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An unidentified Troll, holding a spam bomb.
A classic troll face.

Trolls, sometimes known as Trollers are users who spam wikis. They are often fought by legitimate Users and severely reprimanded by Sysops, and Patrollers; so far, none have majorly succeeded. Trolls generally act on their own and are unorganized, though in fanon they sometimes are directed by the Mastermind Troll. Most Trolls reside in Trollsboro, dead, or imprisoned.


Trolls appear in many stories and comics. They usually appear as minor villains or henchman of a major troll or as obstacles in the plot or as a subject to an objective. They can also appear as canon fodder or some type of literary foil.

Venture of the Wiki: The Five Heroes

Trolls appear throughout the entire book as obstacles for each of the heroes. The trolls are not under the control of Mastermind Troll, but are under control of Wikiamaster and his two generals, WarioLoaf and Electrobomber. A special army of elite trolls known as the Sky Troopers that don armor, weapons, and a set of feathered wings appeared in the latter of the book.

Extinction: Rise of the Mutants

According to the author, zombies are either inactive or retired users, or mostly trolls.

Major Trolls
Guiliant · Jaime · Jakebastille · Maria Thalia 01 · Noah · Paper Jorge · Peachycakes · Smoke · RudnickiMarioX06 · Toa Waluigi · WarioLoaf · Willy on Wheels
Reformed Trolls
Aiko · Alex25 · Clear Discoherency · The Goomba · KP Shadow · Jaller2 · Mario5x · Max2 · Murzon · Sonic Rocks · Tabuuownsall132x2

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