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Species Koopa (Paratroopa)
Gender Male
Likes The 'Shroom, baseball, video games, reading, etc
Age 23 (Real Life), 9 (Wiki World)

Henry Tucayo Clay (originally called Tucayo and usually called Tucky) is a former Patroller (22 April 2009 – 12 May 2009; 16 June 2009 – 13 December 2009; 20 December 2009) and SysOp (13 December, 2009 – 1 July, 2010; 28 July, 2010 – 17 January, 2011; 17 January 2013 – 1 January 2014, 2 December 2015 - present) on the Super Mario Wiki, and former SysOp (5 October 2009; 20 September 2010 – 16 January 2011) on Userpedia. He joined January 16th, 2008, and was a rather quiet user at that time. However, it didn't take long for Tucayo to gain popularity. After time went on, he became well-known as a very energetic user full of responsibilities. He had taken on many of the vacant positions for The 'Shroom, successfully doing each one. He eventually ran for Director of The 'Shroom in 2009, but was beaten out by Stooben Rooben by a huge margin. Stooben elected Tucayo as Sub-Director, a job that Tucayo happily and successfully did for the next few months. When Stooben became inactive, he handed the paper off to Tucayo, giving him full Director privileges; Stooben took over as Sub-Director. About 2 months after Tucayo became director, Stooben Rooben promoted Tucayo to Patroller because of his kindness, responsibility, and activeness. Tucayo and Stooben Rooben switched positions (on The 'Shroom) again, and then switched again, in what has been known as the "Stooben/Tucayo switch". Tucayo later co-directed The 'Shroom along Super Mario Bros. and is now the Statistics Manager


Tucayo has a cheerful personality. He is often happy and tries to spread joy. He tries to get along with most users, but he doesn't always succeed. Tucayo has been known to lose control when The 'Shroom has been insulted.


Discovering the Wiki

Tucayo found the wiki while searching for this image, he immediately joined it. One of the first things he saw on the wiki was an announcement that said "The 'Shroom is having a Director Election", curious about this, Tucayo went to see what The 'Shroom was, and immediately got interested in it.
During that time Tucayo just used the wiki to search for images.

Becoming Active

On May 6th, 2008, Tucayo joined The 'Shroom, signing up for the Crossword, which he will later change for another section. Tucayo's first edit was on the Flower Shot article. During some time Tucayo kept editing the MarioWIki, not making many big edits, mainly gnomework. By that time, Tucayo was the writer of the Crossword, Hiding Koopa and Mystery Images section of the Fun Stuff.

Shroom Election

In December 2008, Tucayo found out about something he didn't know, the current director (Glowsquid) was retiring and there will be a Director Election. Tucayo saw that Stooben Rooben was a candidate, Tucayo didn't know much about him, except that he was perhaps the most popular user in the wiki. The Sub-Director from that time, Garlic Man was also participating. Almost 2 weeks before the election was over, Stooby had 40 votes, and Tucayo and Garlic Man were tied with 3 votes (Glowsquid voted for Tucayo), but suddenly, Tucayo managed to get another 2 votes to become the runner-up in the Election.
Stooby won the election, and therefore became Director, but Glowsquid suggested him to make Tucayo the Sub-Director, which Stooby accepted, and like that, Tucayo became Sub-Director of The 'Shroom.

Director? and Patroller!

The February issue of The 'Shroom went on normally, but then, starting March, Tucayo got a great surprise, Stooby was inactive. So Tucayo had to make all the preparations for the March issue. Then the issue date came. Luckily, Xpike and Neurario helped Tucayo in posting the new issue.
March had almost ended, and then Tucayo got a message he wasn't expecting from Stooby, that said he would like to swap positions with Tucayo, Tucayo accepted and so, on March 16th 2009, Tucayo became 'Shroom director.

Time passed normally, until 22 April 2009, when Tucayo got another message communicating him on his first promotion to patroller.

Suddenly Losing It All...

Time went by, and Tucayo was the writer of 4 'Shroom sections: Picross, Mystery Image, Hiding Koopa, and Calendar of Events. But then, on May 28th, 2009, Tucayo was informed via the Admins board, that the troll attacks had decreased and that he would be demoted, Tucayo accepted this, hoping to become again a Patroller.
3 days later, Stooby sent Tucayo a PM to ask him if he could take his job as Director back, Tucayo also accepted on this as it legally belonged to Stooby.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Tucayo kept the hard work during that time, making one of the edits he feels most proud of, fixing all the Recipes articles, so on June 15th 2009, he was re-promoted to Patroller. By that time Tucayo had started one of his biggest projects, a 'Shroom Special Issue, which was originally going to be held on August for the Wiki's 4th Anniversary, but then changed to September, the date of the 30th issue.
On August 10th Tucayo got a unexpected PM from Stooby where he said that he was giving Tucayo the Director job again.

Gimme an S!

After about 7 months of Patrollerhood, Tucayo became Sysop, December 13th, 2009. He was promoted along his fellow Edofenrir. As a trivia, they were the last sysop promotions of the decade. Tucayo was promoted by Time Q, with the promotion comment: "has been a patroller for really long now and has done a good job, so welcome aboard".

Tucayo's artwork by Castle Toad

Déjà vu?

After his 2009 Directorhood of The 'Shroom, Tucayo chose to run again for Director. This election ran in a very similar way to the last one, the other candidates being Stooby and SMB. Stooby won the election again, with 21 votes, SMB was beating Tucayo by 4 votes with few time missing, Tucayo thought he could accomplish the same thing as in the last election, but he didn't, so he finished third and last. However, he was still chosen as Sub-Director by Stooby.

Good bye everybody, I've got to go

Tucayo went on an indefinite hiatus from the MarioWiki, NIWA, and other projects on July 1st 2010. However he couldn't fully retire because of his role in The 'Shroom, which ends in December. However, he did continue to post occasionally on the forum and make appearances in various chatrooms including #mwshroom.


On July 30, 2010, Tucayo requested to be re-promoted in order to ban KS3 from the MarioWiki. However, he won't return to the activity he had some months ago, and will rather focus on "background" job.

He hosted the First Shroom Awards on August 13, 2010, and received the award for Favorite Director, and for Favorite Writer. On September 20, 2010, Tucayo became Fun Stuff director in replacement of Z3r0 Tw0. He also, along with SMB, covered Stooben when he wasn't able to direct The 'Shroom.

A Big Ending

During the month of December 2010, Tucayo decided he would go back to his normal activity at the MarioWiki, patrolling, doing maintenance, and editing. He retired from NIWA to focus more on the Super Mario Wiki. Tucayo, along with The 'Shroom Core Staff, planned a series of events for The 'Shroom, called the "End of Year" events. These events included a Mafia game, a set of interviews, amongst other sections. During this time, he got renamed to Henry Tucayo Clay, following a joke petition from Plumber.

Tucayo retired on January 17, 2011, after Super Mario Bros. was named the new 'Shroom director. He says he will come back once a month for his section in Fun Stuff, and rarely go to chat and the Forums.

Tucayo 2.0

When Super Mario Bros. started his second term as 'Shroom Director, Tucayo was invited to become the Social Networking Manager, which eventually got him back to the forum. After this position was merged with the Affiliates Manager role, Tucayo became the Statistics Manager.

Following over a year of absence, only returning to the forum to host the 'Shroom Werewolf game, Tucayo returned to the SMW community in April 2012.

Back to Business x2

After partaking in The 'Shroom's Core Staff during Super Mario Bros.' second term, Tucayo decided to run for Director during the 2012 'Shroom Director Election. This was Tucayo's fourth time running, and his third time facing Super Mario Bros. After what has been the closest Director Election, Tucayo lost once again. However, Super Mario Bros. decided to invite Tucayo to co-direct The 'Shroom with him, a job Tucayo gladly accepted. Both Tucayo and SMB are currently on their third official directorial term.

But that wasn't Tucayo's only promotion, since on January 17th, 2013, Tucayo returned for his fourth SysOp term on the Super Mario Wiki, after asking for his repromotion. A year later, on January 1st, 2014, he retired from the administration once again.

He came out of retirement yet again to be re-promoted as Sysop on December 2, 2015.

Tucayo has around 9500 edits in the wiki.


Tucayo is active on the Super Mario Boards, where he has 3 orange stars (Core Staff) and around 10000 posts. He also frequents The Xephyr Board.


Tucayo is a former Sysop of Userpedia. He helped restore some attacks, as WarioLoaf's and Jorge's nuke, where he was temporally promoted to sysop to help restore.

Spirit Lies

Tucayo's artwork for Spirit Lies, drawn by Edofenrir.

Tucayo will appear in Stooben's game Spirit Lies, as a villain.

It Began With a Dream

Tucayo appeared in the story It Began With a Dream, written by Marioguy1, as a minor character. When Stooben Rooben created his dimension transporter, Tucayo was banging on his door begging to get an interview about the machine which he did eventually get and posted it in The 'Shroom. Then Tucayo was the very first user to disappear when the trolls invaded the new MarioWiki and he started the fear of disappearing.

The Three Mushketeers

Tucayo was the eighth villain in The Three Mushketeers, guarding the sixth Shine Sprite. He appeared in issues 72, 74, 77 and 79 as the owner of a Glitz Pit-esque fighting ring named the Glitz Lift. However, he was seen to be much like Grubba, as seen in issues 83 through 93.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Tucayo makes appearances in two episodes of The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, in Episode 4 and Episode 9. In both appearances, he delivers vodka to Paper Jorge, a move SonicMario disapproves of. This is a callback to ParaBob-Omb, who would deliver coffee to Jorge in Friday Night Live.


Tucayo making a sock.

Tucayo usually got daily into chat, more especifically #mwshroom (where he was the owner), and #mwikistaff. In chat he is known for overpunctuating all the sentences.
Tucayo was a #mariowiki op for 2 days, before it was decided that patrollers shouldn't be auto ops.
Tucayo retired from #mariowiki when he was banned 3 days late for nick abusing, and his ban was extended to a month for evading it.

After returning in 2012, Tucayo has sometimes visited #mwchat and #mwshroom.



  • Tucayo's third patroller term was the shortest in the history of the Mario Wiki, lasting only 2 minutes.
  • Tucayo was the first user to have 4 SysOp terms.
  • Tucayo won Favorite Director in the 'Shroom Awards I, even though he was never chosen by the users to be Director.
  • Tucayo has stated that he lives in Fluffy Bluff Galaxy.
  • Tucayo has written the most sections for The 'Shroom.

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