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Uniju hittin' the beach.
Rank User
Species Robot
Join date 4th of June 2007
Gender Male
Allies Necromorph, Super-Yoshi, Turboo, Toadbert, Snack
Relatives Snack
Aliases Free Loader
Uniju is a user most notable for his contributions to Chatroom (contributing to several Guideline re-writes, infamous for trying to loosen all rules but those regarding flooding) and Userpedia(comics such as The Lost Adventures, Uniju Holiday Theater, and sprite projects such as New Wikisburg). He is Snack's brother.


Uniju joined the Super Mario Wiki on the 4th of June, 2007, although he had browsed the site before. He did a lot and probably left forever several times. He argued with Crocodile Dippy a lot but they're cool now.


Uniju is known to be a rather good Spriter, and has made several comics and such.


The Lost Adventures

Probably most notable is The Lost Adventures, an adventure comic that ran from July 2007 until it was canceled part way through the story after Issue 33, which came out on the 7th of February, 2008. During its run, The Lost Adventures inspired several other people to make comics, such as Pokemon DP's The Shadow Chronicles, which became it's main competitor, along with comics like Toadbert's Doofus Adventures, and later When Sysops Attack! and Legends of the Fallenstar, all of which have many elements that where popularized by The Lost Adventures, although several such elements technically appeared first in Wiki's End, which premiered earlier on the same day as The Lost Adventures.

Uniju Holiday Theater

Uniju Holiday Theater is Uniju's longest running work(since Halloween 2008), a purely comedic comic series that releases on two to three holidays every year.

Other Fiction

Uniju made many other comics and stories which are both no longer notable and are not well remembered such as G2 SysOp, Kakumei, and many assorted written stories including more than ten awards presentations(some of which have since been permanently deleted).


As previously stated, Uniju is generally regarded as a good spriter, and has made many sprites, including both characters and backgrounds in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga style. When Uniju first got to the MarioWiki, he made Super Mario World style sprites of himself, but was sad when he found out he couldn't get into the upcoming Wiki's End that Paper Jorge was making without Mario & Luigi style sprites. He went on to ask Bottle Wizzerd for sprites, but he never received a full sheet. After this, Uniju made his own Mario & Luigi sprites based on what Bottle Wizzerd made, but these sprites have now been replaced with different sprites. Possibly his most notable work, Uniju also worked on a lot of the backgrounds in New Wikisburg, and him and Snack are the only ones who have ever released New Wikisburg backgrounds as Pokemon DP and Xzelion both dropped off the team. Other related sprites Uniju has made are the sprites of the Mwiki Subway, which he created entirely. Other notable sprites Uniju has made are just about all of the custom sprites used in Kakumei, and the Mecha from G2 SysOp, and several backgrounds and such used in The Lost Adventures. Although because such sprites never tend to be put into sheets, many people simply ignore them and read the comics without bothering about who made the sprites and such.

Media Appearances

The Lost Adventures

Uniju first appears in Issue 9, and is a member of the GreenMoon. The comic was canceled before he had any major role.

The Shadow Chronicles

In The Shadow Chronicles, Uniju originally appeared as a minor character, although was major behind the scenes. Apparently, he formed an alliance with Agent DP, and opened his home of Uniju's Realm to all Users who escaped the attack on Leet Town. However, Glowsquid attacked his Castle, and infected him, capturing the Castle. During a conversation with DP, DP found out Uniju was infected, and hurried to stop Xzelion from getting there. Uniju then battled DP later on, when the group reached Uniju's Realm. He used his elemental powers to try and get the best of DP, but unfortunately, he fused his Grass and Fire powers by accident, which ended up putting him on fire. Uniju dropped an odd key as he fell unconscious, which DP took in case it was important.

Wiki's End

In Wiki's End, makes a cameo in Chapter 3. Wayoshi forms a search party so they can search for users that are somehow still alive and are still lost somewhere in the MarioWiki. Uniju joined Wayoshi's search party, along with Toadbert however they had no luck in finding anyone. Uniju did not get a speaking role.

Legends of the Fallenstar

In Legends of the Fallenstar, many of the characters went to Uniju's Realm to celebrate Uniju's birthday, however Snack had carelessly brought the aliens from the Fallenstar crash site into the castle, spreading them everywhere he walked as they slowly dripped off his shoes. The aliens transformed into the form of Toads, and Snack was labeled as a terrorist by Uniju and locked up with 3Dejong and Max2. However, later everyone thought that Uniju had gone insane and Master Crash used his super powers to defeat Uniju in the end of that comic. However, right after everyone had nearly killed Uniju they found it was all a misunderstanding, and Uniju assisted in trying to safe Uniju's Realm from the Order of Avalon


In Kakumei, Uniju plays the role as one of the terrorists from the Wiki Alliance, and one of the crew members on the Kakumei 03, although he plays one of more minor roles compared to the rest of the Kakumei 03 crew. However, Uniju is also a scientist, one of the people who where in charge of overseeing the creation of the Kakumei 03, making him one of the most important characters in the comics back story. Uniju acts as the chief of security and one of the top strategists on the Kakumei 03, but often makes cruel jokes that make Xzelion threaten to demote him.

Wiki Crisis

Uniju appears in Wiki Crisis alongside 1337Yoshi hiding in the abandoned Ultimate Café. His realm has been taken over by trolls, making him poor and desperate enough to go along with any plan just to get some food.

The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo

Uniju in The Tonight Show.

In The Tonight Show with Jorge Castillo, Uniju makes his series debut in Episode 3. In the episode, "The Bros. + Snack" all take over the computer room of Jorge's set, forcing his workers out. In there, Uniju, Crocodile Dippy, SnackServ, Groden, Uniju, Turboo and Super-Yoshi all play computer games together, a concept revisited in future episodes. Though Jorge does not approve of their new location for their LAN parties, he does nothing to stop them. His most prominent role in the series is in Episode 8, when he enters the show to complain about a loud noise occurring backstage. Jorge decides to investigate the noise with Uniju, and the two discover Wayoshi has rebuilt Turboo's Derpy_Hooves bot to be a killing machine.


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