors there, so Toadbert, under a different name, quickly took charge and performed mass edits to help bring the site up to date. He got better at formatting and writing over a the next couple years, and even earned a promotion to administrator.

While browsing he happened upon another link on a fellow members' userpage to an editthis.info wiki dedicated to his custom Bionicle creations. Once there, he found the link to create his own Editthis wiki and decided to make one dedicated to the Mario series. Being a generic Editthis, Mariopedia never got much activity (although strangely people have been finding it and making edits in the years after) and an anonymous MarioWikian soon found the site and left a note explaining that the much bigger Mario Wiki existed.

Toadbert joined on 26 January 2007, but he did not really become active community-wise there until he finally gave up Mariopedia. He briefly tried to edit the Mario Wiki, but found nothing to do besides simple, minor things like adding frames to images. During the "Wiki Drought" of 2007, the main page had been replaced with a link to the chatroom (and a picture of unamused Mario) that Toadbert followed. He immediately became hooked, and began coming on regularly. A few months later, Crocodile Dippy gave Toadbert a link to MwUserpedia on July 11th, 2007 and Toadbert registered.



Once discovering Userpedia, Toadbert became a part of the community. His first act was to try and get himself on the Wiki's logo, which featured many popular users. His first Userpedian custom sprite ended up being a Luigi with a blue hat, shirt and shoes and green gloves and overalls. This was later changed to leaving the gloves, shoes and hat the same colour as the original sprites. Next, Toadbert made a number of fan-games, but they were quickly scrapped in favour of making something real. This led to his first Userpedia sprite comic, Toadbert101's Doofus Adventure. Toadbert had prior experience with Microsoft Paint and even sprite comics before he joined Userpedia, so the comic was comparatively decent. It was still very basic and lacked much plot, but nowadays is considered a classic.

TBDA was never properly finished before Toadbert was discouraged by its simplicity. He began his second big comic, When Sysops Attack!. In 2007, it was a huge advancement. Toadbert already had access to a large cast of users and began utilizing more proper backgrounds and panel sizes. After finding out Uniju had used the GIMP to create his unprecedented visual effects in The Lost Adventures, Toadbert began applying it to WSA, giving it more impressive visuals than many other comics at the time. The comic still fell short from several major pitfalls as it ran, however. Each issue would try to follow the antics of about seven groups of characters all while attempting to progress each of them, the humour was often too ridiculous for a serious comic and eventually the story became far too influenced by outside sources. It had a long run, lasting about 40 issues, over two Userpedias and gained sign ups from most of the general community. It had managed to become Scribblewiki's fourth most viewed page at the time of its demise and was considered a rival of the other three biggest comics of the time, The Lost Adventures, The Shadow Chronicles and Legends of the Fallenstar.

After WSA's cancellation, Toadbert moved into more low key projects. He adopted a few abandoned fan-games which were nothing more hypothetical stories within articles and did some minor sprite work. While in the middle of Elemental Heroes, a project based mostly on his Bionicle roots, Scribblewiki.com was lost and as a result, Userpedia. Toadbert, who hadn't kept much of his work on his own computer after uploading it, lost his Scribblewiki fan-games and his various non-user sprites. When Sysops Attack!, despite being hosted externally on Picoodle.com, was lost as well when that website too seemed to lose all of its data. Toadbert's interest in the site waned after this and he took a brief hiatus.


As a regular of #mariowiki, Toadbert is called upon to take part in regular Poker sessions and head over-complicated Go Fish games
Toadbert and his gamer clan circa 2012

Toadbert was briefly active on the Wikia Userpedia, but did not commit seriously again until Adriels was set up. He began Toadfeld, a semi-popular comedy comic which ended up cancelled early, but it was enough to get him into fan fiction again. He started a few hand-drawn comics, like Mario Kart and The Dorf Adventures of Toadbert which didn't last long but were well received all the same. During December 2011, he began another epic genre comic to try and emulate their success from years past. Wreck once again had major improvements over Toadbert's last epic comic, such as much better usage of GIMP, a proper storyline and a fairly regular schedule. It faded away though due to his own lack of interest, having been made years too late.

Currently, Toadbert does little on the website but still uses it to host his last projects, such as Toadbert Plays Oregon Trail and Toadbert's Riveting Tale of his Trip to the Grocery.


Toadbert became a chat regular by accident and became a back-up op on #mariowiki on March 22nd, 2008. About a year later, he lost it for inactivity on chat. On July 29th 2009, he was reinstated as a chat op by Stooben Rooben for being active in the chat again, but lost it fairly quickly once more for power abuse. He was known for often posting links to various YouTube Poops and his green on black font colour. He started a fad with emulator netplay along with Super-Yoshi with their many escapades in playing SNES roms together, even going as far as to make their own Super Mario World hack.

When #mariowiki segregated he stuck around in the chatroom since he had no vendetta against Uniju and wasn't really aware that everyone had suddenly picked sides. To try and find everyone that suddenly left, he started being active in a bunch of other channels, most of which he's always in to this day. He was the owner of the abandoned userchats #paperchat and #dpchat for a point, and has re-earned his op position in #mariowiki again.

Toadbert joined the Mario Wiki Forums on August 23, 2007. He would often come and go just to post mostly in Mindless Junk, often disappearing for many months at a time. It wasn't until he began posting Wreck on the forums that he began posting and viewing more regularly. A formerly primary use of the forums was "Stuff I make", a topic where he posted many pieces of artwork, Userpedia projects and C++ programs. Toadbert is still active on the forums but only makes a few posts a day.

Toadbert was a part of the Awards Committee from 2011 to 2016. He was notable for being present for every meeting- even when he wasn't officially on the comittee- until he began working part time. He has been helping present Award results since 2012. An archive of his Awards work can be found at Kitsch.

Toadbert has also been active with The 'Shroom, first joining in 2008 to post Fake Ads. He left due to inactivity, came back in 2009 for a few months and was fired again for the same reason. He has since joined again in 2012, writing under the same topic, until March 2017. An archive of his 'Shroom work can be found here.


Legends of the Fallenstar

In SnackServ's comic series Legends of the Fallenstar, Toadbert first appears in chapter 9, showing up for Uniju's birthday party. He only played a relatively minor role, being assigned by Xzelion to gather information after Uniju seemingly turned evil, he discovered that Uniju's Realm was burning to the ground, and sent a Shift to warn Uniju about it.

Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, Toadbert101 joins Wayoshi's search party a long with Uniju. They travel to Port Harbour but have no luck in finding users. Toadbert101 has no speaking roles and is seen looking at the water. He is later captured by the trolls thanks to Wayoshi's idea of going to Trollston (near Troll Castle). He is trapped in a white box by Dimenchio, after being captured by the trolls. Later, after being saved, he joins the MarioWiki Army, goes to Userpedia and helps fight the trolls.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Toadbert becomes a recurring character in The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, making his series debut in Episode 3. He reappears in Episode 5, 6 and 9. In all appearances, he is seen holding a sign, protesting the airing of the show, while blurting out random, nonsensical sentences. In Episode 5, he gets interviewed by the character of Mebule.

Toadbert has also appeared in much other fiction, but the writers of these don't care about Toadbert enough to write his appearance in them. Toadbert has appeared in:


Thanks to Edofenrir
Also thanks to Edofenrir


damn it tb"
"wtf damn it tb stop getting so hyperventilated

Super-Yoshi and Toadbert101

Someone needs a quote of me on their userpage :/

Toadbert101, and this quote was shortly placed on Xzelion's userpage

Girrrtacos is just the remains of a taco that mutated into intelligent life

Who do you think?

me and plumber aged about 60 years in a matter of minutes


if we don't calm down, i'm going to make you eat dirt.

Toadbert doing his op duties


Toadbert101 and Arend

Toadberts_Melee-ing: Tristian
Toadberts_Melee-ing: go eat
Toadberts_Melee-ing: your socks
*** Tristan quit (Exit: MarioWiki forever!)


I'm "ass" guy. And "post many dkc3 songs for no reason" guy. And "dinner" guy. And "piss" guy. And "[Ass" guy. And "Jorge is fat" guy. And "NO" guy. And "holy mother of sh**" guy. And "piece of sh** cpu" guy. And "netplay with s-y" guy. And "dkc freak" guy. And "beverage" guy. And "terbium" guy. And "business suit" guy. And "popular wanting" guy. And "mario kart" guy. And "wsa" guy. And "23" guy. And "sh** internet" guy. And "enough" guy. And "Lost" guy. And "doofus" guy.

Toadbert, lol


  • Toadbert101, Max2 and Girrrtacos all joined the MarioWiki on the same day.
  • He claims to own a singing Cheeseburger, but no one has seen it.
  • Notable users who joined before him are Lavender, Waluigi Freak 99, Pheonix Rider, Paper Jorge, Knife, Parayoshi, 3Dejong, WarioLoaf, The Missing Link, Yellow Yoshi 398, Shroobario, Fg, Blocky, Arend, King Mario, Super mario97, SiFi, Cobold and Max2 (by about 2 hours)

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