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Not to be confused with Ultramariologan or Turboo.

I am a Mario without a mustache, a clock tower, a half naked guy with pink hair, a derpy blue blob, a Poison Bee Pokémon, a jealous racer, an infant green dinosaur, a pink hedgehog, and a pink pony.

UltraMario in a nutshell
Rank User, Donkey Kong (on the Boards)
Species UltraMario (A species of Mario in which he is the ruler of all the UltraMarios.)
Join date July 30, 2010
Gender Male
Allies Smasher, MCD, FourPaperHeroes, Yoshiwaker, MM64, GF, Aldo, MF, Yoshidude99, BlazeMario, Packy, SKmarioman, Mason, DrToadley, Crash, Xze, Neptune, SLNO, YoshiEgg, '3K, Supremo, SM, Quizmo, Packy, and basically everybody else
Likes Mario, Internet, videogames, a bunch of other things I forgot to mention
Dislikes Trolls, Viacom, a bunch of other things I forgot to mention
Aliases UltraMario, UM, UM3000, Clock Tower, Pinkie Pie, Tanooki Pinkie Pie, Tomba, Gooey, Goodolph, Beedrill, Turbo (temporarily), Turbo-Tastic, Baby Yoshi, and Rosy the Rascal
Age 18
Personal information Real Life Name: Justin
State: New Jersey

UltraMario3000 (commonly shortened to UltraMario) is a user of the Super Mario Wiki. He is also the owner of the chatroom #ultramariochat.



Back mid 2009, UltraMario had no idea there were other Wikis besides Wikipedia until his brother Googled some information on Call of Duty on the Call of Duty Wikia. He was interested in this, so he Googled "Mario Wiki". UltraMario remained as a guest for a year and only liked to browse through the many interesting artworks. However, in late 2010, he had finally made an account.


UltraMario joined the Wiki as UltraMario3000 on 30th July, 2010. He made artwork of himself, and sent many friend requests. However, he could not log in to his UltraMario3000 account one day, so he joined again as UltraMario on October 16th, 2010. UltraMario then got his problems fixed by 2257 and had returned to MarioWiki. He regularly visits the chatroom, where he chats with his friends, such as MrConcreteDonkey, Smasher, and many others.


UltraMario looks like Mario, but without a hat or mustache.

Appearances in Userpedia Fictions


New Sherlock Mario

UltraMario appears in Book 1 in the New Sherlock Mario Series and is a suspect, owning his own bank called UltraMario3000 Banking Service, located on Arrowhead road. It's abbreviated "UM3000 Banking Service".


Trolls' Island

UltraMario makes a cameo appearance in Trolls' Island, where he is along with FireBabyLuigi11 under Maria's spell. She makes his head separate from his body. After Gamefreak75 gets his spellbook back, the curse on UltraMario is lifted, thus, reverts back to his normal state, and rewards Gamefreak with a Shroom magazine.

The Paper Mario.com-ic

UltraMario will also make an appearance in the comic The Paper Mario.com-ic, by Krizzy, as a secondary character.

A Spammers Revenge

UltraMario appears as a minor Hero in Neptune99's comic A Spammers Revenge. He is shown to be working for Marioguy1, along with RedFire Mario and SpinyMaster347. UltraMario is seen in episode 7 walking out of the room as SM347 and RFM are talking. He is also briefly mentioned by Ultima Bahamut, saying that UM sent him a panicky message about Neptune and Scarecrow's situation.

Later on, UM, SM347 and RFM show up in New Wikisburg to assist GalladeBlades and Mario Fan 123 in battling the trolls. However, they're arrested when Tabuuownsall132x2 and Red Barchetta show up. They are almost killed by a chopper being driven by YellowYoshi398.

The Three Mushketeers

UltraMario tries to audition to be in The Three Mushketeers in Issue 25 and tells the heroes that Tigertot has a Shine Sprite. He also briefly appears in issues 43 and 136.

Hacked Again

UltraMario appears in Hacked Again as a main villain. He along with other 3 potential trolls/villains are summoned to the Lair of the Trolls, although he is late and is directly summoned by Peachycakes. She convinces them to help her in her plan to destroy the MarioWiki, since she "kinda needs them". He and the others teleport to SMW Building, joined forces, and nearly destroy it. He along with MrConcreteDonkey unleashed the Ultimate Spam all over the MarioWiki.

Relationships with other Users


UltraMario and MCD were once good friends. They met when UltraMario asked MCD to be friends. From then on, they regularly chatted in chat. MCD also made UltraMario some new artwork and helped him create his page on Userpedia. However, UM soon befriended DrToadley, who is an apparently reformed troll. While UM believes he has reformed, MCD and the majority of other users don't. The day DrToadley was promoted to op in #fantendo, MCD and many other users protested against this. UM and DT are friends, so UM supported DT. This led UM to fight against MCD and his allies, and led UM to say he didn't like MCD. But, however, UM then forgave MCD and were friends again shortly after.


No u

UltraMario's catchphrase way back in the day
  • insert username here* pls >:#
UltraMario's current catchphrase

u wot m8

UltraMario when someone makes a questionable statement


  • UltraMario has an autograph on his Mario hat and his Cyan Yoshi toy signed by Justin Cheng from Nintendo Power.
  • UltraMario tends to be a heavy sleeper at times.
  • UltraMario got the idea for his avatar to be a cap-less, 'stache-less Mario from his plush toy he has in real life. His brother had accidentally torn off the cap and the mustache.
  • In real life, UltraMario has ADHD.


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