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Not to be confused with UltraMario3000.

Rank User
Gender Male
Allies Any Super Mario Wiki user who regularly contributes, any Fantendo user who regularly contributes, Ludwig von Luigi, Phoenix, UltimatePetey, people that are nice to him, UltraMario3000, VideoBoo, Bowser's luma
Likes Video games, Nintendo, Sega, Mario, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, his friends, new messages on his talk page, Capcom, Toy Story, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fish Hooks, Nicktoons, TeenNick, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Wiki, Fantendo, Wikia, Userpedia, NIWA, Sonic the Hedgehog
Dislikes Noggin, Nick Jr., Dora, preschool stuff, baby stuff, Yoshi (he used to like him)
Age 15

Ultramariologan is a user on the Super Mario Wiki, Fantendo, Userpedia, etc. He loves playing video games. He joined the MarioWiki on August 26, 2010. He joined Userpedia in late December 2010, 2 days before Christmas Eve.


The Beginning

One time, Ultramariologan searched Google for "Mario Wiki". Then, he found a link that linked to MarioWiki. He clicked the link, and he went to the main page. He searched for "Paper Mario" and went to an article with that name. He was thinking that there was missing information but he couldn't edit because he didn't sign up, so he signed up. Then, he had new messages on his talk page, so he looked at them. It was just a welcome notice. He went back to the "Paper Mario" article and made his first edit on the "References in Later Games". He put in Super Mario Galaxy in the section. 2 months later, he got a new message from someone named Ludwig von Luigi, whom welcomed him to the wiki. In the future, he made many friends and had a good future on the wiki.

Changing Username

On January 14, 2011, Ultramariologan wanted to change his username into "HenryClaylogan" because about 3 people (with the exception of Fawfulfury65, who had her name as "HenryClayFawful65" but renamed herself into her previous name) had the words "Henry Clay" in their username. 2 days later, 2257 changed his username into "HenryClaylogan." Ultramariologan was happy with his username change.

Relationships with Other Users


Ultramariologan made friends with BabyLuigiOnFire when Ultramariologan asked her for a friend request. She didn't reply, but she put Ultramariologan's friend userbox on her userpage. Ultramariologan sometimes sends messages to her, also.

Trolls, Vandals

Ultramariologan hates trolls and vandals, because they mess up the wiki for no reason. He only likes giving reminders/warnings to them to ban them from the wiki (with a help of an administrator).


Ultramariologan likes Porplemontage because he helped on Ultramariologan's signature and userbox tower. He only sends messages to Porplemontage if he needs help with something. They are pretty nice to each other.


Ultramariologan was friends with UltraMario3000 on YouTube and the Super Mario Wiki. Since UltraMario3000's userpage said that he was looking for friends, Ultramariologan sent UltraMario3000 a friend request. A few days later, UltraMario3000 found Ultramariologan's YouTube channel and UltraMario3000 already had a YouTube account that time, so he sent a friend request to him.

The Administrative Staff

Ultramariologan is nice to the administrative staff. This includes Sysops, Bureaucrats, Patrollers and Stewards. Although he is not friends with them, he still appreciates them with their hard work and also trusts them the most out of any staff in the wiki. Ultramariologan also appreciates their knowledge and he would look upon them for any problems he has, although usually he is self sufficient. <br=clear all>

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